Seven Nights of Sin (Penthouse Affair #2)

Chapter 42: Epilogue Dominic
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Chapter 42: Epilogue Dominic

Three years later

The girls said we could drop them off at the school’s curb and Presley thirded the motion, saying thebuilding wasn’t that big. But I vetoed that idea. No way am I going to abandon them to fumble their ownway to their classroom. Maybe in a few weeks . . . or years . . . but definitely not today.

It’s their very first day of kindergarten, after all. The first time they’ve been away from home all day longwithout me, Presley, or Francine.

As we escort them through the halls, I’m fidgeting like crazy, twisting my wedding ring around andaround my finger. “You sure you’ve got your lunches in your backpacks? You know what to do if youneed to come home?”

“Call Franny,” Emilia answers dutifully. Lacey is already distracted, taking in the colorful posters andnoisy crowd all around us with a wide-eyed grin.

“And do you remember her number?”

“Um . . .”

“Dom,” Presley says. “Relax. The teacher has Francine’s number. And our numbers, and theirpediatrician’s, and the National Guard’s . . .”

I frown. “I know that. It’s just an extra precaution.”

“And this is just a school—a private school, even,” she says. “It’s only until three. Francine will pickthem up and take them home, and we’ll see them again tonight.”

“You say ‘only three,’ but that’s six hours away. What if they miss us during the day? What if they needhelp using the potty? What if the other kids are mean? What if they don’t eat their lunch? You know

they’ve been so picky lately. What if—”

Presley squeezes my shoulder, loving but firm. “Honey. Chill out. Stop acting like we’re throwing themto the wolves.”

“Wolves? Can I see?” Emilia asks.

“It’s only a figure of speech, honey. The only wolves around here are at the zoo.”

“I’m perfectly chill,” I say, frowning. “But we have to be sure they’re ready.”

“Somehow I don’t think they’re the ones who aren’t ready,” Presley teases. “Seriously, they can handleit. They’re more than old enough, and they did great in preschool.”

“But preschool was only a half day. This might—”

“I’m a big girl,” Lacey says.

“Yes, you are, sweet pea. I quite agree.” Presley squats down. “Show me on your hands?”

After thinking for a few moments, Lacey holds up five fingers.novelbin

“And how many is that?”

Lacey says, “Five,” at the same instant Emilia answers for her. “Five!”

Presley shoots a smile back over her shoulder at me before asking them, “And how much do Mommyand Daddy and Franny love you?”

“Infinity!” they both shout, flinging their arms open wide.

“Absolutely right.” She hugs them, then stands up again. “See? They’re rocket scientists.” She lays herhand gently on my arm. “We always knew we’d have to let go sometime.”

Throwing her arms around my hips, Emilia says, “Don’t cry, Daddy.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna be okay!” Lacey says, trying to reassure me.

I have to laugh at how thoroughly we’ve switched roles here. “Thanks, you two. But for yourinformation, I’m not crying. A bug just flew into my eye.” I wipe my sleeve across my face.

Shit. I am totally about to cry. What’s happening to me?

“Are you ready, girls?” their teacher calls.

After one last round of kisses, they run inside and the door shuts behind them. If I squint through thefrosted glass, I can just barely see the blobs of color that belong to our precious daughters. Then theymove farther into the classroom and are lost.

Presley pats my lower back. “Poor thing. You’re going to be useless at the office today, aren’t you?”

“Oh, hush,” I grunt.

“But, seriously, I love this side to you. It’s adorable.” Taking my hand, she kisses me warmly.

I level her with a heated look. “Did you just call me adorable?”

She chuckles, lacing her fingers through mine. “Yes. But don’t worry, I’ll cheer you up later.”

Smirking, I raise her hand to my lips to kiss the back of it, right over her exquisite diamond ring. It feelslike I gave it to her a whole lifetime ago, and it feels like no time at all. “Promise?”

She beams at me. “Always and forever.”

? ? ? 𝘦𝘯𝘷𝘦.

My wife was right about one thing—I’m completely useless at the office. Thankfully, my calendar ismostly clear. I suspect that she and Beth had something to do with that fact, like they knewkindergarten drop-off would hit me hard. Hell, I didn’t even know it would, but I’m thankful there aremore than a few smart women in my life.

Presley has a busy day today, and so I barely see her after we arrive. She’s no longer the director ofoperations, she now runs the entire international operation, and she has, flawlessly, for two years now.

From my desk, I check her calendar and see that she has a lunch with her friend Bianca in a little while.Bianca got married last spring and is pregnant with her first baby—a little girl. Presley has been savingour girls’ hand-me-down clothes ever since the gender-reveal party.

My gaze slips past the meetings until I find what I’m looking for. We have a six o’clock dinner withPresley’s dad, Grandpa George, along with her brother, Michael, and his fiancé, Elijah.

My days before Presley came crashing into it were filled with work and parental obligations. But since Ifinally got my head out of my ass and accepted that she was part of my future—and that I did deserveto be loved—now my days are filled with family and laughter and so much love, I hardly recognize it.

“Knock-knock,” a familiar voice calls from the door.

“Hey. Come on in,” I say, glancing up to spot Oliver lingering at the threshold.

He’s a little more gun-shy about barging straight into my office without knocking, ever since that timelast year he caught me bending Presley over my desk. In our defense, it was after hours, and weassumed everyone was gone for the day. Thankfully, he didn’t catch a glimpse of anything more thanmy bare ass. Though I guess that was enough to traumatize him.

“Is it safe?” he jokes.

I roll my eyes. “’Course it is. What’s up?”

Oliver drops into the chair in front of my desk and shrugs. “Presley set up an eleven o’clock meeting onmy calendar saying that I was supposed to come check on you because today was the first day ofschool drop-off or something?”

I stifle a sigh. She has my entire staff in on this? I would complain, but sadly, they like her more thanthey like me. And Oliver’s totally a lost cause—he’s wrapped around her finger. Both he and Jess adoreher.

“I’m fine. Now go get back to work.”

Oliver stands to his feet, shaking his head. “Jeez. Touchy today.”

I grin at his retreating frame. “Thanks, Ollie.”

I’ve barely gotten through my next email when there’s someone else at my door. I hear the click ofheels and look up. It’s my lovely wife.

A smile lifts my lips as I watch her walk toward me. Bypassing the desk, she comes around behind itand slips into my lap.

I grin in surprise when she seats herself on top of me. “Hi there.”

“Hi.” She presses a quick kiss to my lips.

She’s not normally so touchy-feely at the office, and I can’t help but wonder if she’s checking on metoo. I’ll be honest, I don’t hate it.

“I’m okay, you know?” I raise one eyebrow at her.

She laughs. “I know you are. I just wanted to see if you needed anything before I head out to meetBianca.”

Tightening my arms around her, I hold her close, and Presley sighs. “Just you.”

She smiles, bringing her lips to mine again. “You have me.”

“Go have fun at lunch. I’ll just be here sulking, watching the clock.” I sigh for dramatic effect, and sheswats my chest.

“You’re a big baby. I told you I’ll make it up to you later.” She stands and adjusts my tie before shestarts toward the door.

“Best intern I ever hired,” I call to her retreating backside, and I hear Presley chuckle.

It’s the absolute truth. Although, to be fair, Presley was never just an intern. She was the woman whorocked my entire world from the first time I laid eyes on her. And now she’s mine.

Forever and always.

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