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Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813

Thinking of the video she left before she died, saying that she would forget him for the rest of her life,

forever forget him, the mist in Matty's eyes quietly dampened his eye sockets.

"Your grandmother always refused to wait for me. If she had been willing, your mother would have

been very happy..."

Sophia said she liked her daughter the most, so she sent her daughter away, not only to protect her

daughter, but also to retaliate against him.

Matty thought carefully, and there was only this one reason why she would tell him in the video that she

only gave birth to two pups.

After all, her whole life was spent competing with him. From the first meeting, she was competing with


"I think Sophia shouldn't just be angry enough to send her own pup away because you remated. Is

there another reason?"

"There is."

Taya thought he would deny it, but he nodded unexpectedly. "I hurt her first love." He didn't reveal too

much, but Taya grasped the key information from it. "Who was her first love?"

Matty's sharp eyes clouded over. "A despicable person."

Taya wanted to ask more, but Matty interrupted her and changed the subject.

She stared at Matty's not-so-good-looking face, and after a moment of silence, continued to ask. "You

intervened, so Sophia should hate you more than love you, right?"

Matty saw that she was being a bit forceful, but he didn't get angry, just smiled and nodded. "You could

say that."

"Then how did she have pups with you?"

Matty sat up straight, staring at Taya's puzzled eyes. "This is a question of first love and later love. You

should be able to relate to it."

Taya knew what he was implying, and her face also darkened, but Matty continued. "Everyone will love

several people in their lifetime, it's just a matter of who they love the most."

At this point, Matty looked meaningfully at Taya. "You love Griffon the most, so you're willing to have

pups for him, and Sophia is the same."novelbin

Taya's thoughts were seen through, and she didn't argue with Matty. "I don't know the specifics of what

happened between you and Sophia, and you don't know the specifics of what happened between me

and Griffon, so don't make this comparison."

Thinking of Griffon, Matty thought of the man lying in the biohazard area, nearly dying several times

from infected wounds, and couldn't help but frown, but he didn't tell Taya the truth.

"Everyone has their own story, I won't judge your past, and you shouldn't judge mine. Let's talk about ๐’„๐’๐™ซ.๐’„

whether you'll come home with me or not."

"I won't." Taya's answer was decisive.

Matty looked at Taya for a long time, then spoke again. "I know you have opinions about me, but if I

had a chance to start over, I would definitely not choose the second option, I would definitely mate her

at all costs."

At this point, Matty thought of Sumasa, who died of starvation on the street, and a rare look of

heartache appeared in his aged eyes. "That way, your mother wouldn't have ended up like that, and

you and your sister..."

Matty paused, reached out, grabbed Taya's hand, and covered it with his hand, gently patting it. "Taya,

I'm late, and I've let you suffer for so many years."

With so much said, just this one sentence made Taya's eyes gradually turn red.

Matty tightened his grip on her hand, and earnestly urged her. "Go home with your grandfather, and let

me make it up to you for the rest of my life."

This statement made Taya raise her eyes.

The old man sitting in front of her, with white hair and wrinkles all over, was obviously of a certain age.

It seemed that Matty was trying to make up for his regrets about Sophia through the pups. Content

belongs to Draะผa?ovะตls.cะพะผ

He took good care of his other two sons, but he was late for Sumasa.

The old man felt guilty and wanted to make up for his love for Sumasa through her pups.

Taya understood very well the old man's purpose in wanting to take her home, but Canada was so far


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