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Chapter 50

“Dire beast kings. Something must be wrong for three more dire beast kings to appear at once. Can wereally hold out?”

Gao Tianci’s face was grim. Forget about his current injuries, even in his peak condition, he would notbe a match for dire beast kings.

Between dire beast lords and demons, dire beast kings could be considered the most terrifying direbeasts of all. At the level of professional martial artists, they were practically invincible.

Although Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci had slaughtered innumerable dire beasts just now, and nodire beast lord could withstand a single blow from them, no matter how proud they were, they knew thatthey were outmatched by dire beast kings. If there was only a single dire beast king, they could still surround and attack it together. Even if theycouldn’t defeat it, they could at least keep it busy. But now that there were three dire beast kings, howcould they hold out? Rumble.

At this moment, the battle between the inhuman experts and the demons in the distance had reachedits climax. Even if Shui Yuansheng wanted to call for help from those inhuman experts, no inhumanexpert could rush over. Thus, they could only rely on themselves. There was no doubt that they were now in the mostdangerous situation.

As if provoked, that gigantic Proboscis Beast from before charged towards them in a frenzy again. Itstarget was Gao Tianci.

Shui Yuansheng took a deep breath and said, “We absolutely must not let these three dire beast kingscharge out. Otherwise, our entire line of defense will collapse. The consequences are unthinkable!”

Shui Yuansheng stared at Yu Shan and Lin Feng. His meaning was clear. He wanted the four of themto work together to fend off the three dire beast kings.

Gao Tianci took a step forward and said in a low voice, “Count me in. I’m not a noble person, but this isthe decisive battle. If we escape, the line of defense will be completely lost. If the three dire beast kingscharge into the crowd of martial artists, they’d be like tigers charging into a flock of sheep. ‘ma martial artist, and I can’t go against my creed!”

Yu Shan also took a step forward. With a determined gaze, he said, “I never paid much attention to themerit rankings. All I wanted was to earn enough money to subsidize my family. Even I didn’t expect thatI’d come so far in the present. If we can’t stop the three dire beast kings, they will rampage through the lands, slaughtering all the martial artists and destroying the entire Dragon Mountain Base.Then, our human citadel will likely suffer a devastating blow.

“Therefore, we must fight to the death!”

Yu Shan’s determined expression seemed to have infected Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci. They alsotook a step forward and shouted in low voices, “Fight to the death!”

Lin Feng felt as if he was meeting these martial artists for the first time. In the past, the martial artistshe had met in the academy were either selfish or scheming, and only too eager to find various ways toget rid of their competitors. However, in the Dragon Mountain Base, before the dire beasts, they onlyhad one identity—martial artists!

The martial artists were the most solid bastion for the protection of humanity. When facing off direbeasts, martial artists must not retreat! It was not about interests; it was only about creed.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He took a step forward as well, gripped his saber tightly, and said in a lowvoice, “Fight to the death!”

“Good, haha, then let’s deal with this dire beast king first!”

Shui Yuansheng the Crimson Wings laughed aloud. With a flap of his wings, he transformed into astreak of red light and immediately charged towards the giant Proboscis Beast.

With the gigantic axe in hand, Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe roared heavenward. His body actuallyexpanded again, and he quickly transformed into a small giant over three meters tall. The surface of hisbody was covered in cracks and even bleeding. However, as if he felt no pain at all, Gao Tianci’s hugebody stomped all of a sudden and charged towards the giant Proboscis Beast resolutely.

Shui Yuansheng, who was in the air, flew to the top of the giant Proboscis Beast’s head. Then, thescarlet light on his body became practically crimson as blood. A sanguine orb was condensing in hishands. Buzz.

The orb continued to expand, as if a terrifying power was brewing within it. The aura it emitted alonewas enough to make one feel a touch of fear.

“Give me 30 seconds!” Shui Yuansheng shouted at Gao Tianci below.

“Axe Chop, first turn!”

Gao Tianci seemed to be using some kind of arcane technique. The aura on his body burst outsuddenly.


The giant Proboscis Beast swung its trunk, but Gao Tianci’s gigantic axe could not break through itsdefense at all. Moreover, the terrifying rebound force injured Gao Tianci’s body again.

However, this did not make Gao Tianci retreat. His entire body was covered in blood, but he still roared,“Axe Blow, second turn!”


This arcane technique was clearly extremely taxing on Gao Tianci’s body. As he used the Second Tum,his aura rose further to an unimaginable level.

Gao Tianci met the giant Proboscis Beast with a second chop. This time, the humongous figure of theProboscis Beast actually came to a sudden halt. There was even an obvious mark from the axe on itslong trunk.

But that was the limit. The intense pain sent the giant Proboscis Beast into a frenzy. It kicked at GaoTianzhi’s body, sending him flying and crashing hard into the ground. Even the giant axe he washolding fell to the side. “shui Yuansheng, it’s all up to you now…” Gao Tianci was grievously injured andcould no longer fight. However, he had bought Shui Yuansheng those precious thirty seconds.

At this moment, Shui Yuansheng was surrounded by a scarlet glow. The blood-like glow seemed to bebrewing a huge sphere.novelbin

suddenly, Shui Yuansheng’s voice rang out, as cold as perennial ice. “Crimson Flame Orb, burst!”

As soon as Shui Yuansheng’s words fell, the huge crimson sphere crashed down and slammed into thegiant Proboscis Beast.


Light flashed. The giant Proboscis Beast cried out in pain. Its entire body seemed about to combust. Inits pain, it fled around in a frenzy, trampling and hitting countless dire beasts and martial artists todeath. “Be careful.”

Shui Yuansheng was about to make a further move, but there were two more dire beast kings behindhim. One of them was a dire beast that was covered in dense spikes, like a porcupine. It had alreadyapproached Shui Yuansheng in silence. Then, its spikes detached from its body and fired towards Shui Yuansheng like an overwhelming shower of arrows.

Shui Yuansheng reacted very quickly, but no matter how fast his reaction was, there was nothing hecould do against the overwhelming spikes. His entire body was instantly punctured by the spikes, andhe fell straight onto the ground. Whoosh.

Yu Shan used a bizarre movement technique. Like a phantom, he grabbed Shui Yuansheng from theground before the hedgehog-like dire beast king could get to him and escaped to the back. 𝒄𝙣𝒗.𝒄

However, Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci were both grievously injured. Yu Shan’s face was also alittle pale. Even if he grew three heads and six arms, he was still not a match for the three dire beastkings.

Soon, the scarlet flames on the giant Proboscis Beast’s body were extinguished. However, the giantProboscis Beast’s body was also covered in blood, and its entire body emitted a violent aura. Clearly,that strike just now had also dealt a huge blow to the huge Proboscis Beast. However, it was just a blow. Killing the giant Proboscis Beast was simply too difficult. Any one of thesethree dire beast kings was not something an ordinary martial artist could resist.

The exception was if one could break the genetic lock and become inhuman. But how difficult was it tobreak the genetic lock? Even though Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci were both in life-or-deathscenarios just now, and were still on the verge of death now, they were still unable to break the genetic lock.

As the three dire beast kings approached slowly, Yu Shan also stood up. He gripped the saber in hishand. Likewise, he would not retreat a single step. “Take care of the two of them. Leave this to me.”

Suddenly, Lin Feng took a step forward and stood in front of the three dire beast kings..

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