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Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Watch Your Tongue

"How could Kaylee afford such an expensive perfume?"

"Hattie mentioned before that this perfume is priceless and impossible to obtain."

"Kaylee did not come from a wealthy family. Her family is just an average working-class family! She must have stolen it."

"Yes, that's correct."

"Lena, don't worry. We'll confront her and settle the matter!"

During the last-fitness class, Gillian and Candy had a falling out with Kaylee. Today was the perfect opportunity to resolve the issue.

After class, Violeta and Kaylee left the classroom together to change clothes.

Violeta was the first to finish. She told Kaylee, "I'm going to the restroom."

"Okay, we'll meet outside."

Violeta nodded and left the changing room.

Not long after she left, Candy and her gang surrounded Kaylee.

Zelena and Hattie stood at the back and watched coldly from the sidelines. "Kaylee, did you spray perfume on yourself today? Show us the perfume."

Kaylee zipped her bag and glanced at them. She questioned, "Why should I show it to you?"

That perfume was a gift from Violeta. Kaylee cherished it so much that she only sprayed a tiny amount when she opened the packaging.

These people were Zelena's followers. Why should she show it to them?

Kaylee couldn't be bothered to look at them. She grabbed her bag and was ready to leave.

Gillian stepped forward and blocked her path. She repeated, "Show us the perfume."

"Yes, we won't let you leave unless you show it!"

"What? Are you trying to cause trouble? Do you think I'm easy to intimidate?"

Kaylee often played tennis, and she was strong. She shoved Gillian with a single push.

Gillian lost her balance and almost fell.

Kaylee sneered, "Skinny girls like you want to bully others? You've got the wrong person!"

She took big strides forward and was ready to leave the changing room, but someone grabbed her bag.

Kaylee thought it was Gillian. When she turned around, she realized it was Hattie.


Chapter 90 Watch Your Tongue

"What are you trying to do?"

Hattie held onto her bag and chuckled. She challenged. "Take out the perfume and show it to us, then you can go.

"Why should! show it to you?"

"Because you stole it! That perfume belongs to Lena!"

Stole that perfume?

Kaylee instantly became furious. She barked, "Who do you accuse of being a thief?"

"If you didn't steal it, then show me the perfunnel"

"Yes, show it!"

"Take it out!"

"Why are we even talking to someone like her? Let's just snatch the bag."

The perfume was in Kaylee's bag, and the group rushed over to snatch it.

Kaylee desperately held onto her bag, not letting them take it. Unfortunately, she was outnumbered.

When her bag was about to be snatched away, Violeta pushed the door open. She stood at the entrance, where the light shone into the room from behind, casting a shadow over all of them.

The girls who were trying to snatch the bag were all stunned. Everyone was dumbfoundedly looking up at Violeta.

Violeta stared coldly at them. Her gaze was dark and emanated a chilly aura. Those girls instinctively let go. of the bag.

Kaylee quickly held the bag tightly in her arms.


Violeta had agreed to meet Kaylee outside. She waited for a while and didn't see Kaylee, so she went back to the dressing room.

She didn't expect to encounter this scene.

Violeta walked in and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. They want to steal my bag.

Before, the gang was bold when it was just Kaylee alone.

When Violeta returned, they weren't as arrogant as before.

Gillian said, "Violeta, you came back just in time. Lena's perfume had gone missing. Her perfume scent matches what you two are wearing. We want to check Kaylee's bag. Is that too much to ask?"

Candy chimed in "Yeah if you didn't steal it just now it'


23:15 Tue, 11 Jun Chapter 90 Watch Your Tongue

"Haha!" Violeta laughed. I have to prove that I didn't steal? What kind of ridiculous logic is that?

"Who gave you the authority to search freely? If mere suspicion can lead to conviction, then I suspect your brain is filled with nonsense. Would you like to open up your brain for me to examine?"

The group was speechless.novelbin

Zelena stood up and said, "They are all doing this for me. Let's calm down. If Kaylee doesn't want to show us, then we'll have to go to the counselor. Stealing is wrong, and it will definitely result in a serious punishment."

Gillian echoed, "That's right, 1 heard the counselor is selecting the best student of the month. If this matter escalates, it will be a serious offense, and the counselor won't let her off the hook."

Kaylee protested, "Hey! Watch your languag Violeta remained calm and indifferent. She agreed, "All right then, let's go to the counselor.

Zelena lowered her eyes. Originally, she just intended to do this to dampen their spirits.

She didn't expect Violeta to be so bold and willing to go to the counselor.

Could this girl really afford Ella's perfume??


Absolutely impossible!

She wouldn't believe it until she saw the perfume.

Shortly, the group arrived at the office.

After hearing about the incident, the counselor asked seriously. "There is a possibility of a mix-up of perfumes. Zelena, why are you so convinced that your perfume was stolen by them?"

Zelena explained, "Counselor, you may not be aware, but it's impossible for this perfume to have a similar scent to others. It has only been on the market for a short time, and besides, we all smelled it. Hattie can vouch for us!"

Hattie nodded and said, "I have a keen sense of smell for perfumes. There is no way I could have mistaken it."

The counselor looked worriedly at them and shifted his gaze to Violeta and Kaylee.

"Can't they afford to buy it themselves?"

Gillian and Candy burst into laughter.

"Counselor, you have no idea. That perfume is in high demand and impossible to find in the market."

"It's almost skyrocketing in price. How could Kaylee afford it?"




Chapter 90 Watch Your Tongue Gillian and Candy were just children from an ordinary working-class family, but they started mocking Kaylee with Zelena and Hattie's support.

They didn't even know the brand before, but now they were arrogantly mocking others.

The counselor felt offended.

Kaylee was shocked by their explanation. She couldn't believe that the perfume Violeta had given her was so expensive.

Violeta had told her it was a few hundred dollars, and she foolishly believed it.

If the truth hadn't come out, Kaylee would have thought the perfume was not expensive. She never expected it to have two extra zeros on the price tag.

Despite this, Kaylee had no doubt that Violeta had bought the perfume and not stolen it.

unselor looked at Kaylee and said, "Since that's the case, why don't you take out the perfume and The show it to them?"

Violeta interrupted, "If we show the perfume and prove that it wasn't stolen, how will we handle the situation?"

The counselor thought for a moment.

He was going to select the star of the month. It would be ideal if nothing serious happened in the class. If a serious theft incident occurred, it would definitely affect his selection.

If the item had been something m

common, it wouldn't have been a big deal, but this perfume was so expensive that it was bound to attract significant attention and be treated as a serious matter. This could lead to a grave offense.

His chances of being selected would be ruined.

Moreover, both Zelena and Hattie came from wealthy families, while Violeta was the daughter of the chancellor!

He couldn't afford to offend anyone.

He was in a dilemma.

"Maybe we can handle it this way. If om it's proven that we didn't steal it, Zelena and Hattie will be punished with the task of cleaning the toilets for a month. Does that seem fair to you?"

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