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Chapter 300

"Mr. Mondez, there's a huge group of people outside! We can't… keep them back…"

"Get out of my way! Albert Mondez, where are you? Give me back my money, or I'll destroy yourhousehold!"

"Hmph, I can't believe you tried to steal the Rufford family's money! Do you wish to die?"

A group of people fiercely pushed their way in before the security guard could say anything else. Thisgroup of people were aggressive, and the look in their eyes was as though they could swallow a personwhole.

Albert was not fazed, but instead, his head cooled when he saw this group of people. novelbin

Things can't get any worse than this, can it?

"Kind sirs, I agree, I'm at fault. The Mondez family has no money to repay you, but you can divide ourproperty among you, and if you want my life… take it."

"Don't think that we'll let you go just because of your words. Don't worry; we'll take all three!" The headof the Rufford family scoffed.

The other people around him did not say anything, but their expressions mirrored his.

"Hehe, take it all…" Albert snickered, and then took something out of his right pocket.

The people around him were shocked when they saw him pull out a gun. The bodyguards of thosepeople immediately stood in front of their charges.

"The Mondez family… is done for." Albert said in the midst of despair. He raised the gun to his head.

'Bang' 𝒄𝒏𝙫.𝒄

"Boss, you took him too lightly. We can't just leave empty-handed!"

"There's still Jaylen Mondez!"

Jaylen Mondez was the one who contributed more to the pain Jacob felt! Everything started from him,so how could he let him go now?

"Don't tell me you don't know where he is." Gerald said sinisterly, while giving Jerry a look.

"Of course I do! This is the man our boss asked me to follow! He is on a plane to Northern Region.What do you say, Boss? Are we going to stop him? Oh right, he is on a private plane; it's only him andhis companions…"

"Let's go." Jacob nodded.

Half an hour later, on a private plane to Northern Region.

"Albert, when are we coming back to Central Federation? I've heard that Northern Region is muchrougher than Central Federation." A woman dressed scantily leaned on Jaylen, and asked seductively.

"Yeah Albert, we left everything in Paramount because of you, you can't just abandon us now…"Another woman dressed similarly said while feeding Jaylen grapes.

"Hmph, we'll return sooner than you think. Even rubbish like Jacob can return from the outer districts.Of course, I can return! And I'll definitely be stronger than him then!" Jaylen said wildly and fiercelynipped the woman's fingers.

"Return? You're thinking too much."

"Jacob Lynch!" Jaylen jumped at the sound of Jacob's voice; the two women beside him fell to the floorin a thump.

"How… How are you here?" Jaylen looked to his left and right and realized that they bodyguards on theplane were gone.

"I can't not send you off." Jacob snickered.

I can finally end my eight-year grudge today.

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