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Kat could clearly feel that Soren was after her with that request for a love ballad, and it really irked her.

Eder, the bar owner, scowled right then. "What, are you refusing a customer's request? Are you tryingto ruin my bar's reputation?!"

"No, no, of course not." Lily quickly smiled apologetically. "We'll sing."

As she spoke, she turned to Kat with a pleading look. "Please..."

Kat frowned in annoyance but sighed. "Fine. Whatever."

"Wait!" the pudgy man from earlier bellowed as he stood up. "Two hundred grand for My Heart Will GoOn!"

"Two hundred grand?!" Everyone in the bar gasped.

That amount of money for a single request was just ridiculous!

"Hah!" The pudgy man looked around smugly, still holding on to his pretty companion. "Who else wantsto make a bid?"

"Five hundred grand," Soren stood up again as he raised, shooting the pudgy man a look of disdain.

"Five hundred grand? Shit, the guy's crazy," the pudgy man grumbled as he sat down in shock.

While it was utterly crazy that anyone would make a single song request by paying 500 grand, no onechallenged Soren just then.

"A love ballad it is. I'll just pretend I'm singing to Master Lawrence," Kat grumbled under her breath onstage.

Lily heard it and smiled exasperatedly.


They were just starting when Willy finally spoke from the front row, beckoning nonchalantly, "Myrequest is I Wanna Be Your Slave."



Willy's song request left everyone in the bar speechless.

However, he was sneering as he held up a finger, silencing the crowd as he said, "My tip will be onemillion."

"Shit, who's the man throwing in a mil?!"

"A million bucks for one song? Am I hearing him right?" ๐œ๐—ผ๐ฆ๐ž๐ง๐—ผ๐ฏ๐ž๐ฅ.๐œ๐—ผ๐ฆ

"You heard right, and I Wanna Be Your Slave at that... Heh."

"Having a girl band sing it tooโ€”that's just sick."

As the crowd below the stage started to whisper among themselves, Kat strode past Lily on stage.

Straightforward as ever, she glared at the grinning Willy as she snapped, "I Wanna Be Your Slave?! Idon't know a single word! Go to some seedy joint if you like that song so much!"

"Is that how you speak to the guests?!"

Eder, the bar owner, strode out and bellowed at Kat right in the face. "He's rewarding you with a milliondollars! You'd better think about itโ€”a million! You'd be getting over a hundred grand each even if youhave to split it! So what if the lyrics are a little cheeky? It's no skin off your backโ€”or are you so keen tosee my business fall apart?!"

Eder's threat left The Spades trading glances awkwardly.

"I-I don't know the song." Lily stepped forward with a chagrined smile. "Would you mind naminganother song, sir?"

She could already see that the young man was the person in charge of the media company coming toassess them and refrained from being too rude.

"You don't know the song? Well, I can teach you."novelbin

Willy did not seem upset at all, even grinning as he beckoned to her. "Come here. Let's have a drinktogether before I give you my. instruction. Once I'm done, you'll sing amazingly."

The Spades were left scowlingโ€”they certainly understood what Willy was getting at.

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