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Chapter 8:

Rose POV

"Hi Antonio..." I said once my call connect.

"Hey Lisian, Is everything fine" He asked.

"Yes.. why did you ask" I asked back.

"You never called before so I thought may be some emergency" He said and I felt embarassed.

"Everything is fine, I wanted to ask you something" I said.

"Yes, you can" He said with interest.

"How's third section work in club" I asked.

"Why are asking about third section" He asked like interrogating me.

"Mrs.Ricei offered me work in third section" I said.

"Ohh that's nice, you will earn good amount" He said.

"Yes, I know can you tell me hows third section work" I asked again.

"Lisian I am trying to get job in third section but it's hard to get job in third section" He said.

"So you don't know hows third section work" I asked.

"Yes, I don't know but if you are getting job third section I will say just grab the opportunity" He said.

"Ok, Thanks I am thinking about it" I said.

"Don't think too much just go gel the opportunity in third section" He said.

I was getting irritate by his asking again and again to work in third sector.

"Ok Antonio, I have work in cafe will call later" I said cutling call.

I know I behaved rudely but he is behaving different than usual.

"Mommmmaa" Jessica came in Kitchen and sat on my lan.novelbin

"What happened baby" I asked.

"Ghristmas is caming mamma" She said and I nodded.

"What my baby want" I asked.

"I have written letter to santa this year" She said and I nodded.

"Do you wanna me to check your letter" I asked.

Every year she write letter to santa and ask me to check if there any spelling mistakes or grammar itmake me know what my baby want for christmas.

"No mamma, I want you spend this Christmas with me" She said with her beautiful eyes.

"Baby cate need me and this time Christmas coming on weekends so I need to go for night job" I saidcaressing her hair.

"So this Christmas you will come late home" She asked and I nodded.

lean feel she is sad because like always twill be busy working on festival day.

"Bul I promise I will lake leave and we will spend it together" I said and her eyes again lit up withexcitement.

"We will go on beaches and ! will make my sand mansion" She said and I nodded.

"Now sleep baby, tomorrow you have school" I said taking her in my arms.

"Yes mammaa four more days than we have Christmas holidays" She said with excitement.

"It's holiday baby" I corrected her.

"Yes I want to go for Christmas shopping with you" She said and I nodded laying her on bed.

"Now sleep, I will take you on shopping day after tomorrow" I said caging her in my arms.

"I love you mammma" She said and I! kissed on her forehead.

She fallen in sleep in few minutes but I was unable to get sleep.I was just thinking about Jonathantreatment.

The doctor has asked for money.! I don't know how I will handle everything.

Day by day expenses getting increase and source of income is still limited.

The thing was not so difficult if we didn't have to pay for Medical expenses.

Situation might be not sa complicated if Amber was alive and with us.

Flashback Amber sudden get labor pain in night so Serena take her near hospital.Whole night Serenadidn't come back to our little rented apartment.I was getting nervous as well as panick about Amberhealth.

Doctor has told us her body is weak for baby and she carn’t abort baby because it's already thirdtrimester is going on.

"What happened to Amber" I asked Serena.

"She is in coma" She said i can feel her sadness.

Her eyes was red and voice was sad I can feel there is some big issue.

"Why, how's, Does it happens to every mother to go in coma during delivery" I panicked knowingmother can be go in come during delivery.

"Relax Rose, Amber casc was different. she has malnourished body with baby and her delivery is alsopre- mature delivery.She has high blood sugar due eclampsia she went to coma" Sarena explained.

"Her baby" I asked with tear welled eyes.

I was just shocked knowing the poor child have to leave without her mother.

"They delivered her baby from C- section. Natural birth was difficult in her weak body" She sighed.

"Serena My babies will survive" I asked.

I need assurance. I won't able to live without them.They are only hope of my life.

"Yes Rose, just relax we have to think about Amber now" She said and I nodded.

"Please take rest, Don't watch news channels. I am going out to arrange Medical expenses" She saidkissing on my forehead and I nodded.

I tried alot to not open News channel.

My dead was still hot topic in country but every news was focused on my life and him.I did big mistake Iopened News channel on TV and everything turn black day for me....

Flashback End It was difficult for us to manage hospital bill so we transfer Amber vegetative body topublic hospital after two year that hospital got fire and we lost Amber. 𝘯𝑣.

We haven't found Amber body whole hospital turn into ash.

There were so many patients they all lost their life in sudden fire.I just hope Amber is living peaceful lifein haven’t always asked Serena her attachment for Amber but she always excused the topic but deepdown I know she has some past a past which made her to take care of Amber.

After moving Italy I got to know more about Serena.

She is like a coconut.Her personality is hard but deep inside she is so sensitive and emotional.

Last five year I learnt a lot about life, struggle and saving.

I don't know when I dozed off to sleep but I woke from my little sleep when I heard knock on my door.

First thing I did I checked time it was am morning.

Who will come in morning to meet me.

It happened first time my heartbeat increase with every knock who can

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