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Chapter 2114

Chapter 2114, Refining Dragon BloodTranslator: Silavin & lordjokerEditor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Yang Kai didn’t give this too much consideration. After he had detected that Zhang Ruo Xi’s vitality had been damaged, he usedthe Sealed World Bead and brought her with him into the vicinity of the Small Sealed World’s medicine garden.

After he placed Zhang Ruo Xi on the ground, he waved his hand, and this seemingly ordinary movement shook the whole worldand gave rise to a gale.

The Immortal Tree planted in a distant region emitted a green aura visible to the naked eye, a green aura that flew along with thegale and circulated around Zhang Ruo Xi, enveloping her body thoroughly then flowing into it through her pores.

Since her vitality had been damaged, then he would just have to supplement, and the astonishing Life Force emitted by theImmortal Tree was the best medicine.

As he had expected, after Zhang Ruo Xi got the Immortal Tree’s vitality, her furrowed brows relaxed and the pain apparent onher was replaced by a calm expression.

Yang Kai released his Divine Sense to observe her body, and he discovered that its state had already turned for the better, whileher organs and meridians that had aged excessively were now brimming with vigour.

She was suffering from this condition due to external factors, and that’s why the Life Force emitted by the Immortal Tree couldeasily solve the issue. If it was an old man with a foot in the grave in her stead, then this might not have been enough tosupplement his vitality.

Yang Kai waited for two hours before he inspected her body again, ascertaining that she was already fine and well. Besides this,she still got some benefits from the Immortal Tree’s nourishment.

Later on, he brought Zhang Ruo Xi out of the Small Sealed World and put her in her room. She was still asleep for now, but shewould shortly wake up.

After this ordeal, Yang Kai had ascertained his previous guess. Zhang Ruo Xi’s current cultivation base wasn’t enough to dig intothe Space Spirit Jade’s mysteries, and that’s why her vitality had been forcefully absorbed.

[But... What’s the source of those scenes? Just where is this incomplete Void Corridor connected to?] Yang Kai had manyquestions about this and he was looking forward to getting an answer for his doubts.

He had a feeling that the Space Spirit Jade was hiding a great secret.

After Yang Kai went back to his room, he set up a barrier and sent a Divine Sense Message to the Zhang family’s matriarch,informing her that he would go into seclusion and wouldn't receive any guests, then waited for a positive response from herbefore entering the Small Sealed World once again.

He first checked Liu Yan’s situation and discovered that she was still refining the Luan Feng’s feather strenuously. Contendingagainst the power of Luan Feng contained within that divine feather. Her situation was anything but good, but she wasn’t indanger.

He didn’t pay much attention to her and he quickly looked for a secluded region then sat down cross-legged.

He stayed seated there for two days until he had recovered his peak condition, only then did he wave his hand and take out twoobjects, a jade bottle and an edgeless sword.

The jade bottle contained a churning scarlet liquid, which would frequently take the shape of a little dragon and run amok. Thelittle dragon was still spitting flames in a vain attempt to burn the bottle, and it looked like this seemingly sentient little creaturewanted to get out.

The blood of a Fire Dragon!

Yang Kai had gotten it from the First Stage of the Soaring Dragon Altar in the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda, but he hadn’tused it since then.

As for the edgeless sword, it was none other than Yang Kai’s Verdant Dragon Bone Sword.novelbin

The Verdant Dragon Bone Sword was a piece of a dragon bone found by him in the Shadowed Star’s Flowing Flame Sand Field,and he had only added to it a Dragon Bead to craft a sword out of it and didn’t ruin the original materials.

At this moment, he took out those Artifacts belonging to a true dragon’s body to refine them. He had already refined one DragonArtifact, the Dragon Scale, and it had been always covering his chest’s vital region. The scale’s great defensive power hadhelped in a lot of battles.

Despite this, he still couldn’t forget the great pain he had gone through to fuse the Dragon Scale with his body, but this wasn’t thereason why he didn’t consider refining more Dragon Artifacts. It was mainly due to his lacking cultivation base.

Now, he had already advanced into the Dao Source Realm and he couldn’t advance his cultivation further in the near future. So,if he wanted to raise his battle prowess, he could only look for other ways, and fusing the Dragon Blood and Dragon Bone Swordwith his body were the most effective methods.

He had the Monster Transformation Secret Art, a Golden Divine Dragon’s Source Power, and they were enough to help himachieve this seemingly impossible feat.

Yang Kai’s gaze paced back and forth between the Dragon Blood and the Dragon Bone Sword for a moment, but he quicklymade up his mind and decisively took the jade bottle.

It looked like the little dragon in the bottle had detected his actions and it had turned its tiny head toward him, opened its mouthand shot a fire beam toward Yang Kai’s face.

But, the jade bottle able to store blood from an actual dragon was no ordinary object and it had been refined well. The littledragon couldn't inflict any harm on Yang Kai and it only looked funny and ridiculous.

Yang Kai curled the corners of his mouth and opened the bottle’s lid. The tiny dragon immediately rushed out of it, swayed its tail,and turned into a flowing light as it tried to escape. 𝘯𝑣.

But everything in the Small Sealed World was within Yang Kai’s control, and it couldn’t possibly escape Yang Kai's clutches.

Yang Kai just had to grasp the void with his hand and the flowing light was immediately stranded mid-air. In response, the littledragon struggled desperately and let out ceaseless roars, yet to no avail. It couldn’t escape from Yang Kai’s clutches.

The power of the World Principles had fallen upon the little dragon and it could only turn back into a drop of Dragon Blooddespite its reluctance. The drop was as scorching as magma and it emitted intense heat.

Yang Kai sucked the Dragon Blood toward him then observed it for a moment nervously. But, he didn’t hesitate for long andquickly opened his mouth, enveloped the drop of Dragon Blood with his Source Qi and swallowed it down.

Soon after, he immediately cast the Monster Transformation Secret Art and used his Dao Source Realm Cultivation Base torefine the drop of pure Fire Dragon Blood.

After the Dragon Blood reached his belly, the Source Qi couldn’t bear its high heat any longer and it had been burned thoroughlywhile heat started rising from his belly, as if it contained an active volcano shooting out scalding lava.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to take this lightly and sent more of his Source Qi into it, trying to erase the drop of Dragon Blood’s weakspirituality.

As time elapsed slowly, the ground around Yang Kai had been turned into charred land. The earth was dry and the trees in thevicinity had withered, while many cracks appeared on the ground. Even the void had been affected and twisted by the intenseheat.

Indistinct dragon roars reverberated ceaselessly within Yang Kai’s body as the Dragon Blood's spiritually put on its last struggle.

Ata certain moment, the roars suddenly stopped, while Yang Kai detected that the intense fiery energy in his belly had eruptedand rushed into his meridians and flesh.

He couldn't help but let out a soft groan and his face turned deathly pale.

He swept his body with his Divine Sense and he detected that his flesh and meridians had been wrecked by the fiery energy, andhis body had already sustained heavy injuries.

After all, this was the blood of a true dragon and even Yang Kai’s strong body couldn't withstand it, but fortunately, his GoldenBlood quickly showed its strong recovery power and contended with the fiery Dragon Blood’s destructive power and theygradually reached a subtle balance.

At this moment, Yang Kai wasn’t any different than a mortal sitting on an active volcano’s crater and his mind had already turneddizzy from the intense heat.

In his muddle-headed state, he felt like an illusion of an Ancient True Dragon appeared in front of him, an illusion of a scarletdragon gazing at him with its dignified and terrifying eyes.

Soon after, the dragon let out a deafening roar and opened its large mouth to bite Yang Kai and swallow him down.“Humph!”

But at this moment, Yang Kai's eyes flickered and he yelled, “I have waited for you for so long.”

As his voice fell, the Golden DivineDragon's Source Power in his bodyspread out and lurngdintoe goldengjannaryon’ pr ntom imagebehind Yang Kai. The phantom imagebared its fangs, brandished its clawsthen pounced on the Fire Dragon.The content is on NovelDrama.Org!Read the latest chapter there!

The Fire Dragon who didn’t expect this was taken aback, while surprise and fright appeared in its dignified eyes and it movedback repeatedly.

Every dragon was innately strong, butthey depended too much on theirBloodline Power, § lopdlind mMSuppression Nada great and distincteffect on them, while the GoldenDivine Dragon was obviously of ahigher grade than the Fire Dragon!The content is on NovelDrama.Org!Read the latest chapter there!

The Fire Dragon moved back, but the Golden Divine Dragon didn’t let go of it. It pursued and took a large bite of it.

The majestic Fire Dragon’s body had been easily torn by the golden dragon’s bite, and its whole body was quickly swalloweddown into its belly.

The awe-inspiring golden dragon shook its head, wagged its tails, and surveyed the surrounding disdainfully. But it couldn’t findany worthy opponent and it could only go back to Yang Kai’s body lazily.

At this moment, the spirituality of the drop of Dragon Blood had been erased.

After the Fire Dragon Blood’sspirituality had been erased, thepressure on Yang Kai's shoulde

had been allevigtethahd hé startedusing nideiden Blood’s recoverypower to repair his meridians andflesh, while he also started fusingwith the Fire Dragon Blood fearlessly.He started fusing it with every inch ofhis blood and meridians. The contentis on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

This process put to the test one’s wits and patience, but this wasn’t an issue for Yang Kai, as he wasn’t in a hurry and he carriedit out methodically.

After an unknown amount of time, the drop of Dragon Blood had been finally refined completely by Yang Kai.

He opened his eyes slowly and stood up, then observed himself with his senses. His cultivation base was the same as before,but he could still clearly feel that he had become stronger.

The great improvement of his power didn’t show up on his fleshly body, but rather on his...“Dragonization!” Yang Kai let out a shout.

The power of the Dragon Blood in his bloodline was activated and the bones of his hands let out a snapping noise and startedbulging. They turned into a pair of Dragon Claws.

As for his arms, a mass of Dragon Scales formed by Source Qi emerged on them. Those Dragon Scales had a fiery scarletcolour, as if they contained the power of fire.

Even the True Dragon Scale on Yang Kai’s belly had been affected by the power of the Dragon Blood and they startedmultiplying. They turned from one to two, then four, and so on.

In the end, it looked like Yang Kai’s whole body was clad in an armour of Dragon Scales.

As he swung his arms, he could clearly feel the boundless power pouring forth out of his body and he couldn’t help but laughcheerfully.

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