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Chapter 49 : Tailing Her Ex

Rebecca came out of her hiding place as soon as Jason left the house of the woman he had brought to

the luncheon.

She did not know the reason she felt that she should follow them. Jason was normally very observant

and she had taken care not to be seen by him as she tailed them but it had not been too hard. It would

seem that he had been busy smooching the girl in the car while driving which was very unlikely. Jason

was a very cautious man when it came to driving. He observed all the rules of safe driving, unless of

course he had suddenly changed since the last they saw.

But if not, then he must be very distracted or bothered about something and she hoped it was because

of her.

She had expected him to ell at her, be angry but she had been surprised at the civil way he had

handled seeing her again after the way they had parted and she was sure their parting had really hurt


Could the reason for his obvious nonchalance be because he no longer cared for her let alone love

her? Or maybe he was already in love with someone else?

She had thought that he would spend the night with his companion but he had left her and gone home ᴄᴏmᴇɴᴏvᴇl.ᴄᴏm

alone. Of course they had gone in together but she doubted they did anything intimate be ause the time

that elapsed before he came back out was not enough for them to have had sex.

She had felt strangely relieved that he had not spent the night with the Phoebe girl but that does not

mean that they didn't have something going or that there was no other person in his life.

Her informants had told her how he lived now. Having numerous female companions. She had just

wanted to check out the competition and knew intuitively like women did that Phoebe was no match for

her and that was why she had gone back to her hotel rather than follow Jason home to see if there was

any other rival she should be aware of.

One might want to ask her reason for all this. 'The reason is that I want my Jason back!' she said aloud.

She had not wanted to say it loud all these while because she had not known what his reaction to

seeing her again would be but now that that first hurdle was jumped, she was going to proceed with her

plan to get Jason to want her so desperately that he would want her back and not just that but beg her

to come back into his life.

He may not propose marriage at first but at least they could start as lovers and once that was

established, she knew how to go about getting her ex husband to agree to remarry her.

She had Intentionally said something about not wanting to be trapped in marriage but that was all a lie.novelbin

She had realised the mistake she had made when she divorced him

She had thought that she loved Terry but they had been together for about six months before she

realised that it had been mete infatuation. The novelty wore off and she was on the run again with

another man when she could no longer stand Terry.

Terry had really been in love with her and she had thought that she felt the same way. Her attraction to

him must have been due to boredom. Now she realised that she had not been wise enough

She could just continued having an extramarital affairs with Terry while she remained married to Jason

and still have access to his wealth and all the luxury his money provided.

She had wanted too do it that way but Terry would not agree to that. Terry had infact stopped making

love with her and she enjoyed his lovemaking to the point of obsession. She felt she could not do

without feeling him inside her and if eloping with him would keep him by her side, then she was willing

to do it.

She had tried to take as much money as she could possible steal from Jason and demanded more and

properties from him during the divorce. She had been so lucky that he had not contested the divorce or

her demands but with her lifestyle, the money was dwindling to nothingness.

She had had many wealthy make friends who had supplied her with money and fame but she could not

get over how generous Jason had been

No one could measure up to the standard he had laid in her life and that was why she wanted him

back. Not because of love. Love, my foot! What was the meaning of love?

Right next w she didn't know where Terry was and had been grateful when that girl had interrupted

them, else she didn't know what she could have told Jason about Terry and if he found out the real

truth,it might paint her in a bad light in his sight.

She planned to make an entrance at his office the next day and see how all went. It was also part of

getting Jason's attention once more and finding out if there was anyone in his office who was close to

him which she should be aware of.

Jason was not into office romance, so there was no threat there but just to make sure.

He also would not want to make a scene. If she could get him to take her out to dinner, then the first

hurdle will have been jumped.

From the dinner, they could settle their differences and he could end up in her hotel room and on her

bed or she could end up spending the night with him in his mansion. Only then would she know she

was triumphant.

But she realized that it was not going to be as easy as she was thinking it. She had hurt Jason deeply

and he just might not want to have anything to do with her and even if he consented to taking her out to

dinner,it was no guarantee that he would want to stay further with her after the meal but that was where

her skill at seduction and persuasion would come in.

She was not called 'Hot Rebecca' for nothing.

The first thing was to surprise him with a visit to his office. And to look good, she had to have her

beauty sleep and get ready for the kill.

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