Seducing The President

Chapter 19 ~ She has a child? ~
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Chapter 19 ~ She has a child? ~


The ear piercing thunderstrokes continued outside constantly as I heard sky crashing tunes falling over

the whole Silverstone City. My mind drove away a moment back when I spotted those scatered clothes

spurted all over the couch.

Very very unexpectedly,I felt an undefined rage coursing through my entire mind at the thought of it.

Logically speaking, that was her completely private issues but my fucking mind didn't find a damn logic

to stop getting bothered for no reason.

When she earnestly bustled about the whole situation that perhaps her besty had fucked someone

here, my mind subconsciously eased up as if a rain had poured down after a dry rough Summer day.

She was sincere with her explanation that soothed over my raged heart quite fast.

I settled myself down on the couch before gazing through the transparent windows beside. The rain

once again started pouring down heavily drenching the newborn leaves of nearby trees. I heard vague

sound of utensils from the kitchen tingling against each others and subconsciously looked up on her


Her impatient figure was running all over the kitchen and tried to keep her working fast as much as


I blurted out suddenly when she nearly slipped off a knife from her hand,

" Miss Young, don't be so rush. I am not in hurry,by the way."

She paused before shooting me a baffled look and nodded her head slightly.I chuckled inwardly at her

stupefied expression and leant back against the soft leather of couch.

My eyes wandered around her middle sized apartment that contained three rooms. The interior

decoration wasn't so lavishing like mine but it seemed modern and quite alluring. The guest room had

two leatherette sofa sets, a tea table at middle and a fifty two inches LED TV hanging in front wall. The

wall had different paintings mostly the scenario of natures thus I assumed that she might be nature

friendly girl.

Snapping out from my scamming thoughts, I heard her slow and cautious footsteps coming over to me

while holding a coffee mug nervously. She put it down on the table in ahead and offered me in a

professional tone,

" Try it! I can't be so good like your chef by the way. Umm.. I need to change my cloths. I will be back in

a minute."

I nodded my head slightly before reaching out for the espresso coffee. I saw her retreating back

rushing inside her bedroom as I hualed up from my spot intending to see the pouring raindrops closely.

Tiptoeing near the transparent glass door, I sipped the hot coffee relaxing peacefully but the next

moment, I heard something unexpected that I never imagined not even in my nightmare.

A tiny yet odd tone echoed from my back leaving me completely frozen in my spot,

" Mommy.. Mommy.. you are back... Intruder.. We have an intruder in our home..."

I choked on my coffee vigorously and almost roasted my lips in heat after coughing out loud. My face

turned sour and incredibly pathetic as I shifted my gaze behind robotically.

She has a child here? Is she married or single mom?

As this vague thoughts concluded in my mind, I wandered my gaze around suspiciously to discover the

source of that voice.I could feel my nerves tensing up in assumptions as each nanosecond crepted


What if she has a child? Does it matter to me?

I couldn't be bothered less as my eyes searched for the tiny one harshly.The following moment, my

mouth fell open in awe as I spotted the mini home robot repeating his command standing at a far

distance from me.

An awful lough or you can say relief escaped through my lips but the tiny robot started charging forward

recklessly as if I was a gambler. My smile faded away quickly as soon as I noticed his back parted

open and was aiming a knife towards me.

I was stunned, stupified for a moment before trying to stop him earnestly,

" No. No.. wait.. Hey.. robot.. I'm not any intruder. Your owner knows me."

Fuck! It doesn't listen to me!

As he approached nearer and I started stumbling backwards,her doorroom flew open in shot like a

erupted volcano. Her louder voice bounced against the gravity as she roared towards her home robot


" What the fuck? Stressed tomato? Come here! He is my boss, jeez! "

Surprisingly, the robot paused at midway abruptly before accepting her command and phrased

apologizotically in his steel voice,

" Stressed Tomato is sorry.. Stressed Tomato is sorry."

She ignored his words and shouted like an angry mom to the robot amusingly,

" Get back inside the bedroom. Don't come outside."

The robot quickly rushed back inside her bedroom grinding his body against the stone cold floor and

closed the door off obediently with a thud. Her expression relaxed as she apologised walking over to

me honestly,

" I'm sorry about that,Mr President. He couldn't identify you and thought of an intruder. I really

apologise. "novelbin

I waved my hand nonchalantly and replied laughing softly,

" I understand, Miss Young. No issues! Anyways why do you keep home robot? You have quite weird

passion. "

She seemed slightly nervous before speaking out,

" Actually it was a gift from my best friend and she purposely set his program like my child. Thus it

addresses me as mommy. "

I laughed at her words loudly as her face flashed in embarrassment. Averting her attention on the tea

table, she cursed loudly,

" Oh no! Your coffee has turned cold. Let me make another one for you. "

With the saying, she quickly headed back inside the kitchen leaving me laughing out loud at her home

robot and her besty's weird melodrama.

This girl is quite interesting!

Exhaling some exhausted breathing, I sat down on the couch comfortably waiting for another hot

coffee. This time, she made it fast before serving me once again with some cookies.

She changed into her home clothes and appeared fresh. Offering me the hot coffee, she sat opposite

of my direction without uttering any words.

I took a cautious sip and felt overwhelmed. I must say that her hands were useful just like her talent.

The sugar was perfect just according to my preference and didn't taste rough.

Averting my gaze on her face,I found her awkward expression looking at me. I put down the cup gently

and asked out after wandering my gaze around the empty apartment,

" You live here alone?"

She nodded before giving me a brief reply,

" Yes!"

I hummed coldly and asked again taking another sip from my delicious coffee,

" Where's your parents?

Does they live in this city too?"

Her expression immediately sank as I regretted inwardly for asking too much. Very quickly, she

regained her earlier calm composure and answered looking up,

" Dead! I was raised up in an orphanage till 13."

I paused a bit before finding her expression indifferent. Usually anyone would be sad while telling her

painful past but the girl in front of me was totally different. She replied to me just like another random 𝑛𝑣𝘭.

story as my curiosity sparked like electricity.

Still I spatted out the most common dialogue,

" I'm sorry for hurting your feelings."

She gazed through my eyes deeply untill they turned deeper and deeper,an endless vortex that was

filled with numerous unyelding, unsolving mysteries. My heart suddenly throbbed,an unknown emotion

that I never felt towards anyone before after looking through those eyes.

What were those unknown feelings? Was I feeling sympathy for her life or something else?

Sometimes feelings are unquestionable! The more you think, the more you feel useless of


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