The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President

Chapter 18: Has No Intention to Stop
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Chapter 18: Has No Intention to Stop

Hearing the sound, Austin suddenly trembled and slowly turned around.

Seeing Lucas's cold face and he was standing behind him, Austin picked up his eyebrows and he didn'texpect that he was here.

The surrounding air seemed to condense all of a sudden, and even those who looking on were scared.

These two can be the famous childe of Shengjing City, one of the best, both of them were handsomeand powerful, and both of them were the God's favored one, but now, they became the opponentbecause of a woman right now.

"These two people are so handsome, he is my type." novelbin

"It seems that because of the woman, they had a dispute."

The people next to them kept talking, and their eyesight constantly cast toward the direction of Evelyn .

Evelyn was naturally anxious.

But it seemed that the two men didn't let her deal with this matter at all.

The eyes of one of them were cold and revealing a dangerous signal.

The lovely charming eyes of the other one were half narrowed, and he was not afraid at all.

However, in one second, they have already used their eyes to confront a few times. There was still aninvisible smoke that faintly flew between the two people.

However, it can be seen that Lucas's momentum was stronger, and there was still a slight intolerancebetween the eyebrows.

"It's Mr. Hawk indeed."

Finally, Austin moved his eyes first and smiled ironically. "Are you finally willing to come back? I thoughtthat you are going to let Nora live in widowhood forever."

He put his hands in his pockets, and his lips were slightly curved.

It was a blatant provocation, and the smell of gunpowder was between the two people.

All the people could not help but step back a few steps, even the manager of the mall who had justarrived did not dare to go forward.

No matter what he was going to do was wrong.

However, he was curious that for what kind of woman, even the two would fight today.

Lucas glanced at Evelyn and smiled coldly at Austin. "Since she is my wife, even if I let her live alone inHawk family for a lifetime, others can't control it!"

His every step made people shiver. Then he said word by word: "It's Mr. Wilson , I didn't expect you willare interest in my wife. If it is spread out, will the reputation of the Wilson family be thrown on theground?"

He looked calm and pressed the fire in his heart and his eyes which looked at Austin was filled withcontempt.

"I don't care the reputation at all."

Austin seemed to be irritated by him at once, and the hand on one side was clenched so tight and hetried his best to control himself.

"Mr. Hawk, I tell you, Nora is a good girl! Those who don't cherish her, don't deserve to be with her!"

Gazing at Lucas, he did not give up.

Evelyn felt something wrong, can you guys stop this, okay ?

She looked around and nervously looked at Lucas, for fear that she would make him angry.

She didn't expect that Lucas suddenly smiled, the tone was easy and he said, "Is it? Mr. Wilson.Thanksfor your remind, I will treat her better in the future!!!"

His voice was very brisk, but he grasped Evelyn's wrist very hard.

Evelyn was caught by him, and she could only stumble and follow him.

Lucas's steps were very wide, and Evelyn can hardly keep up.

She did want him slow down, but she could feel the dangerous air. She was so scared that she couldn'tbreathe and could only speed herself up.

No one knew that just after they went out of the mall, Lucas threw her hand away.

His cool and handsome face was gloomy. When he was looking at Evelyn, it seemed that he wanted totear her apart.

Evelyn stepped back, and she felt that something was wrong.

She couldn't help but hope that the driver would come over quickly. When they went back, she mustfind a chance to explain it to him.

Otherwise, there will be hard time for her.

She was really miserable because of the bastard Austin.

But she didn't expect that when the car just came over, Lucas plugged her in without saying anything,and told the driver, "Send Mistress back!"

"Yes!" The driver didn't dare to refute him, especially the boss seemed very unhappy.

Evelyn opened the window of the car and just wanted to say a few words to Lucas.

He already got into the other car next to her and rushed out as soon as he stepped on the gas pedal. π—°π¨π—Ίπ—²π§π¨π˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝗰𝐨𝗺

Looking at the car, Evelyn couldn't help but sigh, this time even if she jumped into the Yellow River, shecould never wash herself clean.

This Nora was really good at making troubles for her.

The driver was very obedient and sent Evelyn directly back to the house.

Evelyn originally thought that she would go out and hang around for a while, but she returned home inadvance.

She suddenly became a big idler who had nothing to do.

Anyway, the time belonged to herself, the life of the wife who had married with a rich man was probablyas same as her.

Evelyn browsed the web page for a while and saw a few interesting news.

After downloading a few small games and playing them for a while, she stretched and found that it wasalready dark.

"It's time for dinner again!" She stood up and went downstairs for a meal.

Dinner was based on her usual taste, but had a little adjustment, it was still simple and exquisite.

After Evelyn finished eating the meal, she slowly went upstairs and took a hot bath.

When all things were done, she felt that her heart was a little empty.

Then she was in her pajamas went to the balcony and looked at the twinkling night scenes of the skyalone. The unhappiness was suddenly disappeared which was caused by Austin.

Looking at the beautiful scenery in front of her, she suddenly felt that she wanted to draw something.

Fortunately, there were ready-made drawing boards at home, and she asked the servants to find them.

Directly put the drawing board on the balcony under the night sky.

She painted all of her emotions on the board, and those unspeakable secrets seemed to vent alongthese lines. The picture was full of unspeakable moods.

She was immersive when she was painting.

She was tired, she rubbed her face and muttered, "I'm really sleepy!"

She moved slowly into the bedroom, just about to close the door and rest.

The door was suddenly opened from the outside.

"Are you coming back?" Evelyn just walked a few steps to him and smelled a strong wine.

Seeing that Lucas was so drunk, Evelyn wanted to help him sit down.

Before she came near him, he had already stumbled in front of her, and he pressed Evelyn on the bedwithout saying anything...

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