The Wrong Woman

Chapter 1783
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Chapter 1783

1783 | am on Your Side.��How annoying.��Smack!

With one backhanded slap, Uranus went silent, his eyes rolling at the back of his head. Felix placed a palm in front of Uranus��face and extracted his entire soul, throwing him inside his consciousness space.

Uranus landed on the hard plaza floor face first, the tenants couldn't care less to soften his landing.

"Do we wake him up?" Candace asked with a wide grin, feeling quite excited to be given a chance to torture a unigin.Her reaction was shared by most tenants as none of them dreamed of such an opportunity before.

After the humiliating experience they went through under Lilith's hands, they were never given the chance to vent out.Even Ancestral Dragon Imyr felt a different kind of emotion as he watched Uranus lying stone-cold on the ground."It's not the time."

Felix said calmly as he picked up Uranus�� limb body with a finger and crucified him near the central table, leaving him hangingthere.

As for his physical body, Felix disintegrated it into particles with a wave of a hand. Of course, he picked up his divine bronzescythe and placed it in his dimensional bag, accompanying Demeter's divine lance.

Felix didn't bother to use the lance since it wasn't his fighting style and he would rather fight empty-handed comfortably than usesomething he never touched before.

Fortunately, the divine weapons maintained their shrunken status even after the death of their owners. Otherwise, they wouldhave increased their size until they covered the entire floor and got stuck in it.

After all, it was impossible to escape the tower through enlargement.

��Now, let's deal with the real threat," Felix uttered with a solemn tone as he brought out two chairs and placed them in front ofUranus�� crucified body.

He sat on one and held his hands together, his fingers locked in shut, while his elbows rested on his knees...Not an ounce of joywas seen in his face ever after taking down one of his most hated enemies.

His attitude was understandable. Uranus was a difficult monster to handle, however, he was not at his peak strength whatsoever.He could not use gravity, anti-matter, or radiation law within the quantum realm without tapping in first to the quantum energy.However, Felix made it impossible for him to use it due to his gluttony-based techniques in play.

They sucked in quantum energy faster than he could bother to transfer it. Since the fight took less than two seconds, he wasn'tgiven enough time to explore other options before he decided to escape.

Felix had him controlled and dominated from the start to the end... This was the benefit of being the first to make a move.But now? It was nearly impossible to replicate those results against Eris and Felix knew it.Thus, he decided to give Eris one last chance to change her mind and choose his side even if it meant not getting her core.

That's how much he dreaded his upcoming battle against her, for his preparations were nowhere near as perfect as againstUranus.

��Eris, | know you can hear me." He permitted composedly, "You can enter my consciousness space. You have my word nothingbad will befall you."

Felix meant it and was going to abide by his word even if Eris rejected his proposal. After all, she had also done the same whenshe caught his clone in the celestial city.

She might have killed him, but it could have gone much worse if she desired.

Suddenly, Eris' consciousness wisp emerged from within Uranus' soul and landed softly on her toe.

She gazed at Felix with a faint smile and said, "It seems like you still haven't given up on me...| am flattered.��"For you, | am willing to try a hundred times if | have to," Felix intoned sincerely, "Please, have a seat."

"No need, | won't be here for long.��

Eris rejected while hereyes jumped from one tenant to another and the massive peculiar town around her.

"| have to say, for a paragon of sins, you have too many friends." She chuckled, "I can't see that sI*tty vixen with even one loyalpartner.��

"Who are you calling a sl*t? Four-eyed witch." Lilith manifested out of nowhere with an annoyed expression.��At least my glasses are a fashion choice, unlike you." Eris taunted while pushing her glasses up her nose.

��Fashion? | doubt a bookworm like you can even understand the word." Lilith said while removing her sunglasses, hitting her witha mocking look.

As they kept ridiculing each other, Felix and the rest of the tenants kept glancing at each other in silence. Their appearanceprompted questions about whether they were truly unigins or just two mean high school girls.

��Alright, that's enough. | didn't call you to have you bicker with Lilith.��In the end, Felix could no longer listen to them and decided to intervene, having no interest in trusting Eris fully.

In his eyes, she might decide to launch her assault the moment the spatial lockdown was removed, which would ruin his plans ifshe rejected to cooperate.

"As you say, hubby.��Lilith blew Felix a seductive kiss and sat in the corner, unbothered by Felix's eyelids twitching in annoyance.At least, with her out of the picture, Felix and Eris could focus on the main subject again.

However, just as Felix was about to

request her to join his side again,

believing that after he okout ?

UranushSHe might throw her lot in hisnovelbin

box, Eris raised her hand gently and

said, "Don't waste your breath, my

decision remains unchanged." The

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Felix and the rest of the tenants couldn't help but show deep frowns in displeasure.

"You said before, you have chosenmy side, but how come you are sodesperate for a ay [sont gett)yareyou sofell4Sent on fighting

�? | have a feeling that you aren'tdoing it for the three rulers, so why?"Felix asked, his tone laced withconfusion and a hint of anger. Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Readthe latest chapter there!

Eris was always an enigma in his eyes. She acted friendly without aggression, but simultaneously, she refused to join his side.

The fact that she was extremely close to Asna in her childhood made him more irritated by her decision to be against him evenwhen she uttered otherwise.

"You still haven't figured it out?" Eris smiled faintly, "| am not sure if you are denying the truth or if you genuinely haven'tcomprehended it yet. Whatever it is, | am awaiting you on the ��st floor."

Without waiting for Felix to respond,Eris destroyed her ownconsciousness ROE ast!fading, away, She turned one last timeand advised, "Take as much time asyou need for your preparation, | won'tleave the 1st floor." The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Those were the last words resounding in the silent expanse of consciousness space. No one said anything, but the look in theireyes spoke volumes about this development.

Some had understood what Eris had meant while some were still ignorant or refusing to accept the truth.

The truth was simple.

"She wants to hand me her core, but only if | defeat her and prove to be worthy of it." Felix uttered with a confused look, unableto comprehend how Eris�� thought worked. 𝐜𝗼𝗺𝐞𝐧𝗼𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝗺

How could a unigin ever determine to hand his core willingly to another?This was the reason he didn't understand what she meant by "on his side" for a long time."Is this real? Or is it a ploy?" Felix wondered as he gazed into the distance, having no idea if he should trust her words or not.

The last time he believed a unigin, he resulted in almost getting enslaved...

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