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Chapter 1033

"| felt horrible because | knew exactly what he would do," Alex said.

β€œAlex, remember what we talked about?" an older man with grey hair said as he leaned back in a comfortable chair.Alex sighed. "Shang is me. | am Shang," Alex repeated in a bored and practiced tone.

"Yes," the older man said. "Even though you two have been split into two, you were still the same person before that."

"There are instances where there are actually multiple people living in the same mind, body, and soul, but that was not the casefor you."

"Whatever Shang was doing was also your doing. You can't just push all responsibility on Shang's shoulders."

Alex sighed once again. "I get that, but itjust doesn't feel like it. After all, | couldn't imagine doing these things. That's not who |

am."It's not who you are, but it's partially who you were," the older man answered.

"Maybe it's easier to accept that you were Shang in the past when remembering that you are no longer connected to Shang inthe present. After all, | fixed the incomplete parts of your Spirit. You are now fully your own person."

Alex nodded again. "Maybe," he said with uncertainty.Silence."When can | leave?" Alex asked.

"| already told you," the older man said as he leaned forward in his chair, "after you've finished your mandatory course for long-term happiness."

"The Gravitas Mental Health Clinic has treated Sextillions of Immortals, Gods, and Heaven Breakers.We know what we are doing, and we know what kind of problems nearly all immortal beings go through.""The most common problem is setting power as your goal instead of as a means to an end."

"In your case, it's revenge and regret. Your hatred for Shang is too strong."

"| believe taking your revenge would be in your best interest, but first, you have to achieve a mindset that will allow your mind toheal after revenge. If you don't have that, you will only feel empty."

Alex sighed again. "I get it. All of this is for my best."

The older man nodded.

"Mr. Bauer, how is the Archivist doing?" Alex asked.

"Pretty well," the older man said with a chuckle.

β€œHe recently reached the Immortal King Realm."

When Alex heard that, he had to sigh again.

He also wished that he could exit Aterium and enter an actually functional Cosmos.But first, he had to finish his therapy.

When Alex had received the Gravitas' business card from the shadow, he had followed the instructions on it and called someone.Sometime later, Mr. Bauer appeared in Aterium.

After talking for a bit, Mr. Bauer told Alex where he actually was and what Aterium was.It turned out that Aterium was a Cosmos, but an incomplete one.

Cosmoses were essentially huge balls of Mana, which was actually called Energy.

The Energy was surrounded by a force called Balance, which had the ability to separate Energy from Entropy, which wasactually called Death.

The unending force of Destruction was called Brutality, and the infinite Brutality outside the Cosmoses was called the PrimalChaos.

The Primal Chaos was endless, and only Heaven Breakers could survive in it without dying.Based on the density of Energy of Aterium, Alex was about five major Realms below a Heaven Breaker.

Usually, Cosmoses were connected to other Cosmoses, but due to a certain reason, Aterium wasn't connected to the otherCosmoses.

Alex had thought that he would never find out why all of this had happened, but Mr. Bauer simply turned back time and looked atwhat had happened.

Apparently, someone in the God Realm, which was the Realm Alex was currently in, had managed to learn quite a bit aboutBalance and Energy, and they had decided to create their own Cosmos.

However, their power was far too weak to actually create a fully functional Cosmos, and their will was destroyed by the PrimalChaos.

They had essentially created a completely isolated space with Energy but with no way of gathering more Energy.Usually, Cosmoses pulled in Energy through the silver wall, which acted as a filter.But that simply didn't work here.

The silver wall in Aterium was literally an almost impenetrable barrier, and it didn't have the ability to filter the Energy out of thePrimal Chaos.

This had created this weak and non-functional Cosmos, which had been randomly drifting in the Primal Chaos.No one would have ever found Aterium.That was if Alex's inner conflict hadn't summoned a Gate of Death.

Apparently, there was some kind of issue with Death, and Gates of Death appeared in front of "worthy" people in differentCosmoses.

But, apparently, that wouldn't even solve anything since the "seat was already occupied".

It was basicallyjust a dumb and useless instinct that destroyed worlds for no reason or goal.

Someone was dealing with the Gates of Death across all the Cosmoses, and Alex had seen that person.It had been the silver shadow.

Without the Gate of Death, Alex would still be stuck in an eternity of hopelessness.

Naturally, after Mr. Bauer had looked at the creation of this peculiar Cosmos, he had simply integrated it into his own Cosmos.

Aterium was now part of a vastly bigger Cosmos that was trillions of times bigger.And best of all, the Energy in the Cosmos was increasing instead of decreasing.Aterium was integrated as a "Higher World" in this Cosmos, and the Energy in Aterium was multiplied manyfold.novelbin 𝓂𝓃𝓋.𝓂

By now, many Gods appeared in the world, and when they did, they would ascend to the next world, where they could meetother Gods and become even stronger.

The horrible finality of Aterium had ended.

Naturally, Mr. Bauer had also cut the connection between Alex and Aterium, making Alex a fully autonomous person again.And after Alex finished his therapy, he would be allowed to start from the beginning again in one of Mr. Bauer's lower worlds.There, he would finally have the opportunity to grow all the way into becoming a Heaven Breaker.

And then, Alex could search for Shang and take his revenge!

According to Mr. Bauer, Shang was still alive and on his way to a Cosmos, but it would still take about five million years until hearrived there.

Additionally, Shang had apparently also found a way to become even stronger during his travels.

Alex was happy when he heard that.

Since Shang was still alive, Alex could kill him with his own hands!

He couldn't wait to start hisjourney to power again!

β€œOkay, how did you feel when you knew that you were about to kill yourfriend, Jerald?" Mr. Bauer asked.Alex took a deep breath.

But first, he had to finish his therapy.

Creator's Thought"

Acouple hundred chapters ago, people went "Man, | wonder how he will redeem him."

Then, people went "This Character is not getting redeemed."


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