Supreme Mars

Chapter 1398 The End
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Chapter 1398 The End

Leo was stunned. He also wanted to donate Ariella's ten million. After all, he was not short of money.

Queen Alyssa added, “Mr. Cohen, in a few days, I will put her ten million dollars to you , and you go to

make an orphanage, just name it Ariella Orphanage of Love. But one problem is that, what if the

Spencer family come?"

Leo pondered for a moment and said, "I also have ten million dollars here that was hers. When she

died, she gave me twenty million dollars and I use half of the money to take for investment. If the

Spencer family does come, there is no use. They have no proof, as long as you and I don't say

anything, there is nothing they can do."

Queen Alyssa giggled out loud and said, "If you and I don't say anything, there is nothing they can do.

Mr. Cohen, have you opened a martial arts school?"

Leo laughed, "Yes, I run a martial arts school, I will show you around when we return." cᴏᴍenᴏvel.cᴏᴍ

Queen Alyssa smiled, "Okay, Mr. Cohen."

Leo frowned and suddenly asked, "Queen Alyssa, I have a question for you."

Seeing Leo's melancholy face, Queen Alyssa giggled in her heart, so she asked, "What is it?"

Leo sighed and asked in a piteous voice, "Why did Ariella not undergo the surgery when she was

checked early for a cancer?"

Queen Alyssa's face turned ugly and then tears fell down her cheeks as she sobbed, "Originally, she

would have gone for the operation, but the doctor first told her to abort the child in her belly, otherwise

the operation could not be done, and even if the child was not aborted, the child would be dangerous.

After technical identification, the child in Ariella's belly was a boy."

"She began to disagree, but the doctor said, even if you give birth, the child would have a tumor.

Besides, the various drugs to treat cancer will do harm to the birth of the child. Instead of getting both

the adult and child into trouble, it is better to make a decision at once. "

"Ariella really had no choice. She had to abort the child. At that moment, she cried for a day and a

night. Even though she usually looked strong , but she was very weak in her heart, so she stopped the

treatment, because she said, she had to go to the underworld to take care of the baby."

At this point, Queen Alyssa bawled her eyes out.

Her cry was hoarse and piteous. How could she not mourn herself? After all, she herself and Leo had a

child, but unfortunately it had been miscarried.

Whose child it was, only Ariella and herself knew in this world.

She dared not tell Leo about it, but buried it in her heart and rotted it in her stomach.

Leo was stunned and his eyes were melancholy. Then they turned red and crimson.

And then both of them did not speak, silent all the way.

When Leo drove the car to Peach Blossom Island, Leo was stunned to see Sharon standing outside

the gate, carrying a large pile of things in her hands.

Her face had once been beaten and deformed by Dominic

But now it was as beautiful as before again, and it was getting prettier and prettier.

Sharon had a terrified look on her face.

She was wearing a white fur, jeans and horse shoes, and her figure was tingling.

Leo was overjoyed. He immediately parked his car. With a smile on his face and his hands in his

pockets, he walked over in style.

Sharon was stunned, then lost her voice and shouted, "Leo!"

With that, she dropped the things in her hands and flung herself into Leo's arms and bawled.

After a long time, Leo couldn't help but drop tears from his eyes as she cried.

Queen Alyssa also got down from the car and she watched in silence.


Half a long time later, Sharon stopped crying and she laughed with tears all over her eyes, "Leo, will I

be ugly?"

Leo laughed, "No, you're getting prettier and prettier. By the way, you're not here to visit Ariella's grave,

are you?"

Sharon laughed, "Yes, I know she went to die and know that she is buried here."

Leo asked in a gaze of confusion, "Where do you live now? I don't know where you are after you were

discharged from the hospital."

Sharon sighed, "After I was discharged from the hospital, I went abroad for a cosmetic surgery, and it

was Ariella who gave me the money at that time.

Then I married abroad, to a businessman.

Leo laughed, "Bless you! I'm I’m so happy about that. How is your husband treating you?"novelbin

Sharon smiled, "He treats me very well, and we already have a child. We love each other very much."

The three of them then went into the courtyard and helped Ariella sweep her grave and did some

superstitious things.


That night, Leo treated the two with great hospitality at the hotel

The next day, both Sharon and Queen Alyssa boarded a plane to return home.

A few days later, Queen Alyssa did call Leo and put ten million dollars to him, and Leo immediately

planned the orphanage.

A year later, Ariella's orphanage was finally ready, with a sign that read, "Ariella Orphanage of Love."

As expected, the Spencer family approached Leo and questioned whether all of Ariella's money had

been taken to make the orphanage.

Leo laughed and said, "No, it's just because she loved children when she was alive, so we took her

name when we were done."

When the Spence family heard this, there was nothing they could do. After all, there was no evidence

and they never asked about it again.

After Leo made the orphanage ready, he handed it over to the local government to manage.


The following year, Lydia gave birth to a boy and Leo was so happy that Leo himself named him Miller


Miller Cohen was very cute with big eyes.

Emilia also grew up, with a tall figure and a pretty face, as well as a very deep attainment in martial


So she was asked to be Cecil’s assistant.

Cecil's wife, Erin, who was even more remarkable. She finally gave birth to twins. The twins were boys,

and made Cecil happy by smiling at everyone and plucking happy cigarettes.

The following year, on Qingming Festival.

Leo and Lydia came to burn incense at Karl's grave.

Lydia knelt on the ground and cried.

Leo burned paper at the side.

When the worship was done, Leo sighed and asked, "Honey, do you hate me for killing your father?

Everything was your father's fault."

Lydia twitched her nose and said quietly, "It's a lie to say I don't hate you. Of course I hate you , but I'm

also afraid of losing you. both are my family, I can only stand the pain."

At this time, Lydia's mother came. When she heard Leo say this, she sighed and said quietly, "Karl is

not wrong. There is no right or wrong, just you have different goals and standpoints."

Leo immediately called out, "Mom, you're here."

Lydia also called out, "Mom, you're here."

"Well, I've also come to visit him. I hope he is happy and joyful in the next life!"

After saying that, she also began to wash up the incense paper.

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