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Chatper 184

Part 3 Chapter 14 extra

Anna and Dave

Anna’s POV

Hannes has grown and is one quick little boy. He loves to play hide and seek and we spend almostevery day trying to find him. He is curious and very funny and no matter how much he steps on Dave’stoes we still love him.

He plays with the other children in the castle, especially David. We figured out that they are cousins.And since Nora adopted David they have been together everyday but if Nora needs to go somewhereyou can always see David by her side.

Little Helios was adopted by another couple in a werewolf village, since he has alpha genes but hisrank is that of a beta. Making us all wonder who his father is. Anyway Hannes lycan has started toshow himself and he scared the living shit out of me the other day.

Hannes has just turned two years old and he was playing on the playground along with the otherchildren when he suddenly fell down from the swing and I rushed over there just to see him quicklystand up and show me his very, very black eyes.

Nora giggled at my expression but she explained to me that everything was fine as she hadhandpicked Hannes lycan and they are a very good match.

But to make matters worse or better. Hannes is now six years old and is already training with Dave.Actually Linus‘ father took over the training of the ex–rogue lycans so Dave took it upon himself to trainthe younger ones.

He thought it would be more interesting since his small force has come to be so damn good that hedoesn’t need to oversee them anymore.

So instead I went on with my chores as the female delta. Yes, that is right Dave was granted the titleDelta. Delta is the one to train the warriors and Nora made sure that Dave was the right lycan for thejob.

They had a fight over it and she actually won over him but he was so damn close to taking her downbut.. Whatever that is old news now. I take care of the castle and all the maids that the king hiredbefore he retired and I also help Samntha in her beta duties since she has never been a beta female.

But then again everyone is calling me “ma” so I guess I am the mother of this castle as well. It’s time forlunch soon so I make my way down the kitchen to tell the kitchen staff to start preparing and I am metby Yuki and her kittens on my way over there.

Yuki jumps up in my arms when she sees me and I am carrying her in my arms all the way down to thekitchen humming on a tune. Yuki has been really cuddly lately, she likes sleeping on my stomach andshe even buffs me when I sleep for long in her eyes. 𝙣𝙫.

But thanks to her I don’t forget to eat anymore. As I come into the kitchen the staff are already doinglunch. Lasagna wafts in the air and suddenly I feel sick. Strangely, I love lasagna. I put Yuki down andasked one of the kitchen staff.

“Hi Alli, who told you guys to start preparing for lunch?” I ask her and she freezes on the spot and sodoes everyone else.

“You did, Anna.” But lunch has already been it’s dinner time by now” she looks at me nervously

No, that can’t be. I don’t remember giving her orders about that and I only slept for ten minutes. I lookup at the watch and gasp. I have been

sleeping for about five hours.

I look around in the kitchen when suddenly someone takes the lasagna out of the oven and just thescent of it makes me rush to the sink. Am I coming down with something? I wash my mouth and thestaff are looking worried at me but I smile and wave them off.

But I shouldn’t have done that because I get to go three steps before the entire room spins and I feelmyself falling towards the floor. I

remember Alli’s scream and that knock on my head as I hit the floor and the next thing I am gone…

Not gone forever though. I wake up later on a hospital bed with Dave in the room yelling at the doctorand a crying Hannes by my side. I cough a bit to let them know that I am awake and they become quietand Dave comes to my side instantly.

“Are you okay, Anna?” he asks and I was about to nod when I am suddenly washed with vertigo andHannes are very quick to find a bowl but actually it was a stupid bedpan.

We had a laugh over that one later on. A knock sounded on the door and the doctor opened it eventhough Dave growled.

“I called on our queen. I think she will be able to tell what it is much better than I can” he says andleaves the room.

Confused, I look at Nora but she just stands there smiling and not moving.

“Nora, please, dear. Can you examine Anna?” Dave pleads and she just shakes her head

“I don’t need to I already know” she says and smile and I stare at her

“But I can’t? Everyone has said that I can’t” I stammer and try to tell her

that but she just nods her head.

“Do you remember last year when you broke that arm of yours and burned yourself and I healed you?Well I didn’t just heal your arm. I healed the damage there as well. So congratulations” she smiles and Istart to cry.

“Nora, even if you are our queen that doesn’t mean you have the right to make Anna cry” Dave saysand Hannes tilts his head and I know that he is listening.

I grab Dave’s arm and pull him down to me and he hugs me and when he finally lets me go he seemsconfused.

“It’s alright Dave. I am pregnant”novelbin

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