The Supreme God of Martial Arts

Chapter 5237 We Join Them
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Chapter 5237 We Join Them

"Yes! That's a great plan!| hope it works because it's the only chance | have left!"As Austin looked around him, he saw that the amount of black runes in the surrounding space and time was still increasing.

From a distance, the entire small world resembled a lair of the darkness race. It was filled with dense dark energy and laws ofdarkness.

‘The first step is cultivating the mind power energy. | need to get it to a higher level!"Austin decided, nodding his head firmly.

Over the next little while, he ceased his comprehension of the laws and started concentrating on cultivating the mind powerenergy.

In the past, Austin had used several cultivation methods that were created to assist in improving the mind power. Now, he usedthe same ones again.

He already had a mind power energy base that was at a very high level, which allowed him to gain a clearer understanding of theessence of the mind power.

By reviewing the cultivation methods he was already familiar with, he was able to find a new understanding of the mind power."Wait!

What's going on?"

Austin exclaimed, looking down at his body in surprise.

Austin's current level of mind power was already providing him with benefits. As soon as he activated the mind power energycultivation methods, the strength of his mind power started to increase at a rapid speed.

‘This wasn't what | was expecting to happen!When | cultivated the mind power in the past, the speed of my improvement was a lot slower.

My progress wasn't this fast or obvious even when | cultivated the mind power in the ancestral land of the fire source beast raceor in the Millstone of Heavenly Fire.

This time, it's improving like it's stuck on fast-forward! It's not normal!

What the hell is going on?"

Austin thought, staring at his surroundings suspiciously.

"What's that?

All eighty-one of my avatars are cultivating the mind power while they're inside my body!

Because all of them are independent, the mind power that they are cultivating can combine, making my mind power energyincrease faster.

| didn't know that I could use my avatars this way!

It must be an effect of the fruit of supreme enlightenment,”Austin said to himself, feeling elated.

"This is great!

| wasn't expecting that the fruit of supreme enlightenment would help me with the cultivation of the mind power too! Now, | willadvance much quicker!"

Austin added.Then, feeling inspired, he put everything he had into cultivating the mind power. 𝓷𝓋.

During this time, on the inside of Austin's body, there were eighty-one avatars sitting spread out. All of them were cultivating themind power in order to assist Austin.

Because all of the eighty-one avatars had had their own trials and experiences, they could use it to contribute to the cultivation ofthe mind power.

As time went by, Austin's mind power kept increasing.

Soon, the worlds of mind power around Austin's body had grown stronger and larger.

All of the black runes that zoomed forward, trying to distract Austin, were blocked.

The quantity of them kept growing but their influence on Austin was shrinking.

Asmile spread on Austin's face.

‘| just need to improve my mind power energy a little more. Then, | can return to comprehending the laws!"Austin thought to himself.

While Austin was busy cultivating the mind power in the small world, the three Lords of Darkness and the four senior leadersfrom the Time Chamber Sect were desperately trying to rip apart the space and time cage they were stuck in outside the FallenDivine Valley.

All the while, the third Lord of Reincarnation and John were using all the tactics they knew to constantly repair and reinforce thespace and time cage and keep their enemies inside of it.

In the distance, the first Lord of Reincarnation, the second Lord of Reincarnation, and dozens of members from the infinity beastrace were running, getting closer to the Fallen Divine Valley.

"The Fallen Divine Valley is right in front of us.The three Lords of Darkness and the four senior leaders from the Time Chamber Sect are already there! We have to hurry!"the first Lord of Reincarnation said to the second Lord of Reincarnation.

Looking ahead, they moved their feet faster over a wide shadow of the road of reincarnation. They pushed themselves to thelimit, knowing that time was running out. They used the bodily movement skill of the reincarnation race based on the road ofreincarnation, which allowed them to move as fast as a speeding train.

The two Lords of Reincarnation covered lots of ground using the shadow of the road of reincarnation. They passed throughspaces and times so fast that everything around them looked like a blur.

Suddenly, they felt a change in the distance.Boom! Boom! Boom!

Now that the three Lords of Darkness and the four senior leaders from the Time Chamber Sect were attacking the space andtime cage so aggressively, they caused thousands of tiny cracks to appear on the outside of it.

They spread upwards, resembling a huge spider web. They were so densely packed that there was no way the cage was goingto remain standing for much longer.

"Keep going! In a few seconds, this damned space and time cage will be broken and we will be free!"one of the senior leaders from the Time Chamber Sect encouraged, laughing loudly.

"Yes! A mere space and time cage won't hold us back for long!"

the third Lord of Darkness commented, glaring at his enemies.

Slowly, after continuous attacks from the three Lords of Darkness and the four senior leaders from the Time Chamber Sect, thespace and time cage exploded and started to fall to the ground.

"Damn it! The time and space cage is being destroyed!"Winston cursed, pointing at the rubble.

"Don't be afraid.

Let them break it.

Our reinforcements have arrived!"

John replied, chuckling happily.


They're here?!"

Asmile was covering Winston's face now. He could finally allow himself to feel some relief.


The members of our infinity beast race are coming too,"

John said.

“My brothers will be here in no time,"

the third Lord of Reincarnation added, smiling knowingly at his companions.Seconds later, rumbling could be heard.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Unable to resist the pummeling fromthe three Lords of Darkness and thefour senior leaders frespahe ifn"!ersact Ke Space and timecage finally exploded completely.Little chunks of energy essencerained down from the sky. Pleaseread the original content atNovelDrama.Org.

"Ha-ha! See? | told you that a space and time cage wouldn't hold us back!

Come on, guys! Let's kill Austin. Then, we can deal with the other three!"

the third Lord of Darkness announced, thrusting his fist into the air.

“Are you sure it didn't work?

The space and time cage delayed you.

Now, you've lost your chance to kill Austin,”

the third Lord of Reincarnation said as he appeared in front of them, blocking their way.novelbin

John and Winston joined him, ready to defend the Fallen Divine Valley.

“Ha-ha! Three against seven, and you think you can make it? What a joke!

There are seven of us. We will send three of our own men to deal with you while the other four to kill Austin.

Austin is a young man. It will beconsidered a great honor for (Fy

be killed by the tse Cords 0Baverele the four senior leadersfrom the Time Chamber Sect. Pleaseread the original content atNovelDrama.Org.

Austin will die this time and if thenews spreads, he wi Laeeved Mure!

ppeninibe sb ute Space

an die in peace," Please read theoriginal content at NovelDrama.Org.

the second Lord of Darkness snapped back.

"Get out of our way! The three of you can't stop us from killing Austin!"

one of the senior leaders from the Time Chamber Sect shouted.

"You're right. Maybe the three of them can't stop you, but what if we join them?"

a voice declared from the distance.

Everyone's eyes followed it and landed on two fierce figures that ran over to stand next to the third Lord of Reincarnation.

It was the first Lord of Reincarnation and the second Lord of Reincarnation.

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