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Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Chapter 167 ‘Incomplete Road’ and

A flash of awkwardness crossed Alon’s face as he heard this.

Seeing this, how could Milton Cheney not understand?

“Only one, or none at all?”

“None at all.”

Alon spoke up.

Cheney had already foreseen this answer.

Because only those who Alon could fully trust were told about this plan.

The maximum number of these people would not exceed three. 𝒄𝙣𝒗.𝒄

So it’s perfectly normal to have none, or it would be abnormal if someone was involved.“Strike first.”

Cheney stopped speaking and began to ponder in his heart.

Preemptive strike is not impossible.

Although the planning time wasn’t long, Cheney made plenty of preparations.

But these preparations might work against an individual, but it would be somewhat unrealistic to use them against the entireInterstellar Colonization Council.

After all, the Interstellar Colonization Council stood strong for thousands of years in Federation. Overturning them with just hispreparations was unrealistic.

He was not a Level 4 Wizard now, with no ability to bulldoze everything.

However, even though he was not a Level 4 Wizard now, he had already become a Third Stage Transcender.The development of his Brain Domain had already surpassed thirty-three percent.

A Third Stage Transcender was definitely strong in the Azure Star Federation.

Alon spent a hundred years to walk the Transcendent Path to become a Fourth Stage Transcender.

Cheney had only spent a few dozen years walking the Transcendent Path.

But if he doesn’t strike first, the outcome might be worse when the Interstellar Colonization Federation makes its move.“Have you told them the secrets about the Muta Civilization?”

Cheney asked.

Hearing this, Alon shook his head.

“No, even if | told them, they may not believe it.”

“After all, the secrets you discovered vastly differ from their conjectures.” Alon spoke up.

When Cheney first told him about the relationship between the Muta Civilization and the Interstellar Colonization Council, he alsofound it hard to believe.

He had no idea where Cheney got this information.

He had always believed that the Interstellar Colonization Council had gotten their hands on the technological Ancient Ruins ofthe Muta Civilization.

That’s why their technology and transcendence developed so rapidly.

But surprisingly, the Ancient Ruins of the Muta Civilization had actually transformed some of Azure Star’s people into real MutaPeople.

Isn't this a sort of unconventional resurrection?

Isn't this a weird method to conquer a civilization?

Maybe after hundreds of thousands of years, there would only be Muta People on Azure Star, no Azure Star's people.This method of conquering a civilization was even more horrifying than a violent conquest.

“You can tell them, if they don’t believe it, | can present the evidence.” “After that, we can try to stir public opinion on thenetwork.”

“In any case, the more commotion, the better. It would be best if all Azure Star’s people knew that our civilization is beingconquered by another civilization in an unconventional way.” Cheney rubbed his temples and spoke.

He decided to continue to take risks.

While the chances of striking first were slim, doing nothing was even more hopeless.

If he wanted to truly understand the Transcendent Path of this world, he must stand against the Interstellar Colonization Council.The reasons for this are complex.

Simply put, the transcendent path of Brain Domain Development wasn’t actually devised by the Azure Star’s people.

The creator of this Transcendent Path, was the Muta Civilization.

As he further developed his Brain Domain, he realized more problems with this Transcendent Path.

The Transcendent Path he was on, was incomplete, it was broken.

Previously, he had always believed that the Transcendent Path was always like this.

But as he learned more, he knew it might not be so.

Like the ability to easily alter others’ memories.

Previously, Cheney thought this qualitative change would occur after exceeding thirty percent brain domain development.But now, he had already developed his Brain Domain beyond thirty percent, yet he didn’t possess this ability.

Aside from thinking faster, reacting faster, and being able to slightly influence reality, he had no other abilities.

Qualitative change? None.Besides, the lifespan of this Transcendent Path shouldn't be this short.

Why could the transcenders of theInterstellar Colonization CounGiaNeso longbysthetifesparot themierhbers of the Azure StarFederation Assembly were so short?The content is on NovelDrama.Org!Read the latest chapter there!

The true secrets of this Transcendent Path may be in the hands of the Muta People.

Or perhaps, in the hands of the Interstellar Colonization Council.

Cheney wanted to know more, wanted to fully delve into the secrets of this Transcendent Path.That was why he chose to attempt perfect clearance.

“Alright, I'll try.”

Alon spoke up.

Telling the councillors about the Muta Civilization was simple, it was just words.

But trying to stir public opinion on the Federation Network was not an easy task.

If they acted fast, they might be able to make a small ripple.

But even if they did manage to stir a bit of public opinion, it would quickly be suppressed.

The Interstellar Colonization Council weren't push-overs, they had capable figures among them.Of course, Cheney was aware of Alon’s thoughts.

But since he has mentioned it, it showed he was somewhat confident.

“| know a hacker who can at leaststall the interstellar GalonizationCouncillfor hain hour.” The contentis on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!novelbin

“You know such a talent? Half an hour is definitely enough.”Alon replied in surprise.What does stalling the Interstellar Colonization Council for half an hour mean?

Not to mention an individual, even ahacker group woul ‘cbe ablestolstallt (qteggtetiar Glo ization Councilfor half an hour.. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

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