No 1 Supreme Warrior

Chapter 4179
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Chapter 4179


There was a heavy rumbling as the door slowly opened. A boundless sense of energy seemed to comefrom it.

A few of them looked inside. Other than the green light, they could see nothing. The light completelyobscured their sight. If they wanted to look inside, they would have to step in themselves.

On the way there, Rebbeca had already talked to Frank about it.

Frank wanted to see what the legendary Valley of Enlightenment was like. That was why Rebbecaasked for two spots.novelbin

The three of them exchanged looks with each other, and they did not hesitate to step forward together,entering the door.

The power of distorting space suddenly pulled the three of them in. The space around them started tospin rapidly.

They did not know how much time passed, but it felt like a whole century before the space sloweddown in front of them. Then, the sense of weightlessness disappeared as their feet landed on solidground.

The three of them had not been sent to different locations and arrived at the same place. They were ona huge altar, and there were broken statues everywhere. It seemed like a very desolate space.

There were no warriors from first-grade worlds and no resources for them to fight for. Emptiness anddefeat seemed to resonate in the whole place.

“Why is it like this?” Frank could not help but ask.

Even Rebbeca was stunned. It was a huge difference from what he had imagined. It did not even seemlike the same place!

Was the Valley of Enlightenment not supposed to be a gathering place for geniuses?

How did this happen?

At that moment, a wave of thought appeared in Rebbeca’s head, and he slowly understood. No wonderfirst-grade worlds communicated with second and third-grade worlds so rarely.

Ten thousand years ago, a massive disaster happened in the first-grade worlds, and practically all thewarriors died in that disaster. A place of prosperity had turned into a place of death.

It was shocking!

That wave of thought was sent from a hero of the Divine Void Realm, and all three of them received it.

Rebbeca looked up at the altar to notice something lacking there. He seemed incredibly familiar with itas well. He immediately walked to the altar.

Frank shouted out anxiously, “Rebbeca! What are you doing? This place is very strange… Don’t…”

Before he could finish, Rebbeca took out the soul-gathering crystal from Mustard Seed.

That crystal was Rebbeca’s treasure. Without the crystal, he would not have managed to achieveeverything he did.

On the missing part of the altar, there was a spot that fit the shape of the crystal perfectly. Rebbecarushed over to try to put the crystal in. Even though he was wary, something urged him to try it out!

The moment the crystal was placed on the altar, a vibrant purple light shone through, completelywrapping itself around him. Then, an unending surge of energy shot into his body!

He felt like the realms he had been stuck in for so long started to break through. The divine solidifyingrealm, the golden energy realm, the heavenly energy realm!

He stopped only at the god realm!

Frank and Zayne were both stunned, not expecting something like that to happen. Rebbeca’s prowesswas practically unrivaled at that point. No one could ever face him!

At that moment, the altar crumbled. A transfer gate slowly appeared in front of them. The door betweenfirst and second-grade worlds had been opened.

Rebbeca clenched his fists and surged with ambition!

First-grade worlds would be reborn under his hands!

He would be the god of this first-grade world!


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