Son-In-Law Gets an Upgrade

Chapter 1260 Not A Liability
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Chapter 1260 Not A Liability

The old priest, trembling and unsteady, managed to rise from the ground. He walked over to the edgeof the rooftop and peered down, expecting to see a mangled corpse. To his surprise, Alex was stillalive.

From such a high vantage point, Alex and Megan looked like two black specks wrestling with eachother. One of them was particularly passive. The old priest was certain that the one getting a severebeating must be Alex.

It was then the old priest understood Alex’s plan. The words spoken by Alex earlier were merely a ployto lure Megan downstairs. He wasn’t a liability but rather a very clever young man.

Since the old priest had guessed what was on Alex’s mind, he couldn’t just stand by and watch as thatdemon killed Alex.

After judging the height of the sixteen floors, he determined he couldn’t leap down like Alex and Megan,even if his mystic power were extremely powerful.

“I think I’ll stick to the elevator!” said the old priest before he scurried off to descend.

The time was approaching midnight. For those living in the big city, the nightlife had just begun, sothere. were still some pedestrians on the street.

Goodness me, look at that! Are those two filming a movie?” A girl in a mini-skirt pointed at the location.of Alex and Megan to her companion as they passed by

“No way! There’s no one filming here, How could they possibly be shooting a movie?” another girlexclaimed.

The girl in the mini skirt tugged at her companion, exclaiming. “What on earth are they doing overthere! Let’s go check it out. There might be something fun happening!”

Even though Alex had jumped from the sixteenth floor, he was a grandmaster, so he wasn’t injured atall. However, the real challenge was the person before him, Megan.

He had just reached the bottom of the building when he was heavily beaten by Megan. If it weren’t forhis strong physique, he might have been dead by then.

When he saw Megan disappear from his sight once again, Alex knew she was about to launch another.attack on him.

“Thunder Palm!” Alex had no intention of sitting idly by. He launched his strongest attack directly behindhim. A massive illusory golden palm emerged, intertwined with the power of purple thunder andlightning.

After enduring so many hits from Megan, Alex had already figured out her pattern. He foresaw Meganwould definitely attack from behind, so he launched his offense in advance.novelbin

Sure enough, the Thunder Palm hit Megan, and the purple lightning proved to be very effective againstsuch evil entities.

Megan let out a heart-wrenching scream as the Thunder Palm erased some of the blackness on herbody.

Upon seeing that, Alex felt a surge of joy. Previously, he could not harm Megan while in the demon-trapping formation, possibly due to its special effects. Once he had emerged from the array, Meganwas no longer impossible for him to defeat.



The paralyzing effect from Thunder Palm’s purple lightning should prevent Megan from dodging.Hence, Alex wanted to continue his attack.

Yet, he underestimated Megan’s abilities. The Thunder Palm was his strongest attack, capable ofproducing quite impressive results. However, Megan only suffered minor injuries.

After all, she was not human to begin with, but a demon. Her wounds could heal themselves,essentially making her an immortal being.

Therefore, Alex missed his next strike, hitting nothing. Megan’s figure disappeared once again, and bythe time she reappeared, she was already on Alex’s right side.

Megan reached out and clawed at Alex’s arm directly. She was still holding a grudge because it wasAlex’s right hand that had struck her with a Thunder Palm, injuring her.

It was too late for Alex to dodge. Megan’s reaction was simply too swift. His right arm was nearly tornoff by her, and even though it wasn’t completely ripped off, a chunk of flesh was torn from his arm. 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Megan held that piece of meat in her hand, laughing heartily like a victorious warrior after a great battle.

“Hurry up and give me your tear. If you dare to resist now, you will surely die a miserable death,”Megan said coldly. She then took the piece of flesh she had torn from Alex’s arm and stuffed it into hermouth, chewing with an expression of enjoyment.

Her upper body was completely covered in red blood. Her originally innocent and adorable appearancehad become incredibly ferocious and terrifying.

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