The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 545 The End (2)
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Chapter 545 The End (2)


"You are stupid, but unfortunately, she never loved you."

William smiled bitterly again, "I know, she likes Kaleb, but Kaleb loves Miss Meyer. Susan is just apawn that he uses to avenge."

"Ophelia?" Mrs. Hoyle was still surprised when she heard the name she didn't want to mention, "What'sthe matter with Ophelia?"

"To be precise, it was Ophelia Meyer in prison who used the feelings that Kaleb showed to her everytime he visited her in the prison, and used Ellison Geve's ambition for Angel, to revenge on you."

William’s words made Olive Steele suddenly feel emotional. In this world, no matter the good or thebad, they were all desperate for love.

Kent Bai squinted at Alan Hoyle's sullen face, "Unexpectedly, the woman was still not obedient in jail."

"This white-eyed wolf." It took a long time for Mrs. Hoyle to squeeze these words from her throat. Shelooked at the cold breath exuding her son's body, and suddenly understood why Ophelia Meyercouldn't get her son's heart even if she grew up with him. "Alan, whatever you have to do with thatwoman, Mom will no longer stop you."

"Old lady, you should have been like this." Kent Bai laughed, and then kicked William. "As for you, don'tkneel here anymore. Susan must take care of herself. However, I can give you a chance."novelbin

"What's the matter?" There was a little doubt on the depressed face, and hope flashed through at thesame time.

But soon, he was desperate.

Kent Bai said, "Since you are willing to go to hell with her, then I will satisfy you."

Alan Hoyle didn't object to this, but coldly asked the person at the door to drag him away.

There was momentary silence in the ward, only the old lady's sigh was heard.

After a long time, Olive Steele couldn't help but ask, "You guys, don't you really return like for like?"

It was a more cruel punishment than death, but think about it, this was the ending of their own blame, itseemed not so worthy of sympathy.

Alan Hoyle gently placed his palm on her belly, "Those are not things you have to worry about. Themost important thing for you now is to take care of your body and give birth to our babies."

Olive Steele smiled softly, "Don't worry, they are stronger than me."

"Mummy!" When the door suddenly opened, a little figure flew in a panic, and plunged into the arms ofOlive Steele, almost crying out, "Mummy, I am afraid of losing you."

"It's alright."

The hospital bed was surrounded in an instant, and the pale faces of the couple from Steele familywere full of worries.

Chloe Malan slapped Olive Steele on the shoulder, "Woman, you almost scared me to death."

Olive Steele found her eyes showed a little red.

Dave Chou smiled and said, "Who is Olive Steele? Mr. Hoyle's wife! who dares to touch his wife? Don'tworry!"

It's Ivy who just said lightly, "That is ok if you have no trouble."

This ward was very lively, and because of Alan Hoyle's identity, no doctor or nurse dared to come andask them to be quiet.

While the excitement continued, two figures lingered at the door, seeming to want to get closer, butthey didn't dare to get too close, afraid of rejection.

Alan Hoyle saw this, smiled slightly, and leaned over to Olive Steele's ear, "The truth has been told tothem."

Olive Steele tilted her head slightly, seeing the joyful and helpless look of the Geve couple, she smiled,and leaned over to Annie's ear, saying something.

Annie nodded, and ran towards the Geve couple. She raised her head and called out, "Grandpa,grandma."

The Geve couple were shocked, and their hearts were surrounded by immense joy. They raised theirheads and saw the daughter on the hospital bed smiling to them tolerantly.

All the embarrassment became invisible.

"Hey!" The two replied with joy.

However, the old lady who was on the side interrupted the touching scene with a very discordant voiceat this moment, "Annie, what about me?"

Annie smiled and yelled sweetly, "Grandma."

"Old lady, you can also be jealous." Norton Geve was dissatisfied."You don't recognize our Olive Steeleas your daughter-in-law, why do you rob my granddaughter?"

"I recognize her now! You should be embarrassed. Because you gave birth to our Olive Steele but notto raise."

Norton Geve was choked.

"I... I was forced to do it for a reason. Olive Steele doesn't care about it. You were so vicious to mydaughter. I haven't settled accounts with you."

Olive Steele stroked her forehead, the days after this could be lively.

However, it seemed pretty good.

Chloe Malan frowned and leaned sideways to her ear, "This old witch, when did she begin to be kind toyou and fight for you?"

Olive Steele said nothing.

Chinese Valentine's Day of this year , a century wedding was held at Angel Hotel.

It was on this day that Olive Steele decided that the two children in her belly would follow Hoyle's familyname and Geve's family name respectively.

This time, Mrs. Hoyle did not object.

Since the kidnapping incident, the old lady seemed to be a little more tolerant. She was even no longerso acrimonious towards Chloe Malan.

In short, Olive Steele felt very happy.𝗰𝗼𝐦𝗲𝗻𝗼𝐯𝗲𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝐦

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