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Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Epilogue CASSANDRA It was a sunny day, the first one in a long time.

After the long winter and cold spring, summer eventually came, and it was hotter than it had been in forever.

Sunlight streamed in through the clinic window, and I was a little distracted as I stared out at the window at the kids in the yard.

Finnick, Lila, Marley's boys Eric and Adrian, and Dominic were all chasing each other, playing a game of tag with one another. Marco was out there with them too, but he was sitting on a bench alone, meters away from the rest of the kids. He looked lonely and didn't move as the others played around him.

It had been a month since the chaos in Merliscire and Adalyn's death.

supposed it was still hard for Marco to accept the fact that his mother was gone. She had killed herself right in front of him after holding him hostage and threatening to hurt him. The poor little boy had endured so much trauma in such a short amount of time.novelbin

He wasn't a bad kid. He had a mean disposition at times, but he wasn't cursed to be a bad person. He had been mistreated by Adalyn just as she had been mistreated by Oliver. Hatred had grown in his little heart but it wasn't too late for him to change.

Adalyn and Oliver's deaths had caused a stir in Anemond. The Moses family had their status revoked and lost all of wy TV BVNNUS their power, Rumors and gossip spread everywhere and people started to point out that the Moses family had always been corrupt. It came to light that they had plotted the fall of the Felix family and had murdered the old king, as well as conspired with the North. There were other rumors too, some true, some not. I didn't care too much about it all.

Follow current on storynovel.net All that was important to me was rebuilding the family I still had.

Ector had been transferred to the clinic in Wild Crawler. The quietness was good for his condition, as was the nice weather. He wasn't yet ready to return to a bustling life after all he'd endured in the borderlands, but he was getting stronger and stronger every day.

Asher had proposed to clear my wy TY Bure family's name but I rejected that plan. I didn't want my family to be spoken of again since there was no way to prove anything. Besides, nothing would change. My father was gone and Ector would never be a warrior again. My identity was a problem as well, one I didn't know how to solve.

Asher said he'd make an announcement telling everyone I was his queen, but I shot that down too. I didn't want to be a queen. I was tired of society, conspiracies, and politics. I wanted to continue being a healer. It was one of the few things that gave me joy and a sense of purpose.

So, once the chaos settled, I returned with my brother to Wild Crawler. I needed to make sure that all of our patients had recovered and the once- mysterious illness was gone for good.

Asher was unhappy with my decision to leave Anemond, but I assured him that no matter what, we would always be together. We were bonded.

Nothing could force us apart.

I'was pulled back into reality when Marley cleared her throat and set her papers down.

"The last batch of patients passed their health tests," she remarked. "They're ready to leave the clinic next week." ~ Ibreathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness." "Finally this is going to end," she sighed as well. She came and joined me on the window bench and stared out at the children.

Silence lingered and then she spoke, Follow current on storynovel.net

"How are you going to deal with this thing between you and the king?" she wondered.

"What thing?" I wondered as I frowned at her.

"Marriage?" Marley said with a roll of her eyes.

I sighed and shook my head. "I don't know. Maybe it's too early to get married." "Anyone with eyes can see you're the only one he wants," she remarked with a small smile. "He can't wait to marry you. »n "The love between us is more than just love," I said. "It's deeper than that. We don't need to marry to show we love each other,")

"I don't know, girl," Marley sighed.

"Men are surprising. Sometimes they want a wedding as much as women I do." "Are you talking about Jasper?" I said with a small laugh of my own.

She rolled her pale green eyes again and then groaned. She tugged at her dark hair absently and said nothing for amoment.

Jasper had proposed to Marley a couple of days ago and she had yet to give him an answer.

"I care about him, but I think I need to wait," she said. "I want to enjoy life on my own for a little while. I think you have the right idea, Cassy. It's too early to get married." We shared a laugh and then she turned to face me. I "I'miss Becky," she said. "She should be here laughing with us about men." "I'miss her too," I agreed.

After the chaos and fighting, Becky left Anemond alone. She decided she wanted to go on a journey, an adventure of her own. She wanted to see the wider world and practice her healing skills. There was more she wanted to learn and she needed some space to breathe.

Follow current on storynovel.net

To our surprise, she didn't go with Dickson or Silas. I didn't know what happened between the three of them, ve but there was a conversation after the chaos. A bad one, I supposed. Becky wouldn't tell me about it but the next day, she decided to leave, -

I' was sad that she was gone, but I knew that she needed this adventure, She wrote to us every couple of weeks, telling us about her experiences.

"l'envy Becky," Marley sighed. "I can't go anywhere with the kids. But then again... It's going to be nice to find some quietness again. It's all been so chaotic and awful that maybe some peace is exactly what we need." I smiled at her and nodded in agreement. 𝗰𝐨𝗺𝗲𝗻𝐨𝐯𝗲π₯.𝗰𝐨𝗺

A breeze blew through the open window and the room filled with the scent of herbs and flowers, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasant smelt and warm sunlight. She was right. It was nice to find some peace after all we'd been through. Between Anemond and Yurene, I was ready for some

tranquility and relaxation with my friends and family.

Marley suddenly nudged me awake.

"Cassy... Your lover is coming." I sat up straight and glanced out the window.

Sure enough, I could see Asher at the end of the street. Sunlight poured over him and even from my vantage, I could see a glimmer in his beautiful gray eyes. The image of him paired with our children and the beautiful scenery was enough to make me well up with tears of joy. This was the prettiest picture in all of the world, and I felt like the luckiest woman alive.

Asher Collins.

My mate.

My lover.

My home.

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