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Chapter 3182

Chapter 3182 Avoiding Him? Telling Him To Stay Away?

Due to the surveillance camera at the entrance of the community, it would be difficult for the driver to stop inside, so Vivian got offnear the entrance.

She glanced at the community gate, which was not far away, then checked the time. It was already past 11. She quickly sent amessage to Luca to let her know that she had safely returned home and she did not need to worry. cᴏᴍᴇnᴏᴠᴇʟ.cᴏᴍ

After a while, Luca replied with a simple: [Okay.]

As Vivian tucked away her phone and prepared to head toward the entrance, she noticed someone standing not too far from thestreetlights. Her heart instantly went on high alert as she glanced at the person.

Vivian knew she was pretty safe because of her appearance, but some men were just unpredictable. Moreover, she was worriedthat the person might try to rob her. The surroundings were eerily quiet, and the closer she got to the person, the faster her heartpounded.

Was that person intentionally standing there?

What was he doing standing there?

Vivian was not sure, and she felt a little anxious. She tightly gripped her purse.She had her passport with her today.

It would not be a big deal if they tried to rob her money, but if they took her passport, she would have to go through the hassle ofreplacing it. As a foreigner, it was quite a process.

As she debated whether to take out her passport to protect it, she noticed that the person standing by the streetlight lookedfamiliar.

When Vivian realized who the person was, it hit her like a bolt of lightning.

She stood there, completely still, unable to move a muscle.

Gordan furrowed his brows as he watched Vivian standing there like a fool. He felt irritated.He was not sure what was going on with himself.

He had returned earlier than her, yet he was still waiting at the community gate for her. Was it because he was concerned abouther safety?

Gordan immediately denied it to himself.Who would worry about such an ugly woman's safety?

Besides, ugly women were pretty safe since they were unattractive. No one would dare lay a hand on Vivian after seeing herface.

Even though Gordan thought so, he still looked at Vivian.

He ignored the fact that he had been feeling restless earlier when he did not see Vivian coming home, which stemmed from hisconcern for her. Now that he saw her, the restlessness in his heart vanished into thin air.

As Gordan watched Vivian remain rooted to the spot, he let out a cold snort and asked, "Seeing me got you all flustered, huh?"

Vivian furrowed her brows, took a deep breath, and walked toward him. She initially thought of walking past him as she did notintend to pay him any mind.

Moreover, Vivian was not concerned about why Gordan was standing here. He was definitely here for her, but whatever thereason was, it could not be good.

If she was dumb enough to entertain him, she would be in for a round of insults. She was not that foolish. Why bother to dealwith him when she knew exactly how it would play out?

When Gordan noticed that Vivian was about to walk past him, he asked inacold voice, "Vivian, are you blind?"

Vivian halted, took a deep breath, and turned to look at Gordan, who seemed ready to cause trouble. She said, "I've got nothingto say to you."

"What a coincidence. | don’t have much to say to you either." Gordan raised an eyebrow, feeling inexplicably angry at her words.He could not help but feel like picking a fight with Vivian.

As Vivian listened to him, she felt like he was mocking her. If there was nothing to say, why bother talking?

She asked straightforwardly, "If there's nothing to talk about, what are you doing standing here?"

Gordan was stunned for a moment. A wave of anger surged within him. He felt like Vivian was seeing through some of hisintentions.

Still, was she really capable of that?"I'm here to remind you not to get ahead of yourself," replied Gordan.

Vivian's grip on her bag strap suddenly tightened, her heart skipping a beat. She was not holding out hope for any kind wordsfrom him.

However, when she heard those words, her heart still felt like it had been stabbed.It hurt a lot...

Gordan did not get a response from Vivian and thought she did not care. He continued, "I had no clue you'd be there today. If |had, | wouldn't have shown up. | didn't leave after seeing you because of Luke's sake. It wasn’t because | wanted to respect youor anything.

"So, keep that in mind. Don't go thinking I'm into you or something. | don't want you to cling to me and talk my ears off forever."

After saying those words, he felt strangely uncomfortable in his chest. Was it because his words were too harsh? Still, he hadsaid worse things before without feeling this way. What was happening to him now?

Why did he have to be so harsh? He had said what he wanted to say, but he felt uncomfortable now, almost guilty.

Vivian had pestered him for so many years and wasted so many years of his life. She deserved to hear these words. Why washe feeling guilty?

With that in mind, Gordan suddenly felt a weight lift off his chest, and he did not feel as sad anymore.

"What a coincidence!" Vivian suppressed the discomfort in her heart. She did not understand why she was so unlucky. She hadbeen avoiding him, yet still managed to bump into him.

It was just like this time, he still showed up when neither Luke nor Luca had invited him...

Gordan was puzzled. "What?"

"If | knew you'd shamelessly crash aparty uninvited, | definitely wouldn'thave shown up Dont Qverthink it |dentt\w {Yo run into you either. Ifyou're here today just to tell me thisstuff, | get it. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

"So, do me a favor and stay far away from me from now on. I'd prefer to avoid any bad vibes."

Vivian spoke in English when she said that.

Then, she could not be bothered to argue with Gordan anymore. She walked straight to the community gate.She wanted to find a place where he could not see her, take a deep breath, and calm herself down.

After hearing Vivian's words, Gordan stood there, stunned.

What did she mean?

Was she avoiding him? Telling him to stay away?

Those were the words he should have said to her!novelbin

Gordan felt a lump in his chest. He turned around, and as he watched Vivian walk away, his eyes darkened.

His fists clenched tightly. He felt like this anger would not go away if he did not blow off some steam. How dare this ugly womansay such things to him?!

Gordan let out a cold snort and walked into the community after Vivian disappeared from sight.However, he did not follow her this time. Instead, he went back to his own home.

The moment Gordan arrived home,he immediately shed his outerwearand took out his fr ravjoronthePerens mag hGnyitg in the centerot the living room. He landed severalhard punches, scraping his hands inthe process. However, he still feltdissatisfied. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

"Damn it. That ugly woman has some nerve in saying those things! And in English, no less. Damn it!" exclaimed Gordan,delivering another fierce blow to the punching bag.

He was still not feeling any relief.

Eventually, Gordon put on his gloves and spent most of the night in the living room, relentlessly pounding away at the punchingbag.

Fortunately, this was a high-endneighborhood with multiple layers ofsoundproofing in tallgchduciig tHeintial renovation, so Gordan'spunching did not disturb theneighboring residents upstairs ordownstairs. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Otherwise, he would have surely faced complaints tonight.

After hours of pounding the punching bag, Gordan was left sprawled on the floor, utterly exhausted. However, the gloominess inhis eyes showed no signs of easing.

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