The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning

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    The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming novel full chapter at Artist: Madelyn Jent, Zach Jardin... Genre: Sweet Love

    On Valentine’s Day, Madelyn Jent, a 31-year-old cancer patient, was alone in a hospital room, desperately texting her estranged husband, Zach Jardin, who had become distant from her. Madelyn was in the advanced stages of cancer, suffering from immense physical and emotional pain. The nurse assigned to her had stopped coming, deeming further treatment unnecessary.

    Madelyn’s love for Zach was the only thing that had kept her going, but as that love faded, she felt abandoned and betrayed by those around her. She believed that Zach would be relieved when she passed away, freeing him to marry Cecilia Samford.

    Eight months earlier, on Zach’s birthday, he had sent his assistant with divorce papers, citing the need for an heir to the Jardin Corporation. Madelyn’s damaged uterus made her unable to conceive, leading to their divorce. Cecilia, Zach’s assistant, became his new partner, and their bond grew stronger over the years.

    Madelyn reluctantly signed the divorce agreement, received a substantial settlement, and was banned from Ventropolis. A week later, she received her cancer diagnosis.

    On Valentine’s Day, as fireworks lit up the sky, Madelyn saw a large screen showing Zach and Cecilia with their child. They announced their wedding, and Madelyn’s heart broke. She regretted ever loving Zach and wished for a chance to start over. As the snow fell outside, Madelyn’s spirit left the world, departing in the midst of the dazzling celebration of Zach and Cecilia’s union....

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