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Chapter 2989

"Why you!" Leon's expression darkened when he saw the Southern Boss charging toward Iris. π—°π—Όπ—Ίπ—²π—»π—Όπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝗰𝗼𝗺

He knew what the Southern Boss intended to do. If he paused his attack against the Southern Boss, Iris would be captured. However, if he continued to attack, the Southern Boss's attack may harm or even kill Iris.

This was something he could not bear to allow to happen.

"Leon, just ignore me!" Iris gritted her teeth and revealed the Cuff of Doom in her hand.

She swung it and a powerful stream of true energy in the Intermediate Almighty State was sent toward the Southern Boss.

After making constant sacrifices to it, Leon accumulated three strikes within the Cuff of Doom and handed it to Iris for her protection.

Since the Cuff of Doom could only wield power in the Intermediate Almighty State, it was hardly as powerful compared to the Southern Boss.

Because of that, Iris knew the Cuff of Doom would not work on the Southern Boss and she did not have the chance to use it earlier.

However, it was now or never, so she could only gamble to see if the Cuff of Doom could cancel out most of the Southern Boss's attack.

Perhaps she would be able to survive or at least buy time for Leon that way.


Following a deafening sound, the Southern Boss's attack clashed with the one launched from the Cuff of Doom.

The Southern Boss's attack overpowered it and its aftermath surged toward Iris.

Seeing as the Southern Boss's attack was being countered, Leon decisively gave up on his pursuit of the Southern Boss.

He strode forward and maximized the speed of his Phantom Steps. Within a blink of an eye, he appeared before Iris and took the hit with his Mirror of Sovereign.

"Southern Boss, die!" He then launched the Hurricane Break.

Countless streams of spiritual energy rose from his palms and merged into a gigantic hurricane that swarmed toward the Southern Boss.

This attack was launched in a hurry and Leon did not exert kis fulb m strength so this Hurricane Break could not compare to the one before.

Still, it was more than enough to take the Southern Boss down.

On top of that, the range of Hurricane Break was wide and there was nowhere for the Southern Boss to run.

"No!" The Southern Boss was terrified and backed away from the powerful attack.

However, all routes he could use to escape were blocked and no matter how hard he tried, he could not get away and was eventually sucked into the center of the hurricane.


The Southern Boss let out a wail and his body was torn into shreds by the Hurricane. With that, his sinful life ended.

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