The Guardian's Sword

Chapter 2640
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Chapter 2640


Chapter 2640

��Even if you haven't stepped into the legendary Transcendence Realm yet, you're already capable enough to overpower mostmartial artists! Mr.

Lennon, you've possessed such strength at your age. You'll surely enter that legendary realm one day!" Adam exclaimed.

He had practiced diligently day after day for decades, yet he was only a Beginner Great Grandmaster. Even so, he was one ofthe most talented martial artists among several generations of Greendom Chapel members. However, that talent was as differentas night and day compared to Sean.

Sean was now only in his 20s, yet he already possessed the strength to rival the supreme priest who had passed away.There were no other people as strong as Sean in the entire Dragon Kingdom.

��Alright, stop flattering me. I'll have someone transfer 500 million to you later. You can use it to improve Greendom Chapel'scurrent situation. When the time comes, I'll accompany you to meet that man from Melode Cathedral," Sean said with a smile ashe shook his head.

Adam's expression instantly changed as he asked solemnly, "Mr. Lennon, are you serious?" "Of course. It's just 500 million. Doyou have to be so surprised?��

Sean chuckled and added, "If members of the martial arts world knew that a Great Grandmaster like you showed such anexpression just for 500 million, I'm afraid many people would find it funny."

However, Adam nodded with a nonchalant smile and replied, "Money used to mean nothing to me too. But with the drasticchanges lately, | realized that money is useful. Even though I'm a Great Grandmaster, what can | do? | can't use my abilities toseize and plunder, can I? Haven't you seen me resorting to swindling just to make ends meet? Oh..."

His sigh filled with fatigue and helplessness. A dignified Great Grandmaster had ended up in such a state for money.

��Aren't you afraid of tarnishing your reputation? The items here aren't even worth 500 dollars in total. How much do you want tosell them for?" Sean asked with a chuckle.

Adam mysteriously replied, "Mr. Lennon. To be honest, I've been running this stall for three months now, and the most expensivething I've sold made me 10 thousand dollars! The guy spent 10 thousand on something from me, and he acted like he got a greatdeal! But don't worry, Mr. Lennon. | also have principles. | only swindle the rich. Ten thousand probably means nothing to them."

Sean nodded with a smile.

Although Adam resorted to swindlingfor money, at least he did notcompletely abandon his principles.However, as a Great Grandmaster, hecould probably earivhGntreds ofmillidns Sr ven billions in just oneday if he were truly willing to doanything for money. After all, GreatGrandmasters were scarcethroughout Dragon Kingdom. IfAdam spread the news that he wasavailable for hire, plenty of peoplewould be willing to pay even tens ofbillions to hire him. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

"Would you like to follow me to Greendom Chapel, Mr. Lennon?" Adam asked.

However, Sean shook his head with asmile. "| still have unfinishedbusiness to attend to. I'll vi ito mGreend hapel ��et ChaplainAbel another time when | have thechance. If you have nothing else todo, give me your bank accountnumber and you can leave. I'll havethe money wired to you later." Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Readthe latest chapter there!


Adam shook his head. "I have nothingelse to do anyway, so I'll wexeliildyou for a strall. Youre Grnfideab eata oui � troublemakers, but| can still help you solve someissues." The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

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