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Chapter 1457

When Eva heard the servants inviting her, she was surprised for a moment. Before entering thevilla, she had already signed an agreement to separate herself from the owner. It had already beena while since they had dinner together, so why did they suddenly invite them over tonight?

Eva had no choice but to think too much into it. This must be Edwards Wayne's intentions, right?Could it be after he accidentally hugged her just now, Mr. Wayne had some thoughts about her? πœπ¨π¦πžπ—»π¨π―πžπ—Ή.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Otherwise, why would he invite her over for dinner?

Eva was secretly happy. Just as she was about to go over, she suddenly saw the clothes on herbody, and her mind spun.

No, she could not wear these clothes to go over. What if Lily saw her and thought too much? What ifshe guessed that she had ulterior motives and chased her out of here?

Eva still cared about this job, the salary was extremely high and it was satisfactory. Furthermore,living in this castleβ€”like building, she could only look at the beautiful scenery, where could she findsuch a good job? Most importantly, if she left here, she would never see Edwards Wayne again.

In the eyes of outsiders, Edwards Wayne had always been a legendary existence.

If Eva did not come here to work, she would not have been able to see him in her life.

Now that she had met him, Eva couldn't control her heart at all. The seed of love immediatelyblossomed and bloomed.

To not let Lily be suspicious, Eva still changed into a different set of clothes and went over, but shestill intentionally lowered her collar.

With Eva, there were also two other teachers, a young man and a middleβ€”aged woman who wererespectively teaching mathematics and painting. In the future, there would be even more types ofteachers that would be invited. Now their children were still young, so they didn't want to give themmuch pressure.

The table was filled with delicious dishes. As hosts, Lily and Edwards Wayne were very warm andpolite.

Edwards Wayne sat on the main seat, and the two little fellows sat next to him. With a teachercoming over, the two little ones stayed quiet and didn't act recklessly.

Old Garry waited on the side to serve them and helped them pour some red wine.

Lily asked Old Garry to sit down with them, but Old Garry refused. Lily knew that Old Garry wasdutiful, so she wouldn't make things difficult for him.

When Edwards Wayne saw Eva, he couldn't help but recall the awkwardness of recognizing thewrong person. He glanced at her but didn't expect her to tactfully change into a new set of clothes.

In truth, Edwards Wayne felt that Eva was smart. If she had worn that set of clothes, Lily wouldprobably feel uncomfortable.

Eva was very sensitive and noticed that Edwards Wayne was looking at her. She did not expressanything on her face, but she was extremely happy in her heart. She was right. He invited them forthe sake of seeing her.

They were talking about the children during the meal. It was mostly Lily asking questions. EdwardsWayne listened to her and occasionally echoed his words, giving off the feeling that Lily hadcompletely taken charge of this family's affairs.

After dinner, the three teachers went back to rest.

Eva reluctantly returned to her room. Tonight, she could have a beautiful dream.

Lily and Edwards Wayne brought the children to walk around the garden.

"Daddy, Mummy, when can we go see uncle's little sister? I want to hug her! " Emma immediatelyasked with anticipation.

Edwards Wayne smiled warmly, "In two days, Uncle will bring little sister over for dinner, and you willbe able to see her."

"Can I hold her? She must be very small! " Emma asked happily.

Edwards Wayne nodded his head, "It should be fine, as long as uncle agrees."

George lowered his head and walked forward, occasionally kicking a small stone with his foot,looking depressed.

"George, why aren't you saying anything?" Lily noticed that her son seemed to be sad, andimmediately asked out of curiosity.

"Mummy, uncle already has a little daughter. When are you going to give birth to a little sister for meand Emma to play with?" George raised his head and asked her.

Lily and Edwards Wayne could not help but look at each other.

"That's right, Daddy, have you never kissed Mummy before? Otherwise, you would have had a babya long time ago!" Emma immediately blinked her large black eyes and asked in a childish voice.

Edwards Wayne and Lily were both amused by their daughter's naive question.

However, they did not dare to explain the problem between adults in front of a child.

"George, Emma, if you guys have a younger sister, you should take good care of her!" Lilyimmediately smiled and said.

Emma quickly shouted, "I will take out all of my toys and share them with her!"

"I will protect her and not let anyone bully her!" George hurriedly expressed his determination.

Edwards Wayne immediately patted his son's head gently: "Alright, you are a man!"

Lily bent down and kissed her son.

The Batts family!

Gabriel Addison angrily ran to the Batts family's gate. He strongly slammed the door, and shouted:"Beverly Batts, come out, come out!"

Amanda Addison ran down the stairs quickly and said anxiously: "Mom, Daddy is here. He is callingfor you from outside. You should quickly go take a look."

"What's there to look at? He must be doing it for that damned girl. Hmph, she is also a daughter.He's so biased, he's going to be punished by the God!" Beverly Batts was furious and resentful atthe same time. Even her eyes had turned red.

The old lady from the Batts family woke up from her nap and also came downstairs with a face fullof anger: "What is Gabriel Addison making a fuss about? This is our place! Hurry up and kick himout!"

Beverly Batts immediately walked out with an ashen face. Opening the door, she held a golf club inher hand and smashed it towards Gabriel Addison. Gabriel Addison was not in time to dodge, andhis forehead was struck and bled profusely.

"Mom, how can you hit dad!" Amanda Addison was stunned. She had seen her parents argue buthad never seen them fight. Ever since she was young, her father had always been very tolerant.novelbin

Beverly Batts was also shocked. She was just so angry that she smashed down on him. She did notexpect that Gabriel Addison would not even have the time to dodge, and got smashed into.

"Beverly Batts, your Batts family has guts. Bullying a little girl is shameful!" Gabriel Addison heldonto his injured forehead and bellowed angrily.

"I knew you would come for that bastard. That's right, we are bullying her. What can you do for me?"Beverly Batts sneered.

"Dad and mom, can't you stop arguing? Can't you just calm down for a bit?" Amanda Addison criedin anger at the side.

"Amanda, go back. Don't interrupt!" Beverly Batts immediately said to her daughter.

"How can I not care? Our family has already become like this. If I don't care, we will becomeenemies!" As a child, Amanda Addison was still very uneasy. If she knew earlier that things wouldturn out like this, she wouldn't have gone to snatch Leo William for her selfish desire. Now that shedidn't get the man and scattered her family, it wouldn't even be worth it.

Gabriel Addison looked at the sturdy lady in front of him. He knew that what he did would be awaste. He would not be able to get anything from her. However, when he heard what Mary Ann'sassistant said, he was extremely angry.

"Beverly Batts, I'm warning you, don't look for trouble with her anymore. If you have any anger,charge at me. Don't target innocent people anymore!" Gabriel Addison said with a darkened face.

"I don't want to. Gabriel Addison, you hurt me. How can I let you go?! I'll make you pay!" BeverlyBatts said complacently.

"I regret marrying you the most!" Gabriel Addison finally said these words.

Beverly Batts' entire body trembled. She was completely stunned. Her heart hurt the most becauseof those words, causing her to instantly want to cry.

"We have been together for more than twenty years. Now you say that you regret. Gabriel Addison,have you never loved me?" Beverly Batts was still unwilling. She was doted on and held by GabrielAddison before. She thought it was love, but it was just the responsibility and duty a husbandshould fulfill. It had nothing to do with love.

Gabriel Addison did not answer and turned to leave.

"Come back, Gabriel Addison, come back to me, tell me!" Beverly Batts chased after him as tearsrolled down her cheeks.

Amanda Addison froze at the side with her face full of sorrow.

Just as Beverly Batts was squatting on the ground and crying bitterly with her hands over her face,not far away, in a carriage, Sister May sneered: "Here's the chance!"

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