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Lucas did not dare admit that he actually did not know Melody's tolerance for alcohol. He did not know Melody would get drunk and disoriented with just one glass of champagne. Melody laid on the bed with flushed cheeks; she looked somewhat uncomfortable.

Beatrice advised Lucas not to go back downstairs. "Just stay here and take care of Melody. Your grandfather and I can handle the rest."

Lucas got up to escort Beatrice out, feeling somewhat concerned. "You two are getting older. I'll take care of her for a while, and if everything's okay, I'll go back downstairs."

Beatrice waved her hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. Just stay here."

To put it nicely, the guests that night needed to be entertained by Beatrice and Cedric. To put it less politely, aside from a few close friends, they were not particularly interested in mingling with the others. A small matter like that was not something they could not handle.

Lucas felt reassured by Beatrice's words. Before long, the old lady arranged for some sobering soup to be sent up.

Lynette instructed Lucas to feed Melody the soup. "Otherwise, she'll end up with a headache even after waking up."

Thalia watched them from downstairs. Seeing the two of them going back upstairs, she could not resist following them up. Quinn, however, stopped her.

"What are you planning to do by

going to their room right now,

Thalia? It's not that I'm stopping you,

but think about it. You're in the Riveras' house. If anything goes wrong, Qld Missus Rivera's

impression of you will worsen you really think Lucas will choose to be with you then? You can't rush things, especially not now. Today is Old Missus Rivera's birthday. Consider how many people are here. Causing any trouble will only ruin the fun for everyone."

She was earnestly advising Thalia because she was her friend. Even though their perspectives differed, she still wanted to advise Thalia not to do anything irreparable.

Thalia's face darkened. "What do

you mean? Didn't we agree earlier? You go find your man, I'll go find Lucas. What business is it of yours when I do it? Not only are you not helping me, but you're also trying to stop me now. Have you forgotten that you've agreed to help me in the first place?" 𝒄𝒏𝙫.𝒄

Quinn's expression darkened. Even though she was dependable on her care, that was not Thalia's reason to mock her.

Thalia scoffed and crossed her arms. "Do you think you're someone special? If it weren't for me taking you in, you'd probably be wandering around Molomia by now. Don't try to lecture me from a moral high ground. Nobody can stop me from doing what I want."

As Thalia turned to leave, Quinn reached out and grabbed her arm.

"Did you really think I genuinely

wanted to stop you? I came here

with you today, so I just don't want I you to drag me down with you. Besides, you're not that different from me. If it weren't for your sister saving Lucas' life back then, do you think you'd be here now? Contentnovelbin

Thalia hated it when people brought up the events of the past. Indeed, if her sister had not saved Lucas' life, Thalia would not have everything she had.

However, that was her family's affair. It was not for others to use it to criticize her.

"So what? I've long known how jealous you are of me, but it was my sister who saved him, not your relative. You're just jealous," Thalia retorted. "I'm jealous of you?" Quinn scoffed.

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