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Chapter 143

Chapter 143

They were already outside, and Kimberly loved being in this place so much that she worried they wouldhave to leave because of Levi’s talk about a pack and him being the leader.

The cabin seemed to be nestled in a valley, surrounded by a majestic white mountain. Kimberlycouldn’t take her eyes off the breathtaking scenery.

“Does this mean we have to leave this place?” she asked, her voice filled with sadness.

Levi took hold of her hands and reassured her.

“Yes, we have to go back to the pack house tomorrow. Everyone is worried about you.”

Levi knew his father was right when he suggested this place. It was impossible for anyone to comehere and not fall in love

with i..

Meamchile, Kimberly was surprised to hear that people were concerned about her. She asked, “Whoare these people? How do they know about me?”

Levi gently brushed strands of hair away from her face, tucking them behind her ears as his gaze boreinto hers.

She was incredibly beautiful, and he felt grateful to his father’s godson for taking such good care of her.

Knowing her shyness and timidity, he wanted to provide her with the reassurance she needed.

“It’s even more stunning without the snow, and you’ll get to see the waterfalls. We can come back whenit’s sunny,” he suggested

Kimberly saw the sincerity in his eyes, assuring her that they would return. However, she still hadconcerns about being around unfamiliar prople

In Canada, she had only been close to her brother, and now she only wanted to be with Levi and noone else.

“But I don’t want to meet more people. I just want to be with you. I don’t enjoy laving people around me,and I can’t be a leader or whatever Luna thing you’re talking about, Kimberly confessed, her eyeslowered as she struggled to maintain eye


Levi gently lifted her chin, encouraging her to meet his gaze. He knew he needed to help her becomemore comfortable with

eye contact, so he spoke softly to her.

“Kim, it will be a gradual process, but trust me, the pack members are like your lamaly, just as thepeople waiting to meet you in the packhouse are”

Kimberly remained dissatisfied with the current arrangement. She struggled to develop a genatineconnection with Jaxon. Hayes’s twin brother and mother.

Even with his wife, she found it difficult to be as friendly and could only engage in small talk whenJason Hayes was present.

These were people she had known for years, yet she still felt distant from them. How could shepossibly warm up to new individuals?

“Levi, can’t we just stay here? she pleaded, her wire filled with longing.

Levi understood that her discontent stemmed from not having met her own kind.

He believed that Kimberly’s timidity was a result of being away from packs and living among humansfor so long. He also sensed that she struggled to fully connect with them.

After carefully considering the situation, he proposed a solution.

“Let’s make a deal. If we return to the pack house and you find it uncomfortable, we will come backhere. Does that sound fair to you?” asked gently.

Kimberly’s fare brightened as he promised to return if she felt uneasy around the people he mentioned.

“Yes, but if we go there, will you promise to stay by my side?” she asked earnestly. Levi smiled andreassured her in the same soft toe he reserved only for her.

Kim, if you’re comfortable accompanying me everywhere, I wouldn’t mind having you by my side all theunte.” Levi expressed.

Kim appeared content with this proposition and responded.

“Alright. I trust you. Levi let out a sigh of relief, sensing that there was something extraordinary abouther, given the circumstances that sent her to the human world.

Hewas determined to uncover and learn more about her, sooner or later.

“I appreciate it,” he expressed gratefully.

Chapter 143

So, what do we need to do now?” Kimberly asked, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. Levi’s smilewidened, eager to witness the kind of wolf she possessed.

“As I mentioned before, I want to see your woll” he replied.

Confusion clouded Kimberly’s mind, evident on her face. “How can you see her? I don’t understand,”

Levi found her innocent response amusing and couldn’t help but smile throughout.

He pondered on how to explain it in a way that would make sense to her.

“The way you traveled to this part of the world was your wolf taking charge. So, I want you to give yourwolf control,” he explained.

“How do I do that?” Kimberly asked, still wearing the same expression of confusion. “I only heard avoice telling me she was taking control.” ᴄomᴇɴovᴇʟ.ᴄom

Since she couldn’t comprehend, Levi decided it would be best to show her, considering Kimberly wasunlike any pack member he had trained before

She was unique due to her upbringing and also happened to be his mate, which posed a slightchallenge for him.

If it were any other she-wolf, he could give instructions without considering their feelings, but withKimberly, Levi had to be careful not to offend her.

“Alright. I’ll shift first, but don’t be afraid of my wolf, okay? When you see my wolf, you need tocommunicate with that voice in your head and instruct her to take control. Does flat make sense?” Heasked softly yet firmly.

Kimberly felt small under his intense gaze. She found it domineering, unlike Levi who remainedcomposed even in his lowest moments

“I think so,” she mumbled, but Levi wasn’t convinced and attempted to enlighten her.

The way she said it, with wide eyes, made Levi feel as though she might not take it kindly.

However, he believed that this was the best time and place to discuss it.

Even if they returned to the park house, he would still have to take her to the woods to shift.

“That is what we are. Nobody here is fully human. We are werewolves, except we can live as humans.But if a war breaks out. you will need your wolf to fight,” Levi explained.

Kimberly’s innocent eyes widened again, as if they were about to fall. Levi found her even moreadorable when she behaved like that.

She looked so innocent, she could be described as cute.

“So, everybody fights, including Aunty Rowena?” Kimberly asked, remembering how gentle and kindRowena appeared.

She wondered how someone like that could engage in a fight. Levi’s father had looked tough when shemet him, so she had no doubt that he could fight.

“Yes, everybody fights, but my mother has healing powers, so she doesn’t fight as much. When a warbreaks out, she takes. care of the injured, Levi explained.

Levi’s explanation brought a sigh of relief from her, confirming her belief in Rowena.

“That’s a relief

However, Levi didn’t appreciate the relief on her face because he didn’t see any resemblance betweenKimberly and his mother. He explained this to her,

“Kim, you’re stronger than my mom

“That’s not true,” Kimberly’s voice rose, as she had never been in a fight before. Levi didn’t want toupset her, so he let the

mailer rest.novelbin

“Time will tell, and I’ll be able to tell you more once I get to know your wolf better, he assured her.Kimberly seemed intrigued by this after their long conversation.

“Alright. I want to see your woll,” she said determinedly. Levi was pleased with her determination butworried she might


Remember, there’s no need to be scared, but I do have to remove my clothes,” he warned her. A newlayer of confusion clouded her mind as she asked,


Levi wasn’t surprised by her question and remained patient with her.

“I can still transform into my wolf form with my clothes on, like we do during a war, but they would becompletely shredded. When I shift back from wolf to human form, I’ll be naked.”

Chapter 143

Kimberly found this intriguing, struggling to believe that the attractive man before her would actuallytransform into a


“I prefer the second option.”

She perched on a frigid boulder, crossing her arms tightly across her chest.

“Transform while keeping your clothes on, and then change back to being naked before I allow thatvoice to mess with my mind again,” she demanded.

Levi chuckled, pleased with her suggestion, as his unclothed form could cause a distraction.

They had been intimate on few occasions, although most of those times Kimberly had beenunconscious.

“Alright, we’ll do it your way. Just please, don’t be frightened,” Levi pleaded, fearing that his terrifyingwolf-like beast might scare her off.

“I’m not scared,” she replied, her voice laced with a hint of confidence. However, Levi remained uneasy.


He took a few steps backward, causing Kimberly’s heart to race as she heard the sound of bonescracking.

Her eyes widened as she witnessed black fur sprouting on Levi’s arms and legs. Somehow, shemanaged to stand up and put some distance between them as his size began to increase. The soundof his clothes tearing filled the air as they sc attered across the snowy ground.

Then, the sharp protrusion of his claws caught her attention

His once attractive blue eyes transformed into a terrifying shade of yellow, while black fur slowlycovered his once

handsome white face.

She had never witnessed anything as frightening as this, not even in the pages of a book or on atelevision screen. Standing before her was a massive black werewolf, causing her to nearly lose herbalance from the sheer shock.

However, Levi swiftly shifted back into his human form and caught her in his arms, preventing her fromfalling. Kimberly trembled with fear, while Levi smirked at her.

“Didn’t you claim to be brave?” he taunted. “Now it’s your turn”

Filled with terror. Kimberly reluctantly agreed, nodding her head as she addressed the annoying voicein her head.

“He told me to tell you to take control.

She anticipated a response, but instead, she felt a sense of suppression.

As the transformation was completed, Levi’s eyes widened in astonishment. He had never encountereda wolf like hers before.

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