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Chapter 1523

"Um, well..." Donovan stuttered. He was glancing nervously between Lysander and Alaric and wasunable to string his words together coherently. He definitely didn't have the nerve to bet withLysander.

Lysander's wealth was leagues beyond his own - he was just a humble manager, not in a position togamble away his savings.

Lysander, with a look of disdain, briefly turned his deep-set gaze towards Alaric and said, "Do youthink everyone's as keen on betting over everything as you are?"

Alaric's lips twitched, "Fine, you guys watch the game. I'm off to ride with Ethan."

Alaric cast a longing glance at Lysander's legs.

If only Lysander wasn't confined to a wheelchair, they could have witnessed his impressivehorsemanship.

Unfortunately, with Lysander's current condition, that spectacle was off the table.

Alaric and Ethan headed towards the racetrack, with David wheeling Lysander in the samedirection. Politely turning back, David invited Donovan, "Donovan, care to join us?"

"Oh, yes, of course..." Donovan, flattered by the invitation, hurriedly grabbed his briefcase and gotup.

At the racecourse.

Hertha picked out a lean horse and changed into her riding gear. Striking a pose in front ofThalassa, she asked, "Thalassa, do I look cool or what in this outfit?"

"Absolutely dashing," Thalassa chuckled and nodded.

"Ha, I thought so too. Growing up, I always admired those heroic knights on their steeds in themovies. Now it's finally my turn," Hertha said with a beaming smile.

"Just be careful. Safety first," Thalassa reminded her yet again.

"Got it, I'll be careful," Hertha assured her, then approached her horse.novelbin ᴄᴏmᴇɴᴏvᴇl.ᴄᴏm

Following the staff's demonstration, she successfully mounted the horse. With a gentle flick of thereins, the horse took off.

The moment the horse started moving, Hertha leaned back dramatically.

"Hertha!" Thalassa's heart skipped a beat in fright.

Thankfully, in the next moment, Hertha regained her balance, sat upright, and started to guide thehorse with the reins in her hand.

Seeing her become more comfortable with the reins, Thalassa's heart finally settled down.

"You and Hertha must share a deep bond," a deep, magnetic voice commented from behind.

Thalassa, who had just calmed down, tensed up again. Turning around, she saw Lysander in hiswheelchair, pushed by David.

Noticing Thalassa's attention, David let go of the handle and nodded slightly towards her beforemoving away, leaving Lysander and Thalassa some space.

Back when Lysander was unconscious, there wasn't a moment Thalassa didn't wish for him to wakeup. Now that he was awake, seeing him brought a sudden sense of unfamiliarity and tension.

"Hertha and I have been through thick and thin together, so of course we're close," Thalassareplied, her heartbeat quickening at Lysander's question.

"Would you consider those three years as we going through thick and thin?" Lysander's deep gazefixed on Thalassa as he suddenly asked.

The moment Alaric had mentioned his grandfather's interference, Lysander understood. The truthwas, Thalassa had been the one by his side for those three years. It was Thalassa who had caredfor him, not Rosalind!

"When will you and Rosalind decide to get married? Let me know. I'll make sure to attend,"Thalassa said, her heart pounding even harder at his question, but she fought to keep her emotionsin check. She needed to stay clear-headed to avoid falling too deep.

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