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His thumb rubbed my clit area and he moved in a circle, increasing my pleasure. I started to pant. Itried to move away from him, but his other hand gripped my waist, preventing me from escaping histouch as he continued to give me pleasure I couldn't deny.

Two fingers slipped inside me, and I let out a painful gasp, which turned into a pleasurable moan. Ibit down on my lip hard, trying to stop a loud moan.

He let out a chuckle. "You say you don't want me, but look how dripping wet you are for me."

He removed his fingers from me as his lips attacked my neck, placing wet kisses on it. He slowlymade his way down my body and stopped at my stomach, placing kisses on it.

He kept on leaving his marks all over my body-his mouth on my nipple while his hand grabbed myleft breast, pinching the nipple. He made his way lower, stopping at my core. I sucked in a deepbreath, trying to ignore the senses that jolted.

"Fuck, I love how your body responds to me." He gently blew on my clit, and the sensation mademe shiver with pleasure. "Just please stop," I begged.

He made a hmm sound instead before his lips met my clit. He licked my fold, causing me to shiverfrom the intensity. I hated it but loved it.

He licked my lower lips, and I tried moving my body again. I couldn't let him think I liked what hewas doing. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back. ๐˜ฏ๐‘ฃ.

"Tsk tsk tsk, where do you think you are going?" He laughed, and I could see he was enjoying it.

" Stop, please; I won't try to run away again. I promise." I yelled at him, hoping to reason with him.

He just continued. He started licking my clit harder, and I could feel myself getting closer tocumming. A loud moan accidentally slipped past my mouth, and I closed my eyes.

Damn, he probably heard that.

He quickened his pace even more and added a finger. I couldn't stop screaming, not sure if it wasbecause I was being touched in this way by a criminal or out of pleasure. I hated myself for feeling aslight bit of pleasure, but this emotion was new to me. He started pumping his finger in and out.

He withdrew his finger and started rubbing my core furiously. My legs parted automatically, givinghim more space. He pinched my clit , earning a moan from me.

I moaned in pleasure, though my mind was screaming like shit at me. My body just didn't listen, andI started crying silently. Sin kept on sucking harder and harder until he bit my clit , pulling them in thesame motion over and over again.

"Nikolai," I moaned, his name.

"Say my name again," he said huskily. Pleasure was rising inside me, and I couldn't make it stop.

"Say my name," he whispered again. I stayed silent, not reacting to his sinful touch.novelbin

He sucked on my clit harder and slipped his tongue into my core, making me gasp.

"Nikolai!" I exclaimed with delight.

When he rubbed my clit furiously, making me scream in pleasure, my wall constricted around histongue, and I was getting closer to climax. My body started to shiver as he rubbed my core.

"That's it, amore, come for me," he praised, and my body obeyed.

"Delicious," he murmured and got up to his feet, taking off his pants. Panic rose within me. I lookeddown to see a huge bulge in his boxers.

"Please don't," I pleaded. "I beg of you: please don't do this, Nikolai. I won't... I won't ever disobeyyou, I promise." I whimpered, begging him, hoping that this time he would heed my plea.

His movement stopped, and he looked at me. He was staring at my tear-stained face, filled withunreadable emotions. "And how am I to trust that you won't go against me?" I gulped, wetting mylips. My mind swirled with so many words, trying to look for an appropriate answer, anything to gethim to stop his unwanted assault on my body.

"I won't, I promise. Just please, don't... do this". I answered weakly after coming up with nothing tosay.

He tilted his head to the side, his gaze still on me. He stared deeply into my eyes, like he was tryingto deduce if I was lying or not.

My heart pondered against my chest, hoping for him to retreat, but when I saw his head dipping andcoming close to mine, I panicked in defeat, withering underneath his hold.

He moved his head close to mine. His lips brushed my lips before moving to my neck, leaving afeather-like kiss until he stopped at my ear.

"I'm letting you go tonight, not because I want to, but the thought of you begging for me to have youmakes it thrilling. Call me a sadistic bastard, but by the end of the week, I plan on making you cometo me. Desperate for me to have you."

"It's never going to happen." I snapped before I could stop myself, and his lips raised in a smirk,loving the challenge.

"Never say never, little temptress." He whispered. " Questo รจ un gioco che senza dubbio perderai(This is a game you will no doubt lose.)" He says in Italian before moving away from me, and Ibreathe out a breath of relief, watching him put on his clothes and give me one final look beforewalking out of the room.

With shaky breath and legs, I rose to my feet, walking towards the door and locking it, scared hemight change his mind and come back to finish what he started.

I forced my legs back to where the bed was, laying on it as I pulled the duvet over my naked body.My hands clapped over my lips, holding back the sob as the tears pooled in my eyes. I wasn't surehow long I cried. All I knew was that I cried till I was dizzy and, no doubt, cried myself to sleep.

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