The Kiss that Sparked it All

The Kiss that Sparked it All

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    Ellinor Mendoza is set up on a blind date by her stepmother with a middle-aged man who turns out to be obnoxious and demands that if they get married, she should quit her job, take care of him, and have a baby boy within a year. Ellinor rejects his advances and gets up to leave, but not before kissing a tall and handsome stranger in the coffee shop to prove her point.

    Later, it is revealed that the stranger is Theo Blanchet, who is under pressure from his grandfather to get married and have an engagement party. His original fiancée, Sophia, cannot make it, and when Theo’s assistant suggests finding a replacement, Ellinor, still held by Theo, impatiently asks to be let go. Theo, intrigued by her audacity, decides to have her replace Sophia. Despite initial objections, Ellinor finds herself being taken away by Theo’s men to the engagement party.

    At the lavish engagement party, the guests speculate about who the lucky and elegant fiancée will be, but to their surprise, Theo presents Ellinor as his fiancée. She feels nervous and helpless, acknowledging that she did wrong by kissing him without consent, but she never imagined he would go to such lengths to involve her in an engagement. The story leaves off with an unexpected twist as Ellinor faces the consequences of her bold actions....

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