The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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    Chapter 1 introduces the protagonist, Corinne Carew, who is attending a matchmaking session with a middle-aged man. The man condescendingly tells her to quit her job, take care of him, and give birth to a son. Corinne’s stepmother arranged the meeting, hoping she would marry the man. However, Corinne finds the man repulsive and disapproves of his attitude.

    During their conversation, the man insults Corinne’s appearance and remarks on her height. Corinne challenges his statement by pointing out that he doesn’t even know the height of a tall man. To prove her point, she approaches a tall man in the café and kisses him, much to the anger of the middle-aged man.

    As Corinne tries to leave, the tall man grabs her wrist and confronts her for kissing him without his consent. Corinne realizes that the man is incredibly handsome and possesses an air of danger. The tall man’s assistant informs him that their planned engagement with another woman, Sophia, had been disrupted due to bad weather. In a sudden turn of events, the tall man, Jeremy Holden, decides to replace Sophia with Corinne, much to her confusion and concern.

    Corinne protests, stating that she shouldn’t be held responsible for kissing Jeremy. However, Jeremy insists that she should take responsibility, and Corinne is swiftly escorted into a luxury car by Jeremy’s men. The scene then shifts to Lunar Century Manor, where Jeremy’s engagement banquet is taking place. Corinne is brought to the stage, shocking the attendees who were expecting a different, more suitable partner for Jeremy. The chapter ends with Corinne realizing that she has been forced into an engagement with Jeremy...

    Read The Day I Kissed An Older Man novel by Cher the Cherished full chapter at

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