One Night Love

Chapter 10 Ask Him for Help
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Chapter 10 Ask Him for Help

My heart thumped, "What's wrong with my mother?"

"Come over quickly. Jim Qin and Kathy Jin said something that relapses your mom. Xiao Zhang, who ison duty tonight, can't reach you, so calls me. I have arrived at the hospital."

I just felt my head buzzed, my legs instantly softened. Answering her phone, trembling uncontrollably,"I'll come over right now."

"Send me to the hospital." I didn't care about anything else, turning to Chan Cheng.

Chan took me directly to the hospital without asking one word. I was anxious along the way. My motherhad already decided to the operating room when I rushed to the hospital.

Bell Lin, dressed in casual clothes, came to me as soon as she saw me.

My heart seemed to be held tightly by someone, and even my voice was trembling. I grabbed Bell'sarm, asking, "How is my mom?"

"She has just entered the operating room. Director Li is the doctor who does the operation. Hersituation is relatively stable. Don't worry." Bell replied immediately.

Director Li was the most authoritative doctor in this regard. It must be Bell who invited him. But evenso, I am still anxious.

"Where is Jim?" I wanted to settle accounts with him, but I am afraid of meeting him as well.

"He has gone," Bell growled. "He ran away as soon as the aunt became ill." 𝑛𝑣.

I blamed myself wrongly, but I couldn't speak it out. Jim should have come here for me, but he didn'tfind me, so he said something terrible to my mom.

"Sit with her for a while, and I will pay the hospitalization fees," Chan said suddenly.

I was stunned. I couldn't see Chan's expression with my tearful eyes. But his back becameexceptionally tall.

Not only then did Bell recognize it was Chan. She nodded, confusing. Then she took me to sit on achair in the corridor. She couldn't help but ask me. After hesitating, "Ivy Luo, why are you together?"

Looking at her puzzled look, I told her what happened tonight. Bell could not bear it anymore, afterhearing Jim's 3p suggestion. So Bell abused in the corridor.

"Divorce! Divorce with him! How should he say that you are guilty? How many scandals he hadrecently? And he should have gone out of the house in a lawsuit." Bell shouted in anger.

Bell had always disagreed with what my mother. In Bell's view, it is not right to cheat within hismarriage, let alone bring other women home blatantly, no matter how angry he was.

Only a "steamed stuffed bun" like me could bear this kind of thing. But I couldn't live with Jim anymore,no matter how generous I was.

I was silent. Chan came back soon, passing me the bill of payment, and left. He said he had somethingto handle.novelbin

I was stunned seeing the number on the receipt. Chan paid off the expenses owed these days andprepaid one hundred thousand yuan hospital fees.

I only have thirty thousand yuan and have given it to Jim for the gift money. Bell also gave me onehundred thousand yuan but took by May Zhang directly. Bell tried her best to provide me with anothertwenty thousand, which could not pay for the month.

My mind became more and more complicated. I didn't want to use Chan's money, but I have to take itnow. It even would pay my mother's treatment for the next period.

The operation lasted more than two hours, and my mother was finally sent back to the ICU ward. Ilooked at my mother through the glass, out of breath.

"Ivy, you can't bear it anymore. If Jim does that again, what should you do?" Bell looked at me with hereyebrows frowning.

I bit my lip unconsciously, and it tasted bitter. "I don't know what to do. But Bell, Jim is not that guy thatgives up if I take a hard measure."

I was scared after this. But what I was more worried about is if I would do something worse if I tookhard measures.

Bell followed with a sigh, "That is reasonable."

"By the way, you can ask Chan for help!" Bell suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Didn't he say that he will make compensations? To be honest, hundreds of thousands is hard for me,but not him."

I hesitated, "You know, I don't want his money."

This was a slap in my face. After all, Chan had already paid for me tonight.

"You can borrow now, and then slowly return it to him. Moreover, he can make Jim stop trouble you."Bell said again.

Her last sentence was impressive. If Chan could do that, then I would have no worries.

"Can he?"

"Definitely." Bell nodded confirmed. "Cheng's Group is not only a leading enterprise in H City but in thecountry. Qin's Family dare not fight against Chan."

I clenched my fist tightly, watching my unconscious mother and finally deciding, "I will call himtomorrow."

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