Unrivalled God of War novel pdf

Unrivalled God of War novel pdf

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    The city of Channing is on high alert as a military aircraft carrying General Nathan Cross lands at the airport. The soldiers give him a grand welcome as they admire his legendary military record. However, Nathan is displeased with the attention and asks Captain Colin Dunne to keep a low profile.

    Nathan has a personal motive for visiting Channing. Five years ago, he had a regretful encounter with a woman named Penny Smith, resulting in a one-night stand and a daughter named Queenie. Nathan had been searching for them ever since, and now he finally has information about their whereabouts.

    Meanwhile, Penny, now a successful businesswoman, faces harassment from a client named Derek Harvey. He tries to force her to model lingerie for him, and when she refuses, he becomes aggressive and threatens her. Penny’s past trauma is brought up, humiliating her further.

    Just when Derek’s bodyguards corner Penny, Nathan arrives to rescue her. Nathan easily takes down Derek’s bodyguards and confronts Derek, breaking his leg as revenge for his past misdeeds.

    Despite Nathan’s attempt to reconcile with Penny, she is still deeply hurt by their past encounter and refuses to go with him. Nathan is determined not to let her go again and forcefully takes her away from the threatening situation...

    Read Unrivalled God of War novel pdf full chapter at allofnovel.com

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