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Frank snapped at the Turnbull blackguards coolly, "You were sent here, so you should be doing the Turnbulls' bidding as told. I don't care what prejudice you hold against me, but my plan is the best in this situation. So unless you have a better plan, shut up and do as you're told!"

While Frank's attitude drew much shouts of disapproval from the Turnbull blackguards, Jet was holding his gaze and said firmly, "I believe Mr. Lawrence's plan makes sense in this situation. We have the numbers, and splitting up makes searching easier."


"No buts," Jet snapped, his brow easing as he said quietly, "This address is close from here. The sooner we secure evidence, the sooner we'll be able to assist Mr. Lawrence."

Turning to level an impassive stare at Frank, he asked, "Right?"

"Right." Frank nodded.

"Good. Let's move!" Jet waved, and all the Turnbull blackguards hurried to the address Frank provided.

Frank himself hurried to Jundo Showtown.

Meanwhile, Vicky had arrived outside Jundo Showtown after Clarity told her to go there alone if she wanted to save her father.

She never told Glen where she was going, only bringing five of the best Turnbull blackguards and heading to Jundo Showtown post haste.

It was the Soranos' turf, and a place of vices.

As soon as Vicky arrived, a waiter who appeared to have been waiting approached her, leading her to the elevator that took her down to the first basement level.

Once the door opened, she was repulsed both physically and mentally as she found herself staring at a grand masquerade ball.

Naturally, it was a ball only in name-in reality, it was an occasion where the rich and powerful took off their clothes and usual facade, under the anonymity behind their masks.novelbin

There was no sanity or morals to speak of here. Pink lights overhead illuminated the worst of humanity with crowds cheering the scantily dressed women dancing on the stage, all of them intoxicated with alcohol.

Sif Lionheart had two handsome men in each arm, and her eyes lit up when she saw Vicky step out of the elevator.

"Hahaha... You really came! Bring her to me!" she promptly bellowed at the Lionheart bodyguards around her. ᴄᴏᴍᴇɴᴏvᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

Even after Vicky was dragged there and forced to kneel, it took her some effort to recognize the person in the dimly lit room. "Sif?!"

"Hahaha... Didn't expect this, did

you?!" Sif laughed. "I spent a fortune

just to have Blackrock pass my message, and you had to fall for such a simple trick. Tut, tut... You really are the best daughter @father could ask for!"

"What do you want?!" Vicky snapped indignantly.

"What do I want?" Sif giggled, pushing off the men in her way and strode up to Vicky, brandishing a switchblade around Vicky's cheeks. "To repay your family's kind

hospitality, of course! I wonder what Frank Lawrence would think now that you're in my hands."

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Sif!" Vicky snapped defiantly. "Our blackguards will be here soon!"

"Blackguards? Oh, right! I was told some maggots tried to sneak in, but my men dealt with them."

Sif clapped her hands, and several corpses were thrown out of the elevator.

Vicky paled when she saw that they were the Turnbull blackguards she brought, only for Sif to notice them and dispose of them so quickly!

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