Save Myself from Desperation by Cara Agnes

Save Myself from Desperation by Cara Agnes

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    Read Save Myself from Desperation by Cara Agnes novel. Genre: Romance...Save Myself from Desperation novel pdf free download.

    Artist: Ashley Ramos and Valentin

    In a spacious living room, Ashley Ramos is ordered by her brother, Jeremy, to apologize to Jessica, the supposed pseudo-heiress of the Ramos family. Jeremy accuses Ashley of intentionally pushing Jessica down the stairs. Despite Jessica’s defense, Jeremy throws a glass at Ashley, injuring her foot. Ashley reflects on her difficult past, feeling abandoned and mistreated by her family. She decides to let go of her desire for acceptance and stands up to Jeremy, revealing a recording pen with evidence of Jessica planning to frame her for the staircase incident. Jessica is shocked as the recording plays, revealing her malicious intentions.

    The recording pen reveals that Jessica framed Ashley by planning the staircase incident. Jeremy realizes his mistake and confronts Jessica, who admits to her wrongdoings out of fear of losing her family’s affection. Jeremy forgives Jessica, asking Ashley to be tolerant and forgive her as well. Ashley decides to sever all ties with the Ramos family, packing her belongings to leave. Jeremy warns her not to regret her decision. The Kingsley family, a powerful elite, arrives for a visit, and Jeremy and Jessica eagerly prepare to welcome them. Ashley leaves the house, determined to cut all connections with her family...

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