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Chapter 1373

Which top-notch celebrity in the entire entertainment industry would treat his assistant like this?novelbin

There was none…

The female fans at the scene all went crazy when they saw this…

“Ahh… How could this happen? Is she the assistant, or is Josh the assistant?”

“Josh… Please remember your identity. You’re a top-notch celebrity, not her assistant!”

“Ahh… I’m jealous. If Josh does this for me even once, I’d be willing to die for him!”

When Annabeth Cates heard what everyone said, she instantly moved closer to Josh Batton’s ear.“Josh… Your fans are objecting. Hurry up and let go of me…” She said softly.

However, Josh acted as if he didn’t hear her…

Annabeth struggled to move away, but it was to no avail.

If looks could kill, Annabeth thought she would perhaps already be dead now…

About an hour later, Josh and Annabeth finally made it into the first-class lounge with much difficulty.

Only then did their world finally settle down into quiet.

They were the only two people in the lounge.

The tightly sealed door separated them from the entire world.

As soon as Josh walked in, he sat on a soft couch and casually played with his phone. comeɴoᴠeʟ.com

Meanwhile, Annabeth sat on the couch next to him and started playing with her phone too.

However, she couldn’t calm her heart down at all…

The scene of Josh protecting her earlier kept replying in her mind like a cursed spell.

She had recently been spending most of her days with Josh. So she couldn’t say that she didn’tdevelop any feelings for him.

Josh was the kind of person one would grow fonder of the longer one spent time with him…

That was because his character and personality were best in class.

Many celebrities had terrible personalities beneath their facades. That was because thepersonalities they display were all designed by their companies.

Some of them might appear respectful and polite in front of people, but they were arrogant andboastful behind other people’s backs.

However, Josh wasn’t like that…

No one ever designed Josh’s good character. Instead, it was from within himself.

This man’s every move reflected how well he was brought up.

On a rainy day, if Josh had an umbrella, he would cover it over her side.

If there were a need to lift anything heavy, Josh would always personally do it. Annabeth never hadto lift a finger.

When Annabeth went out to run errands on her own, Josh would even ask her questions like ‘areyou sure you’ll be fine on your own?’.

On special festive occasions, Josh would always give her a bonus to buy nice food and clothes.

Even if Josh were in a terrible mood, he would never vent at anyone around him.

Annabeth looked at a good-looking, fit, and extremely well-mannered man every day. So whowouldn’t fall for him?

After what happened earlier, Annabeth felt even more convinced about her feelings for him…

However, she very quickly suppressed her emotions. ‘You don’t deserve him…’ She tried to tellherself.

Who was Josh? He was the most handsome, top-notch celebrity in the entertainment industry. Hewas also a child from the Batton family…

He had the riches, the good looks, the reputation, and the status…

And who was she? She was merely the most ordinary girl in the crowd.

With above average looks and poor family background, she also only graduated from… Highschool.

How could a girl like her deserve to be with Josh?

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