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Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Chapter 285: Deception 𝓂𝓷𝓿.𝓂

The reason the Blood God could establish a foothold on the chaotic continent of ancient monstrous beasts, ranking at the top ofDragon State Demon Kings, was credited to his divine power — the Blood Divine Son.

This innate ability allowed him to turn his own essence blood into Blood Slaves. Once formed, each Blood Slave could sustainitself by devouring the essence blood of beasts. Since they were transformed from the Demon King’s essence blood, the core ofeach Blood Slave was incredibly stable, making them difficult to kill. As long as their essence blood wasn’t extinguished, theBlood Slaves could reincarnate indefinitely.novelbin

This divine power initially wasn’t so remarkable, considering even the most powerful monster’s essence blood was finite.Transforming essence blood into Blood Slaves would unavoidably deplete the essence blood of the user, causing weakness.

However, when this power awakened in a bat demon, it became particularly horrifying. This was because bat demons werenaturally capable of replenishing their essence blood by consuming the essence blood of humanoid beasts. The more essenceblood they had, the stronger they became, and there was virtually no upper limit.

The combination of the Blood Divine Son power and the innate talent of a bat demon gave birth to the most tyrannical DemonKing in Dragon State — the

Blood God.

If he hadn’t been overly arrogant and provoked the then prosperous Dragon Clan, he might have dominated the world. But hisextreme tyranny made him regard everything lightly. If it weren’t for his friend, the Nine-tailed Fox King, he would have beendestroyed under the Dragon Flame of the Dragon King Ao.

After rescuing the spirit of the Blood God, the Fox Demon even transformed a spiritual spring deep in the south of Minor SpiritualRealm into a blood pool. He submerged the Blood God's spirit into it to recover from his injuries.

When the Blood God awakened again, he found that the original fox king’s lair had been completely leveled, the Nine-tailed FoxKing’s physical body was shattered, and his old friend’s spirit was linked with the Realm Heart, transforming him into a guardianspirit without sanity.

He had to exhaust all means to restore his sanity. After exhausting a vast amount of Spiritual Power, the spirit of the Nine-tailedFox King was awakened. Only then did the Blood God learn that his old friend had fallen into the trap set by the Human Race.

The Blood God vowed that once he was resurrected, he would slaughter the entire Human Race in retaliation for his old friend.

However, even if the Nine-tailed Fox King regained his sanity, under the repression of the soul-binding array, he couldn't freelyopen the Minor Spiritual Realm. Moreover, due to the lack of real essence blood to supplement, managing the Blood Divine Sonin the blood pool transformed from the spiritual spring, the Blood God had only managed to create two hundred thousand BloodBeasts and three Blood Dragons as of now.

Initially, the opening of the Minor Spiritual Realm was seen by the Nine-tailed Fox King as the opportunity for the resurrection ofhis old friend. But when he sensed nearly twenty fierce warriors outside the Minor Spiritual Realm, he knew it wasn’t so.

The three Blood Dragons of the Blood God could at most fend off three such warriors. If they were to let the others enter theMinor Spiritual Realm, they would definitely dig three feet deep to investigate when they sensed the powerful energy at the southend of the Minor Spiritual Realm. By then, the Blood God, who could only cling on to survival using the blood pool, would haveno ability to resist.

If the Blood God died, the Nine-tailed Fox King would lose all hope. Therefore, he decisively self-detonated a part of his spirit.The purpose was to prevent the powerful warriors outside from entering, and to the regular warriors, against the Blood DivineSon, they would serve merely as sustenance.

But who could have expected the appearance of a monster like Tang Luo, whose sheer bodily strength could regard multiplepuppets as nothing.

If he escapes from the Minor Spiritual Realm and broadcasts what's inside, when the real Boundary Master appears and repairsthe Boundary Breaking Stone, he and the Blood God will have no way out.

“Quickly send out your Blood Divine Son to capture him, then use his body to resurrect yourself. When the effects of the soul-binding array have dissipated, I'll explode my spirit. Once the Realm Heart produces a new Boundary Breaking Stone to stabilizethe Void, you can escape from the Door of Illusions!” the Fox King said to the Blood God.

This meticulous plan, in his eyes, had no flaws. This was the only way to save the Blood God, even though it meant he woulddisappear from the world.

The blood water in the blood pool was violently churning, representing the Blood God’s emotional agitation. When he heard ofhis old friend's plan to fully self-detonate his spirit, the Blood God was even more agitated than when he heard the name ofDragon King Ao!

w’You foolish fox, do you have so little faith in me! After seizing that kid’s body, I’ll no longer be just a spirit. Over the past severalmillennia, do you think I’ve only been sleeping? | can already extract the essence blood of the Blood Divine Son and consolidateit in my body. At that time, what can a few human warriors do? | will definitely protect you!” The Blood Face raged towards thevoid, as if the Nine-tailed Fox King was right in front of him.

“Hehehehe.” The Nine-tailed Fox Demon sneered disdainfully, “Easier said than done. Your method of essence bloodconsolidation, each use results in the loss of a body, a lot of essence blood. If the Minor Spiritual Realm solidifies here, howmany times can you protect me? In the end, won't we still die?” Listening to his secret being exposed, the Blood Face angrilyretorted, “Even so, | won't allow you to self-detonate your spirit. You’re my only friend in this world. If you die, I'll slaughter yourentire Fox Demon Race!”

“Hehehehe.” The Nine-tailed Fox King gave a grim laugh. “My Fox Demon Race has long been slaughtered!”

The reason he fell into the HumanRace’s trick a thousand years agowas because two powerful HumanRace warriors were attacking theimmortal fox hill The fonemount ingwereshatt ed into aplain! Was the Nine-tailed Fox Kingreally foolish enough to not see thatthe single challenge invitation mightbe a trap? He accepted becausebehind him were a great number ofthe Nine-tailed Fox’s descendants. Ifthe fight continued, the Immortal FoxHill would be wiped out. Only byagreeing to the Human Race’srequest, could he have a chance ofsaving his people. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

It was a gamble, and sadly, the Nine-tailed Fox King had lost.

The Blood God could hear thedesolation in the Nine-tailed FoxKing’s voice, but he couldn't reallyunderstand. As a solitary bat demonsince birth, he had to (On onants,snakes ndiqsectsw n he wasweal e had no concept of a clan,and naturally, he couldn'tcomprehend the significance ofdescendants to the Nine-tailed FoxKing. But he did understand that hecouldn't let his old friend die, so heplead, “Fox, | beg you, there must stillbe a trace of nine-tailed fox blood inthis world. When | get out, I'lldefinitely find them. Don'tself-destruct, please.” The content ison NovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Monsters don’t feel grief, do they? Not necessarily — the Blood God was feeling grief and fear for the first time after sensing thedeath will of his only friend in the world.

“Silly Bat.” Hearing the pleading of theBlood God, the Nine-tailed Fox Kinglaughed grimly. “Il won't die, I’malready one with the Realm Heart andhave transformed into guaranspirit. Nemattectiow vere the

d ge to my spirit is, it will recoverunder the nourishment of the RealmHeart. Even if | self-destruct, | will bereborn from the Realm Heart after awhile. As long as the Realm Heartexists, | am immortal! Look at theheart of this Minor Spiritual Realm, itcan Survive in the Void for at leasttens of thousands of years. Even ifyou, you silly bat, die, I'll be living justfine!” The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

The Blood Face was overjoyed, “So that’s it! So let’s do that! You said that the Human Race is everywhere, that’s fantastic. Inafew years at most, I'll be able to restore a trillion Blood Divine Sons. By then, I'll be the strongest in Dragon State again!”

“Hehehehe, don’t forget to seek out descendants of the Nine-tailed foxes when you're out.”

“Fox, rest assured, | will bring them to you when the time comes!” The Blood Face laughed heartily..

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