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Chapter 554

Chapter 0554 As the music started up, people were moving the tables around so the dance floor could be larger than the little square that was open. This causes us to move to one of the standing tables against the wall. Which, I was perfectly fine with. Alec had pushed me against the wall and I was more or less sandwiched between all the alphas.

Every Luna had followed my lead and kept their backs to the wall. However, standing was really starting to hurt my ankle.

"1s there a side room we can slip into for a private meeting?" Jace leaned over and asked Colt.


> I "He will be okay." I whispered to her.

Emily looked at me and gave me a small smile. "I know. After hearing what Ann did to you, I just am really uncomfortable." "Me too." I said as Alec looked back at me. His eyes looked down at my ankle before he turned around. He was quietly talking to Colt but they weren't taking their eyes off Ann.

Emily reached out and tapped Alec on the shoulder. As soon as he made eye contact with him, she motioned him to come closer. "Lars found a room. He wants us to go to him. Go out the doors and to the left. Just a ways down"

Alec nodded and leaned back to Colt.

After the message got passed around, we started filing out. Alec wrapped his arm around my waist and then gently took Emily by the arm. We went before Colt and Penny. Jace and Echo were the last. 𝘯𝑣.

Emily was guiding us down the hall.

She was moving so fast that I almost had to run. Still, Alec didn't let her go until he passed her off to Lars.

I briefly caught the, 'thank you' Lars said before Alec pushed me in the room. Moving to the center, Alec pulled up a chair and forced me to sit down.

As everyone gathered around, he bent down and started examining it. I haven't looked at it yet so when I saw the swelling, I was a little concerned.

"Did she re-break it?" Colt asked.

"Think so. It must not have been fully I healed and when you rolled it, it made it flare up." Carefully, Alec took off my heels before he stood up.

"I want to leave." I said firmly as I looked up at Colt and Alec.

"We will be. Very soon." Colt's wolf flashed before his eyes.novelbin

"What the fuck?" Alec growled at Colt.

It was enough that all the Luna's backed away. Carson and Hank stepped in.

"Whoa!" Carson looked between them.

"I don't know man! Her body was in pieces! Don't forget who I am. I'm just as upset as you. Do you honestly think I would lie about that!" Colt puffed up as he was pissed off from Alec's aggression.

"Alec." 1 said, softly. Reaching out, I took his hand in mine. "You know as well as I do that Colt wouldn't do that." I said in the mind-link. I have sent going to call him out.

"What is happening?" Jace asked.

Alec and Colt just looked at each other.

So, I answered the question. "Ann was in Colt's cells. After dad... when Colt took over, he put her in the cells and she was suppose to spend the last of her days there. When we had that rogue attack, they got into the cells. A female body was torn up and we assumed it was Ann. It was the right cell. They burned her and everything.

Now, Ann shows up here. Anthony had to of gotten her out and put another woman there. He has to be behind all this." "This got messy." Lars shook his head.

"We good?" Carson asked as he slapped Alec on the chest.

"Fine." Alec shook Carson off and walked away. He put his hand on top of his head and took a moment to himself.

"How did you break your ankle?" Hank asked.

I opened my mouth to speak but Colt beat me to it. "Her jeep was attacked. It appeared to be rogues but Ice swears it wasn't and now I'm inclined to agree." "She almost fucking died!" Alec growled. "I'm going to kill them." Sighing, I got up and limped over to I him. Wrapping my arms around him, I felt him start to relax. "But I didn't die.

We will figure this out the same way we did before." It took a few more minutes but he finally calmed down e and we walked back over to the group.

Before I could sit down, the door opened.

"There you guys are!" Anthony walked in, with Ann on his arm.

"A family reunion." She smirked.

Colt walked around to stand on the other side of me and Emily moved all the other Luna's to the back. It was literally Carson, Hank, Jace, Lars, Colt, Alec and me against him. "You have some explaining to do." I said -____instantly. No way in hell was I going to be silenced.

"You haven't figured it out yet? I thought you were a genius or something." Anthony laughed as Aston and Kathryn walked in the room. He stood beside Anthony but Kathryn looked worried.

"T just want to hear how you betrayed us from your own lips." My wolf was making her appearance now.

"Let's cut to the chase, we are mates and marked. There isn't anything you can do to her. On me." "We are officially cutting ties with you." Alec said with impressive restraint.

"Me too." Colt said.

"Actually, we all are cutting ties. What a disgrace." Hank shook his head.

"We assumed so. However, we don't need your alliance anyways." Anthony shrugged.

Penny walked up to Colt. "We are leaving." "I don't want you bring down.

my party. We were going to kick you v.e out anyways. However, you will be hearing from us soon." Ann looked me up and down before she turned her back to us and walked out.

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