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Chapter 3225

Dylan still wiped the chair for Grandma May.

As for his own, he could not be bothered.

"You're a genius. You know everything without even stepping out of the house."

Grandma May side-eyed Dylan and said, "Stop flattering me. Tell me. What don't you like about Imogen?" 𝘦𝑛𝑣𝘦.

"She's great. I never said she had a problem. I tried falling in love with her. Even now I'm trying to develop some feelings for her, but she's the one who ended up falling in love with me. She even traveled here just to demand an explanation from me.

"She said I'm toying with her. I feel wronged. I did try my best to love her, but I couldn't," said Dylan innocently.

Even when he was speaking, he did not stop chewing his barbecue.

"You chose Imogen. I admit that she's outstanding and suits me in various aspects. I don't hate her, but I think there isn't enough excitement whenever I'm with her. It has been like that for some time. I can tell you for sure that I can never fall in love with her.

"However, if I can't find someone I love and end up marrying Imogen, I can live with her and treat her respectfully for the rest of my life."

Grandma May replied, "What else?"

After a pause, Dylan continued, "I mentioned to you previously that I kept dreaming about a girl. I managed to meet her in real life."

"I know."

Dylan grinned. "I can't hide anything from you, can I? You even know I took something that belongs to her."

"Since you admitted to taking her stuff, shouldn't you return it to her already? She even went to the company and asked Callum about you. She only left after finding out that you weren't there." The entire York family knew about it.

Callum did not keep it a secret.

"If I returned it to her, we'll have fewer opportunities to meet each other. Her whereabouts are always unknown, and it's difficult to track her. I even suspected that she was Julian's sister. He's just as difficult to track."

"Julian doesn't have a younger sister. She isn't a Bucham," said Grandma May confidently.

Dylan asked, "Which family is she from?"

"She may be a member of the York family, or maybe not. It depends on whether you'll marry her."

Dylan was speechless. He blushed.

He had lots of praise for Imogen, yet his expression did not change much. Based on that, Grandma May was certain that he did not love Imogen at all.

However, upon mentioning the little fox, he immediately blushed.novelbin

Grandma May's eyes gleamed. Dylan's blushing meant he had truly fallen for the girl.

That made things more exciting.

"Nana, I don't love Imogen, but it

seems she wants to try dating me. She wants a fair competition. Imogen is a little difficult to handle. I admit that I like my Chameleon Fox more. If I were to marry her, would you still acknowledge me as your grandson?"

Grandma May said deliberately, "You're the one who's going to marry and spend your life with another woman, You can follow your heart and not care about my opinion Whether I acknowledge you or not doesn't change the fact that you're still my grandson.

"How many days do I have left to live? Once I die, there won't be anyone stopping you all. You all can do whatever you want."


Dylan said sternly, "If I can't get your blessings, I won't marry her, no matter how much I like her."

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