Thanks for Giving Me Light

Chapter 15: Not Allowed
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Chapter 15: Not Allowed

"No." His tone was firm, and the bottom of his eyes touched an imperceptible feeling.

"Why not?" She looked at him and the gloom in her eyes became more and more obvious.

"Because we will always be together!"

"Nathan, you are really annoying. Why do you make me cry?"

His eyes were torn and painful, and so was the patch of the temple, as if a needle was stabbing him.Punctured the lock in his heart, and those memories could no longer be closed, all of them grew out ofhis mind.

Joyce’s smiling face was youthful, beautiful and simple. These years, he never allowed himself to thinkabout her. Every time he thought of her, it was the back of her vicious departure.

Joyce, what tricks are you playing this time? Do you want to leave me, then you can do everything youwant?

You can't imagine, this time, I will never let you succeed!

The big hand who grasped the steering wheel tightened subconsciously, and he stepped on the throttlemore vigorously.

The black car was like a free arrow, running forward uncontrollably.

There was a sharp whistle of the car in his ear. πœπ¨π—Ίπžπ—»π¨π―πžπ₯.πœπ¨π—Ί

As soon as Nathan looked up, he saw a large truck crashing into him. His pupils tightened sharply, andhis big blue-and-white hands rushed to the steering wheel.

But everything was in vain.

With a tremendous roar, his black car fell headlong towards the truck.

"Joyce ..." I won't let you go even if I die.

With a loud bang, the airbag bounced high.

His face was full of blood, but there was a radian of satisfaction on his lips. His eyes blinked, andeventually his consciousness sank into darkness.


"What are you talking about? A traffic accident!"

"In which hospital?"

"Well, I'll be right here."

Rose hung up the phone, and she started the car in a hurry and ran towards the hospital.

Surrounded by an indestructible fog, mist, layer after layer.

Nathan was walking through the mist, his chest was pressed by a huge stone, which made him


"Joyce Swift, come out!"

Why do you leave first every time? again and again?

His eyes were red at the bottom, and his dark eyes were gloomy beyond restraint.

Suddenly there was a light and shadow in the mist, and the stars shook in front of him. The bottom ofhis red eyes suddenly drew a sharp dark ray, and he chased it out.

Not far away stood a girl in a white dress with a tall ponytail.

She was grinning at him, a pair of beautiful apricot eyes became a crescent moon.


She called his name when the wind blew, raising her white skirt and dark hair.

"Joyce ! I know you would not die so easily."

You haven’t pay me back yet!

He breathed slowly, the hands fell on both sides of the body consciously clenched into fists, blue andwhite veins on the back of the hand.

"I'll see you for the last time. Nathan, goodbye!

The girl's sweet smile suddenly drifted away, and she turned away abruptly.

His heart suddenly emptied, as if someone had sprayed a dense needle in the air, every breath wouldmake his heart and lungs fester into mud.

"Who wants to see you the last time, who allows you to say goodbye, I order you to take back yourgoodbye!"

An irrepressible anger flooded into his heart, and the unbearable pain pulled him out of the mist.


In the white ward, Nathan suddenly opened his eyes.

The angry voice burst out from the tearing teeth and instantly broke the silence in the room.

"Nathan, you wake up! You've slept seven days and seven nights, which really frightens me. RoseAcheson rose abruptly beside the hospital bed, but her pale face could hardly hide her surprise. Therewas a transparent liquid gathering slowly at the bottom of her red eyes.

Nathan looked at her, and there were a few seconds of dismay in his dark eyes. Then the pupilsuddenly enlarged. He suddenly got up half straight from the hospital bed and stretched out his hand topull her hand. He could not take into account the pain from the needle on his arm: "What about Joyceand that bastard?"

The bottom of his eyes was red, and the bottom of his dark eyes was bloody and rainy.

Rose frowned slightly, half-lowered her eyelids, quickly scratched a trace of hatred at the bottom of hereyes, and then raised her head with a dizzy sad expression on her face: "It's a pity that they were badlyinjured when they were brought to the hospital. The doctor has done his best... The Swift family hascremated the remains of their mother and son, and the funeral will be held in two days. Nathan, don'tbe too sad." novelbin

Sad? Why should he be sad? He wanted her to die, didn't he?

But what was the damn pain in his heart for?

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