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Chapter 96

The Silent Alpha Book 2 will be announced after The Ivory Throne is completed. Title to be revealed inEpilogue 3.

Epilogue 3 /Author’s Note

Excerpt from The Ivory Queen:

…The Soul of Insanity is said to give its wielder the ability to control an army of Moon Goddess‘ creationsand make them unable to lose a battle… But with great power comes a curse…

“Forged by blood and Fed by souls, The Moon and sun awake its thirst. First innocence must bleed. Withthe Ivory it controls All of the beings on this Earth. But be weary of its greed For those who wield it, shallbe cursed.”

*end of excerpt*


I twirl the tiny trinket in my hand, admiring my sister‘s work until I arrive at my uncle‘s dwelling. His homealways brings me joy. Weapons of war and destruction line the walls and the thought of all the chaoseach toy could create makes my heart skip a beat.

My uncle, the God of War, is not a pleasant man, but it‘s always fun to make him mad. All it takes is alittle teasing, and the man erupts with anger. I should visit him more often.

Disguising myself as one of his guards, I sneak my way through War‘s security, making sure to rearrangesome of his traps on my way in just for a laugh.

I reach a room with a large stone table in the center, a map of the world carved into the surface. Tinypieces resembling weapons lay scattered across the graph and the print itself seems to be alive, pieces

moving on their own and the landscapes shifting. War God himself stands over the map, gazing proudlyat the destruction he‘s creating.

“Are the fires of hell not entertaining enough for you?” War snarls without looking up at me. “My dearestUncle,” I smile pleasantly.

“Whatever it is you want, find it elsewhere. I‘m busy,” he snaps, moving his hand over Russia to move apiece.

“Uncle, please;” I scoff. “I‘m not here to ask for anything.” “Don‘t play games with me,” War growls, finallyturning to face me. “I‘m not one of your pawns.”

“Of course not, Uncle,” I reply with an innocent smile. “I just came with an early birthday gift. You seeUncle, I think it‘s a shame your sword was buried by one of Moon Goddess‘creations, the Ivory wolves.The Sword of Insanity was truly a work of art and I think it‘s awful my sister and her pets intervened in itspurpose. I simply had an idea to help you get revenge. but alas. if you do not want to know the power of

this tiny trinket, I can return it to the same wolf who took your sword.”

He glares at me, trying to decipher my game, but the old man has never been able to see past my tricks.

“What is it?” He asks with mild curiosity. I do my best to hide the triumphant smirk on my lips and explain.

“Why, this little medallion is a bridge to the realm of the Moon. It will help the Ivory Wolves commandtheir army and connect them to their Keeper and Moon Goddess. It took quite a bit of work to get it, but Iguess I‘ll return it to its rightful owner,” I sigh heavily as I turn my back to him.

“Wait!” Bingo… I smirk “Yes, Uncle?” I ask innocently, turning back to face him. “What is it you want?” theold God asks, an untrusting air to his voice.

“Everyone always seems to think I have an ulterior motive,” I sigh. “But in truth, I am a neutral agent andI don‘t pick sides. I simply like to have a good laugh.”

“Hell of a joke,” War mutters.

“I have a dark sense of humor,” I reply bluntly, holding out the medallion. “Now, do you want the trinket…or will you let my sister have the last laugh?”

The God of War snatches the medallion from my hand and holds it up to the light to inspect it. “We‘ll seewho‘s laughing now,” he snarls, giddy excitement rushing through me. We‘ll see… ***TO BECONTINUED IN THE IVORY THRONE***

* Author‘s Notes:

Thank you all so much for joining me in the fourth installment of the World of Ivory Series. There are stillso many stories to tell so here is the list of all the books so far:novelbin

*The Gold Queen (Sofia‘s story) – COMPLETED *The Ivory Queen (Aurora‘s Story) – COMPLETED*The Earth Witch (Gwen‘s story) – ONGOING *The Silent Alpha (T+Z‘s story) –COMPLETED *The IvoryThrone (TIQ Book 2) – BEGINS in 2023 *Signs of Love (Agnes‘s story) – To be announced *The Keeperof the Dragon‘s Heart (Vanessa‘s story) – To be announced *The Fated Alphas (TSA Book 2) – To beannounced

My Big Announcement !!

Dreame has started its publishing program this year and I am very pleased to inform you that The SilentAlpha was selected for print hopefully this year. I have already sent the manuscript to the publishingteam and it will soon be available for purchase on Am@zon. Due to its length, TSA will be split into twobooks. The First will contain chapters 1–47 and the Second will contain chapters 48–93. It‘s not my ideal

choice to split the book but at least you‘ll get to hold the story in your hands.

This month of October, I will be holding two giveaways, one for The Ivory Queen (Sept 30–Oct 13), andone for The Silent Alpha (Oct 20–Oct 31) where I will be giving away signed copies of both books! 𝙣𝙫.

If you would like to be informed of dates and timelines for when the printed copies will be available forpurchase or to join the giveaways, get updates on release dates and discuss upcoming books, pleasecheck out my Insta.gr.am @stephanielight.author or join my F.ace.book Group; StephanieLight‘s BookBeans for more information.

Thank you so much for the support!

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