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Chapter 2005

Jenson’s eagle-like pupils burst into rays of light when they spoke of hypnotism. He looked towardBaby Robbie, high in spirits as he asked him, "Say, who's better in hypnotism, me or MadamNephele?"

Baby Robbie was still as absent-minded as always when answering. "You'll know once you competewith her."novelbin

Jenson nodded while saying, "Great idea.”

He looked at Baby Robbie while harboring malicious intentions and called out to him gently,"Robbie?"

Baby Robbie looked up and saw a black shadow floating in front of him. It appeared to be a dragon-like creature at times, and occasionally, it shape-shifted into a wild goose... Baby Robbie asked inastonishment, "What are you?"

"Robbie..." A melodious female voice rang in Baby Robbie's ears.

"Who are you?" Baby Robbie narrowed his pupils, and his consciousness was gradually entering apsychedelic state.

"I'm a descendant of the Davis clan, and I'm here to ask you for something..." "Davis clan? Are youMadam Nephele?"

Jenson bewilderedly looked at Baby Robbie who seemed to have fallen into a dream space.Listening to his wild babbles, Jenson was confused.

He merely hypnotized Baby Robbie, yet he did not expect Baby Robbie to fall into MadamNephele's dream space.

"What do you want?" Baby Robbie asked in a mumble while squinting his eyes.

"A book." At this moment, Madam Nephele walked out from a bright ray of light and stood tall infront of Baby Robbie.

"Book? What book?" Baby Robbie looked at Madam Nephele in astonishment. When he sawMadam Nephele's body covered by the moonlight, Baby Robbie felt like he had woken up from adream.

"This is not right. You're not real."

Baby Robbie looked around and found that he was in a virtual space. There were no flowers ortrees, and his whole person was merely floating about in mid-air.

Baby Robbie thought hard and suddenly remembered something. "I was obviously with Jensearlier!"

Then, he cried out alarmingly all of a sudden, "That b* stard hypnotized me!" He immediatelyopened his dazzling and charming peach blossom eyes.

Jenson grabbed the jade pendant with his hand, and when Baby Robbie saw the jade pendant'speculiar shape, he exclaimed in surprise, "What is that?"

Jenson handed the pendant to Baby Robbie and sighed dejectedly. "Damn it. You woke up tooquickly. I t seems like my hypnotism is simply subpar compared to Madam Nephele's."

Baby Robbie had always admired Jens' talents.

Although he had no idea whether Jenson's hypnotism was superb or subpar, Baby Robbie still feltthat it was very remarkable.

"Jens, your hypnotism threw me into dream space within seconds. Hear this, I dreamed aboutMadam Nephele earlier, and she's looking for a book..."

Jenson was even more frustrated and spat out the words, "You remember your dream? It seemslike my hypnotism merely lasted for a short time. Plus, it didn't erase any of your memories. Mypower is simply child’s play compared to Madam Nephele's.”

Baby Robbie glanced at the currently dejected Jenson. Since he was a child, Jenson had been astudent with exceptional academic performance, and he would be first in everything, which was whyhe could be arrogant with everyone else. It was normal for him to feel a sense of disparity overlosing to a nobody like Madam Nephele when it came to hypnotism skills.

Baby Robbie patted his shoulder to comfort him, saying, "Oh, Jens, don't be so discouraged. Youcan’t always be savoring the joys of victories. Sometimes, you have to appreciate the taste of failureto enrich your life." 𝓂𝓃𝓿.𝓂

Jenson nodded, but his face still appeared gloomy.

At this moment, it seemed like Baby Robbie had not fully expressed himself yet and continued,"Crap. It's a pity I woke up halfway through the dream. Should I have asked Madam Nephele whatbook she was looking for?"

Jenson abruptly thought of something, and his facial expression became more profound.

"What's the matter with you?" Baby Robbie noticed Jenson's abnormality.

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