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Chapter 1112

Xu Wei stared at this flame for a moment before letting out a laugh, “A Fire Attribute cultivator? What | fear the least is the FireAttribute!”

Saying so, a faint layer of mist appeared from the surface of his body and began spreading out in a seemingly endless series ofripples, as if a lake had instantly been formed around Xu Wei. These ripples overlapped and merged together to form a flexiblemass that contained a gentle yet potent force which Xu Wei fearlessly pushed forward to meet the Demonic Flame. Xu Weiwanted to completely extinguish the Demonic Flame then strangle Yang Kai to death as punishment for running his mouth amoment ago, letting this brat know just how great the gap between the two of them was.

As soon as he saw Xu Wei use his strength, Yang Kai realized that he was facing a Water Attribute cultivator. Yang Kai alsounderstood where Xu Wei extremely self-confidence was coming from. Since ancient times, water and fire had always beenincompatible. His strength obviously restrained Yang Kai's, and with the difference in cultivation, in Xu Wei’s opinion, if he couldnot win this confrontation, he would have spent his entire life cultivating in vain.

Xu Tian Ze and the remaining Saint Kings clearly understood Xu Wei’s background and bottom line, so they all just stood backwith their arms crossed, preparing to watch the good show as they directed looks of disdain towards Yang Kai.

In their opinion, Yang Kai would surely die as it was absolutely impossible for him to escape from Xu Wei’s water field. When thisexchange of blows was over, perhaps this kid wouldn’t even be left with a complete corpse.

Xu Wei was sneering, but Yang Kai was doing the same. Both of their eyes were filled with complete confidence, staring at theother as if they were a dead man.

As the water ripples surged forward though, the extremely hot Demonic Flames suddenly underwent a great mutation andbecame extremely cold. The spreading water ripples were instantly frozen and became completely fixed mid-air.

The sneer on Xu Wei's face went stiff as he stared blankly at the weird scene in front of him, unable to understand why thisstrength was actually being restrained by the flames. Although this flame was pitch-black and extremely eerie, in the end, it wasbeing displayed by a mere Third Order Saint.

How could it possibly stop his power from moving forward?

In that moment of absentmindedness, a shattering sound suddenly rang out, nearly frightening Xu Wei out of his wits. The frozenwaves of water suddenly burst into flames and were being consumed at an extremely rapid pace as the black flames spreadtowards him.

The pitch-black fireball that was constantly alternating between hot and cold; Yin and Yang, two auras that absolutely weren’tsupposed to coexist, slammed towards Xu Wei.

The Saint Qi barrier Xu Wei surrounding his body with failed to play any protective role, in fact, as he pushed his strength toresist this attack, it was as if he was pouring oil onto the flames, making them burn even more fiercely. Xu Wei was only able tocry out pitifully as his body was engulfed by these black flames.

Xu Wei fluttered about randomly as he displayed his Martial Skills and summoned his artefacts one after another in a panic as hetried to put out these flames. But all of this was to no avail as the black flames clung tenaciously to him, burning more brilliantlywith every passing moment.

Xu Wei opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out, as if even his voice was being consumed by the flames.Amere ten breaths later, Xu Wei fell from the sky like a burning fireball and hit the ground with a thud.Adisturbing stench of burnt flesh filled the air.

The eyes of everyone present bulged. Xu Tian Ze and the remaining three Saint King Realm cultivators had never even dreamedthat Yang Kai could be so terrifying, with just a Third Order Saint Realm cultivation, all it had taken was a single move for him tokill a First Order Saint King!

Just what were those black flames? How could they have rendered Xu Wei unable to even fight back?

Only now did everyone realize that Yang Kai had not been idly boasting before when he said that more than one or two SaintKings had died at his hand. With such astonishing methods at his disposal, killing a few Saint Kings would be absolutely noproblem.

Realizing this, the hearts of the two remaining First Order Saint Kings both pounded fiercely as they stared towards Yang Kai inutter horror. Their cultivations were similar to Xu Wei, possibly even worse than his, so if Yang Kai could kill Xu Wei in one move,killing them would be just as easy.

Suddenly facing a life or death crisis, both these men’s legs trembled as their stomachs twisted, neither of them able to moveforward or backward for a while, soon turning their eyes to the strongest member of their group for help.

This bald, middle-aged man had the highest cultivation amongst this group, but he was still just a Second-Order Saint King, onlya bit stronger than Xu Wei and the others. After witnessing the terrifying might of the Demonic Flames though, this man knewthat right now they should be escaping.

Because he had no confidence he could resist these strange black flames; these flames seemed like they were capable ofburning all creation, bringing an unimaginable despair to him.

“What are you all standing around gawking for? He killed Xu Wei! Fight! | want his corpse torn into ten thousand pieces! | wanthim to die like a dog!” Xu Tian Ze, who had the lowest cultivation of his group, suddenly jumped out and scolded. Although XuTian Ze was the Xu Family’s Young Master, his aptitude was truly pitiful. The Xu Family had used countless precious treasuresover the years purify his body and wash his marrow, but even so, he was still just a Third Order Saint.

Without any aptitude in the Martial Dao, Xu Tian Ze’s personality became twisted and he indulged in all kinds of debauchery.Wantonly abusing his status and the prestige of the Xu Family, no one in the surrounding region dared to provoke him, not tomention he was always escorted by four Saint King Realm guards. Besides colossal forces like Shadow Moon Hall, no onedared to move against him.

Yet suddenly, one of his guards had inexplicably died. Xu Tian Ze had failed to realize how tyrannical Yang Kai’s strength wasand only understood that he had lost face, prompting to immediately retaliate.

Listening to Xu Tian Ze’s shouting, all three Saint Kings present shot a difficult look, at this moment praying that their waste of aYoung Master would shut his smelly mouth! Could this idiot still not see that the three of them were no more than clay Buddhascrossing the river, unable to even protect themselves?

The bald middle-aged man suddenly yelled at the other two, “You should know what fate awaits you if the Young Master has anykind of accident!”

When they heard these words, the two men both wore looks of pure dread and immediately turned to Yang Kai, summoning alltheir defensive artefacts without saying a word and flying towards him.

One of them raised his hand and condensed a silver light the filled the surrounding region. This silver light hid a pointedmurderous intent and quickly flooded towards Yang Kai.

The other man stealthily appeared behind Yang Kai. A huge phantom tiger appeared above this man’s head and swiftly bittowards Yang Kai’s neck while simultaneously, the man stretched out his hand towards Yang Yan.

As long as they caught this woman, they would be able to use her as a bargaining chip to force Yang Kai to compromise.

Although this woman had a myriad of powerful artefacts, she didn’t understand how to fight at all and shouldn’t be too difficult tocatch.

These two men cooperated flawlessly and it was obvious this was not their first time fighting together. Both of them were quitefamiliar with each other’s strengths and movements. 𝐜𝗼𝐦𝐞𝐧𝗼𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝐦

Yang Kai stood in place, not moving, but just before the silver light engulfed his position, a halo of black flame appeared aroundhim, as if he had been lit on fire. This halo of flame, however, didn’t just surround Yang Kai, but also Yang Yan who was stillclinging onto his clothes at this moment.

When the silver light struck the Demonic Flame barrier, it was instantly incinerated. The cultivator who was rushing towards YangKai from the front saw this and was stunned, realizing he had greatly underestimated this young man’s ability and hurriedly triedto withdraw.novelbin

“You want to run?” Yang Kai sent out a punch that pounded directly onto the man’s chest.

Yang Kai’s punch directly blasted a hole into this Saint King Grade Low-Rank Artifact Armour, as if it was as fragile as paper, thenproceeded to crush the man’s torso in.

The man flew out like an arrow from a bow, the black Demonic Flames wrapping around him and his Artifact Armour, burningthem all to crisp before his body could even hit the ground.

At the same time Yang Kai's fist hit his first attacker, a pitiful scream rang out behind him.

The cultivator who wanted to capture Yang Yan to use her as a hostage had only just put his hand on her shoulder when YangKai’s Demonic Flame began burning his body.

The man rapidly took back his hand, but the Demonic Flame continued to spread up his arm at a frightening speed. Seeing this,the man decisively took out a sword and cut off his own arm.

He would rather lose an arm than allow the Demonic Flame to reach his body. Both of his companions had been burned to deathbefore his eyes, so he was well aware of how horrifying the Demonic Flame was.

After cutting off his arm, he wanted to immediately run away, but to his despair, another ball of black flame suddenly appeared infront of him and smashed into his face.

Both hot and cold force struck him,making him realize he had been hit.Clawing at his face with his oneremainin hand,tiyearah fed towipé away the black flames but allhis attempts proved futile and itwasn't long until his entire body wason fire and he was sent intoconvulsions. It was impossible forhim to survive. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Yang Kai turned his head towards a spot in the distance where the bald middle-aged man had run away with Xu Tian Ze whilehis two subordinates had sacrificed themselves. Xu Tian Ze, who was on his shoulder, was still yelling rabidly about making YangKai suffer and die.

Just as Yang Kai stepped out and was about to pursue this pair, something behind him held him back. It was only then that heremembered that Yang Yan was still clinging to his clothes, and from the resistance he just felt, it seemed like she was all herforce to hold onto him.

Looking back at her, Yang Kai suddenly found that Yang Yan’s face was extremely pale and mind was in chaos. Her tender bodywas shivering like a quail with nowhere to hide in winter.

“Yang Yan!” Yang Kai was frightened, thinking that Yang Yan had suffered some kind of secretive blow during the fight. Withoutany time to bother killing the last two, Yang Kai sent out a pulse of Spiritual Energy towards the bald middle-aged man and XuTian Ze’s direction before focusing on Yang Yan.

A faint blue light emanated from thewaist of Xu Tian Ze, offsetting someof the damage from the Yang KaiDivine Sense sills BueKen IO.Ti n.Zevinstantly passed out. Thebald middle-aged man spit out amouthful of blood as he felt like hishead was being pierced bythousands of needles, the pain sogreat that he was afraid hisKnowledge Sea would collapse andhis Soul would be destroyed. Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Readthe latest chapter there!

“How is that possible!” The bald middle-aged man cried out in terror.

He hadn't imagined that not only wasYang Kai's Saint Qi so frightening, buthis Spiritual Energy was just asoverbearing. He wag two rams’higher thah'Yang Kai, yet he hadalmost been instantly killed by him. Ifit wasn't for Xu Tian Ze’s Soul typeartefact which had resisted some ofthe force of this attack, the two ofthem might have really died then andthere. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Not daring to delay any further, the bald man hurriedly placed Xu Tian Ze on his shoulder and fled as quickly as possible.

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