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Chapter 370

Steven furrowed his brows. Yasmin's current behavior was eerily reminiscent of Stephanie Carlson'sdemeanor before she lost her memory.

"Peter Jones created a 'Stephanie Carlson', knowing you'd fall for it," Yasmin said indifferently, thenglanced at the time. "Steven, I'm running out of time." 𝓷𝓿.

Steven warily stared at Yasmin and responded in a low tone, "Your acting isn't very convincing."

"I never claimed to be anyone." Yasmin sneered, gazing at Steven. "Are you afraid? Afraid that Imight be the real Stephanie Carlson, knowing that everything you've said to her is just a lie?"

Steven clenched his fists tightly.

Yasmin spoke solemnly as she approached Steven, "Steven, you and I are born to be monsterswith souls of demons. We lack emotions, destined to be free from emotional attachments.

"The emotions and love we experienced in the past were nothing but facades and imitations ofordinary people's lives. You wouldn't… actually believe it, would you?"

She then cast a sharp gaze at me and added, "Honestly, I dislike this body immensely. But what Idetest even more… is being impersonated."

My heart skipped a beat. I never knew Yasmin was so talented in acting. She seemed like anentirely different person.

"Don't forget our plan," Yasmin reminded Steven.

"What plan? Remind me," Steven casually gazed at Yasmin, raising his hand to shield me,preventing me from making eye contact with her.

I hid behind him, feeling inexplicably nervous.

Yasmin chuckled, replying with just two words, "Project Zero."

Steven visibly stiffened. Perhaps this was a secret known only to him and Stephanie Carlson.

I stared at Yasmin in astonishment, wondering how she had discovered such a secret.

Meanwhile, Joel, who had been leaning against the main door, picked up a stone from the groundand hurled it at Yasmin. She noticed it but failed to evade it.

Joel chuckled and remarked, "If it were her, she'd have caught that stone in her hand."

"Fool… " Yasmin mocked Joel. "Stephanie Carlson's body was genetically enhanced. Do you thinkthis body of mine now is anything of excellence?"

Joel furrowed his brows in silence.

"Recite pi." Steven calmly requested, maintaining eye contact with Yasmin.

Physical abilities might change according to the body, but a reincarnated soul wouldn't forget what itwas familiar with.

I was stunned, gaping. If Steven asked me to recite pi, I definitely couldn't.

"3.14159265358979323… " Yasmin casually recited the numbers, her expression unchanged.

After a while, she nonchalantly added, "Was that enough? I can do this all day if you want."

If this was truly an act, she obviously had come prepared, putting effort into memorizing all that.

Steven turned to me and said, "Now, you recite."

I opened my mouth, pointing at myself.

Seriously? How was I supposed to recite pi? All I knew was 3.14.

Panicked by Steven's skepticism, I began to question myself.

Could it be possible that I wasn't the person I thought I was? Nonsense.

"Steve… Don't believe her. I overheard Peter and Mrs. Ford's conversation. They must have founda way to help Yasmin impersonate me. I— " I explained anxiously.

"Can you prove that you're Stephanie Carlson?" Steven interrupted with a probing question.

My mouth fell open; I couldn't provide any proof since I had no memories of Steven or anything frommy past.

"If you don't believe me… just go ahead and call me a fake then," I replied in a low tone, turningaway in despair, feeling utterly foolish.

I had to admit that Peter had done an impressive job in preparing Yasmin to imitate me.

"Steven, you should have believed me the moment I mentioned Project Zero and the secret of soulreincarnation. It seems your intellect has been compromised by her influence during my absence."Yasmin remarked solemnly before adding, "See you tomorrow at 10 am, the usual place."

With that, Yasmin left.

Joel glanced at Yasmin and then at me, commenting "That one seems more like her."novelbin

Obviously, even he found that Yasmin's current behavior was reminiscent of Stephanie Carlson's inthe past.

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