Strings of Fate

Chapter 1123
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Chapter 1123

Upon hearing Tonya's statement, Mia raised an eyebrow in surprise.The mayor's grandson?

Was it what she suspected?

Observing Mia's puzzled expression, Tonya misinterpreted it as shock.

She immediately seized the opportunity to gloat. "See? You're taken aback, aren't you? | told you, revealing our identity woulddefinitely startle you."

Turning to Casey beside her, Mia inquired, "Is this new student named Asher Maynard?"Casey nodded affirmatively. "Yes, do you know him?"

Mia was struck by the coincidence. She looked at the arrogant Tonya and remarked, "Aren't you just a nanny? How dare youassume you can waltz in here and flaunt yourself?"

"Who do you think you're insulting? You know I'm associated with Mr. Shelbert's family, yet you dare speak to me like this?Clearly, you lack basic manners. Do you even have a man backing you since you talk so boldly?"

Without hesitation, Mia raised her hand and delivered a sharp slap on Tonya’s face.She glared at Tonya and quipped, "With that filthy mouth of yours, you should really consider keeping quiet."“How dare you slap me!"

“And why shouldn't I? If you're brave enough, have Mr. Shelbert come to me personally. Let him know that if anything happens tomy son, the Lane family will hold all of you accountable.”

After saying her piece, Mia exited the office. At that moment, her only concern was to see Sage and ensure he wasn't injured.In a state of shock, Tonya stared blankly at Casey. "Who is that woman, exactly?"

"She's Ms. Lane," Casey responded.

"| mean, is she part of the prestigious Lane family?"

Casey nodded. "Yes, she's the heiress of the Lane family, the wealthiest magnate in Nord City."

Tonya's legs weakened as she realized Mia's true identity. She hadn't expected her to come from such a powerful lineage. Thiswas indeed trouble.

As Mia walked toward the classroom, she spotted Sage sitting with Ginger. Sage was engrossed in a book while Ginger playedwith toys. Approaching them, Mia asked, "Sage, is there anywhere you feel uncomfortable?"

Upon seeing Mia, Ginger immediately stood up. "Mommy, it's not Sage's fault. The chubby kid started calling names first."Mia gently patted Ginger's head. "I know it's not Sage's fault.”

Lifting his head, Sage spoke calmly, "I'm not hurt. Uncle Nicholas taught me self-defense techniques at the research institute.""Yeah, Sage pinned the chubby kid down and gave him a good beating. It was so cool.”

Upon hearing Ginger's words, Mia felt a mixture of amusement and exasperation.

She had been concerned about the potential repercussions of Sage's scuffle, but it seemed she had been worryingunnecessarily. Glancing at Sage and Ginger, Mia said, "Well, I'm relieved that everything turned out okay. Could you tell me whyyou two ended up fighting?"

After all, Casey mentioned she couldn't determine the cause of the altercation.Sage hesitated briefly before responding, "It's nothing."

Mia turned to Ginger, who spoke indignantly, "That chubby kid was hurling insults at you, remember? Anyway, Sage couldn'tstand it, so he acted out. That chubby kid's mom is a mean lady."

Indeed, Ginger had encountered

Luna before and always harbored a strong dislike for her, particularlysince tuna had once nearly

interfered with Sage receiving 𝘯𝘷.

medical treatment.

As Mia contemplated this, she fellsilent for a meme ces started tosp the ease} Rind Asher'ssudden animosity toward Sage. Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Read

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It seemed evident that Asher had not been raised properly.

Addressing Sage and Ginger, Miaassured them, "| se itApWe You twon't nggto wiry about this. I'lltake care of it." The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestnovelbin

chapter there!

After ensuring her children weresafe, Mia left and headed back to the office. With Sage unharmed, the other matters could be easily resolved.Upon entering the office, Mia noticed Asher was present.

When Asher spotted her, his eyes

brimmed with Pan kek cnaailet SAM hostilféy Mra had witnessedduring their previous encounter. Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Read

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