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Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328

Liam was standing in the rain, and though it hadn't been long, he was thoroughly drenched.

Blake quickly pulled him close, her voice laced with concern. "Are you crazy? It's pouring rain! What if

you catch a cold?"

Liam's look was subdued, his face showing signs of fatigue. "I'm okay. This is for you; I didn't want you

to have to come out in this weather."

As Blake took in his forlorn appearance, her heart softened suddenly. 'Am I losing my mind?' she


"Now you'll have to pay more attention to me, Blake... I was just so scared of losing you. I've put

everything I have into getting you to agree to marry me; the idea of you walking away is unbearable."

Overwhelmed with emotion, Blake locked eyes with him. "Did she teach you to say that too?" she

asked, her hand moving on its own to brush away the raindrops from his hair.

A maid nearby, observing the scene, rushed over with a blanket and an umbrella. However, Grace, fully

grasping the gravity of the moment, halted her. Acknowledging the significance, the maid retreated

without interfering.

Raindrops clung heavily to Liam's eyelashes, one trembling loose as he spoke.

His voice was soft. "I sought her out just three times. The first was right after we met. I was so nervous

because I knew it was you. She helped me choose clothes, thinking you'd like them." "The second time

was when you were at the police station; I was at a loss. She advised me to seek my father's 𝑛𝑣𝘭.

assistance to get you out, but only if I agreed to take up his position afterward.

"Blake, I can't stand returning to the Xander estate; it's like they've erased me from their lives.

"That snowy day, I couldn't stand the thought of you being alone inside. Knowing how much you

despise being confined, my only option was to wait outside, staying by your side was my choice.

"The last time was during your pregnancy. It wasn't the baby that worried me, but the fear you might

leave because of it. I... I feel so insecure."

Liam's words, blending with the rain, struck a chord within her, pulling at Blake's heart.

Overcome with emotion, her voice faltered. Her hand shook as she touched his face, her thoughts

swirling. 'He did all this for me?'

Blake lowered her head, struggling to control her emotions. "Liam, why do you always have to be so

considerate toward me?"

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She took a moment before voicing another thought, "Liam, would you think about leaving Ventropolis

with me? Just the two of US, away from everything else."

Liam's eyes, now shimmering with unshed tears, met hers with a spark of hope. "I'll go wherever you

want. Just say the word."

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