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Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 Ultimate Origin Supreme

“I won’t pretend anymore since you’ve already seen through it. I originally wanted to hide my existence.Now, I advise you to give up on expanding the Ultimate Origin World.

Otherwise, the blank domain will give birth to more potential like my current body. I can even use thewill of all living beings to deal with you. You have no chance of winning.”

The sky of this world tore apart as soon as he finished speaking. Countless bolts of lightning rushed in.Every bolt of lightning was wrapped in the invisible power of rules.

He walked towards Han Jue with endless lightning and said, “Too many blank domains have beenborn, but every one of them is ambitious and wants to obtain the creation of the blank domain. Theyrestricted the development of all living beings for their own selfish reasons. I’m very disappointed.”

Han Jue asked, “Have I interfered with the blank domain? I’ve been cultivating in seclusion ever since Iattained the Dao. When have I restricted the development of all living beings? Without me, how canthere be so many Dao Creators in the current era? How can you have the chance to have your willdescend on living beings? If I’m not wrong, it’s precisely because I broke through to the Creator LordRealm that your will can take form. It’s precisely because the Ninth Chaos was born that you can givebirth to your will.”

Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign said coldly, “Indeed, but I also feel that the Ultimate Origin Worldwants to replace the blank domain.”

He raised his hand and slapped. Endless lightning struck at Han Jue with the basic rules.

The three demon statues behind him attacked one after another. The three Primordial Fiendcelestialshadows suddenly appeared and raised their palms together. Primordial Qi drowned Han Jue like an


Han Jue shook his head and laughed. His eyes narrowed and the three Primordial Fiendcelestialsinstantly dissipated. The lightning, Primordial Purple Qi, and basic rules wreaking havoc in the worldvanished.

Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign’s white hair fluttered in the wind. He widened his eyes and lookedat him in disbelief.

Han Jue smiled and said, “My main body seems to have become stronger again. Sorry, I’ve beenstaring at the blank domain and gave you 50 billion years to grow. You’re indeed very powerful. Eventhe Ninth Chaos is not your match after you absorbed the three Primordial Fiendcelestials.Unfortunately, you still can’t understand the Creator Lord Realm.

“The Creator Lord Realm is already at the same realm as the blank domain. The blank domain isequivalent to your body. You can’t use the power of your body and can only reincarnate yourconsciousness. You only rely on the potential of living beings to rise. How can you be my match?

“There’s no hope for you anymore. I’ll wait for you if you still want to make a comeback. I’ll wait for youto become a Dao Creator before challenging me again.”

With that, Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign widened his eyes and was about to speak when aterrifying force crushed him. His body and soul were destroyed and he was reduced to ashes.

The immortality of a Dao Creator was child’s play in front of the Creator Lord.

Han Jue looked at his hands and clicked his tongue in wonder. “What exactly did my main bodycomprehend? Isn’t this too strong?”

He shook his head and laughed. With a wave of his right hand, three figures appeared in front of him.They were Han Huang, Primordial Origin, and Huang Zuntian.

The three Primordial Fiendcelestials looked at Han Jue in shock. They had witnessed everything asthey shared the Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign’s body.

That Life Severing Great Origin Sovereign was actually formed by the will of the blank domain!

The Lord was already powerful enough to threaten the blank domain itself!

Han Jue smiled and said, “Leave. Tell the others to calm down. As for what you saw and heard, keep ita secret, understand?”

Han Jue entered the stone statue without waiting for them to reply.

The three Primordial Fiendcelestials came back to their senses.

Huang Zuntian sighed. “Is this the Lord? So the Lord is not a title, but the name of a realm.” PrimordialOrigin said, “No, the Lord himself is his title. He defined a higher realm with his identity.”

Han Huang nodded, his eyes filled with admiration.

In the rule domain.

Han Jue stopped and started to meditate.

Han Liang stopped and soon saw countless lights surging from all directions and entering

his grandfather’s body.

He was shocked.

Could these lights be absorbed?

He had tried to touch them before, but his soul almost dissipated.

He could only sense them carefully.

Han Jue ignored him and focused on comprehending the special basic rules. Time passed. Han Liangalso began to meditate. Slowly, his cultivation level increased.

As more and more light entered Han Jue’s body, the speed at which the rules of this domain flowedbegan to slow down. Gradually, a figure appeared in Han Jue’s consciousness. It was the origin of thesystem, the will of creation.

This was an absolutely pale space. The Creation Will transformed into a human and looked very similarto Han Jue. His true appearance couldn’t be seen.

“I didn’t expect you to walk ahead of everything. Even the derivation of the system can’t keep up withyou.”

The Creation Will sighed. Han Jue smiled. “Perhaps we’re about to reach the end, or perhaps it’s stillnot the end. I can give you the meaning of existence. Do you want to take form? It’s all thanks to youthat we’ve come this far.”

The Creation Will said, “There’s no need. I’m creation. Seeing that you can treat all living beings andcreation well, my mission has already been achieved. Dissipate me when you reach a higher realm.Just pretend that I’ve never appeared. My birth is actually only because of the meaning of the existenceof all living beings. I was born for all living beings and for all existences. It’s just that the blank domain

can’t accept creation, so it expelled me. Now, the blank domain can no longer restrict you. My missionhas been completed.” Han Jue said, “How should I treat the blank domain?”

The Creation Will asked, “Why are you asking me?”

“I understand.”

Han Jue smiled and walked forward, stretching out his right hand.

The Creation Will raised his hand and the two figures held each other’s hands. In an instant, theCreation Will dissipated.

Han Jue bid farewell to the Creation Will in the manner of a modern person. The Creation Will returnedto the beginning and he also remembered his original self. “I’ll bear the meaning of creation now,” HanJue muttered to himself softly. The smile on his face disappeared and he calmed down. At thismoment, he found another meaning other than living. His heart had also truly transformed from ahuman heart to a Lord’s heart. To be precise, it was the Supreme Heart.

Han Liang opened his eyes and looked at his grandfather in shock.

Han Jue’s body emitted a golden light. He was extremely holy, making him inexplicably want to kowtow.“Grandpa broke through?” Han Liang thought in disbelief.

On a mountain.

A youth was cultivating at the edge of the cliff.

He held a sword, and sword Qi kept slashing out.

Xing Hongxuan stood not far away and watched quietly. She was lost in thought.

After a long time, the youth ran over, sweating profusely. “Great-Grandma, how’s my sword technique?Have I passed? Can I learn a new Mystical Power now?”

Xing Hongxuan smiled and said, “You’re still far from it.” The youth collapsed to the ground. XingHongxuan looked at him and smiled.

“You’re really like your progenitor.”

The youth asked curiously, “Who is my progenitor? Great-Grandma, you never told me.”

Xing Hongxuan said, “You can’t say his name.

It’s taboo. I can tell you who your grandfather is.”

“Who is it?”

“His name is Chu Xiaoqi.”

“Chu Xiaoqi? Isn’t that my name?!”

“Yes, his name is no longer Chu Xiaoqi. He has a title now, so I gave you this name.” The youthshouted after hearing that. He was curious about his grandfather and kept asking about him.

Xing Hongxuan began to tell the story when Chu Xiaoqi was still a mortal. “What are you saying? Can Ilisten?” A laugh sounded. Xing Hongxuan didn’t turn around. She recognized Han Jue’s voice, but shedidn’t care.

Chu Xiaoqi was shocked and hurriedly stood up with his sword.

Han Jue walked over and smiled. “Why are you ignoring me?”

Xing Hongxuan asked, “What is it?” Han Jue said helplessly, “Do you think I’m a clone? Has my cloneever left the Dao Field?”

Xing Hongxuan trembled and hurriedly turned to look at him.

She discovered that Han Jue was holding a baby in his arms. She didn’t cry and only looked at himeagerly.

She asked carefully, “Husband?” Han Jue smiled. “Yes, my clone doesn’t dare to pretend to be me.”

Xing Hongxuan was pleasantly surprised. She hurriedly walked in front of him and asked, “Why wereyou in seclusion for so long? Your Daoist temple doesn’t let me in. Do you know how long it has been?A hundred billion years. “Also, who is this child? Her aura is different From yours and from Huang’erand the others.

She’s not your bloodline, right?” Han Jue smiled. “I was breaking through in seclusion. As for this child,she has a powerful background.”novelbin

Xing Hongxuan asked, “Who?”

“She’s the blank domain’s incarnation.”

“What do you mean?” “Haha, you only need to know that she will be the future Lord.” “Lord?” XingHongxuan was moved. She grabbed his hand and asked, “What about you?” Han Jue said, “I’m nolonger the Lord.” Xing Hongxuan was even more nervous. Han Jue leaned his head close to her earand whispered, “I’ve already surpassed the Lord and become the Supreme. Even this blank domain iscontrolled by me. In the future, the Ultimate Origin World will still expand until it replaces the blankdomain, but the blank domain won’t disappear. I’ve already let her take form. She will become the Lordof the Ultimate Origin Era, and I’ll fade from the recognition of all living beings. I’ll play with you in thefuture.”

Xing Hongxuan was pleasantly surprised. She suppressed her excitement and asked, “Then will youstill cultivate in the future?”

“Of course, I have to cultivate, but I don’t have to cultivate with all my heart anymore.” Han Jue smiled.His tone was calm but filled with confidence.

He was already completely invincible and had reached the Ultimate Origin Supreme Realm he haddefined. He had fused with all the basic rules and turned the blank domain’s will into a deity. After all,he was born in the blank domain and did not want to kill it.

Han Jue was worried that the blank domain would not tolerate him in the past, but he was strongernow. He could tolerate the blank domain just like how he tolerated other Dao Creators.

Han Jue walked in front of Chu Xiaoqi and handed him the baby. He smiled and said, “Can you helpme take care of her?”


Chu Xiaoqi was stunned and uneasy.

There was only one thought in his mind. This fellow was so good-looking!

Han Jue held Xing Hongxuan’s hand and disappeared.

Xing Hongxuan felt her vision blur, then they arrived at the Transcendent Divine Hall. “Why are wehere?” Xing Hongxuan asked curiously. Soon, her attention was attracted to a direction. She saw thatthe blank domain in the distance was dark red and endless. With the Transcendent Divine Hall as thecenter, one side was red and the other was white, as if the blank domain was divided into two.

Han Jue said, “Do you feel it?” Xing Hongxuan asked nervously, “Is this the future?” “That’s right. Thisis many years later. It’s so long into the future that a Great Dao Supreme might welcome his end. The

Ultimate Origin World has already occupied half of the blank domain. Currently, there are 49 DaoCreators.” Han Jue said softly as if he was talking about something unimportant.

Xing Hongxuan asked in surprise, “Why did you bring me here?”

Han Jue smiled and said, “Of course, I’m showing my prominence in front of you.” Prominence?

Xing Hongxuan was even more confused.

At this moment, terrifying auras descended and Dao Creators appeared.

Ninth Chaos, Formless Transcendent Deity, Shi Tian’s Immeasurable Destruction Venerable, Yin-YangPurity Nirvana Deity, Chaotic Consciousness, Han Huang, Dao Ancestor, Li Yao, Han Ling, Pangu,Primordial Ancestor God, Holy Mother of Order, Dugu Wu, Life Fiendcelestial, Dao Sovereign, Han Ye,Chu Xiaoqi, Ji Xianshen, Heavenly Venerate Xun, Fang Liang, Formless World, Emperor Chen Ni, andso on. Xing Hongxuan looked at them and suddenly understood what Han Jue meant.

“Lord, do you really want to devour the entire blank domain?” the Dao Ancestor asked in a low voice.The Ninth Chaos, the Yin-Yang Purity Nirvana Deity, Murong Qi, Han Ling, and the other Dao Creatorssilently retreated and drew the line.

Han Jue smiled and said, “All of you, attack together. I will pardon the Endless Era if you can defeatme. From then on, the Ultimate Origin World will no longer expand.”

Hearing this, the Dao Creators were stunned and did not dare to rashly go up.

Han Jue suddenly waved his sleeve and the 49 Dao Creators were all reduced to ashes, not leavingany aura behind.

Xing Hongxuan widened her beautiful eyes in disbelief. She asked carefully, “Is this an illusion?”

“It’s real.”

Han Jue waved his hand again and the Dao Creators were revived. They looked at Han Jue in horrorand retreated. The feeling of death just now terrified them. ᴄᴏᴍᴇɴᴏvᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

Han Jue ignored them and jumped out of the blank domain with Xing Hongxuan.

In absolute darkness, there was only a white sea below.

Shocked, Xing Hongxuan asked, “Is this a blank domain?”

“There’s no existence outside the blank domain. The blank domain is originally endless. I created thisdarkness, and it appeared in a way you can understand. I can destroy the blank domain at any timeand easily restore it,” Han Jue explained softly.

Xing Hongxuan looked at him in admiration.

“Husband, you’re really powerful.” “No matter how powerful I am, I only want to show it to you. Now, it’stime for us to go back.”

Han Jue smiled and brought Xing Hongxuan back to the cliff.

Chu Xiaoqi was teasing the future Lord. Xing Hongxuan asked curiously after she landed, “Is the futureyou saw true? The future…”

Han Jue nodded. “That’s right. One day, all living beings will resist the Ultimate Origin and attack me.I’ve long expected it.” Xing Hongxuan asked, “How are you going to stop this?”

Han Jue shook his head and laughed. “Stop them? Why should I stop them? Let them come.

The past, present, and future have already become one in my eyes.

“I ignore the future and disregard the present.” Hongxuan was fascinated. What realm Xing was that?

Han Jue approached Chu Xiaoqi. The latter immediately became nervous and didn’t dare to look athim.

“Kid, what’s your goal for the future?” Facing Han Jue’s question, Chu Xiaoqi replied with a tremblingvoice, “I want to become an immortal. I want to live forever… I want to be like you.”

Han Jue rubbed his head and smiled. “The first two goals can be fulfilled. As for the last one, don’t thinkabout it.”

He took the baby and suddenly pushed Chu

Xiaoqi down the cliff.

Chu Xiaoqi was shocked. He wanted to mobilize his spirit energy, but he discovered that he could notmove. He could only watch as he got further and further away from the cliff. He was in despair. He didnot expect to die like this. “Go and pursue the Lord. I’ll let you become the white-haired man I was onceworried about. I’ll let you walk my path. This opportunity depends on whether you can withstand it. Ifyou can, you’ll be the second Lord in the future.”

Han Jue walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down, muttering.

A black light burst out, causing the world to lose its color. Chu Xiaoqi was swept into the black spatialvortex.

Xing Hongxuan walked over and said angrily,

“What are you doing now? We finally met a fun child, but you sent him away like this.”

Han Jue smiled. “I plan to use him to increase the standard of cultivation realms. Every invincibleperson in the past, including every invincible person in the future, will deduce him and feel his threat.”

Xing Hongxuan blinked and asked, “Why?”

Han Jue smiled. “For fun. Hahaha.”

He laughed wantonly, his laughter echoing through the world.

At the same time.

Han Liang, who was cultivating in the rule domain, suddenly opened his eyes and saw Chu Xiaoqiflying over.

This was the first time Han Liang and Chu Xiaoqi met, but this Chu Xiaoqi was not the one he knew.

The two of them looked at each other. For some reason, their hearts tightened.


The End.

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