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Chapter 417

Chapter 417

Even though it wouldn't cause huge damage, it was extremely humiliating.

Gina continued to provoke, saying, "Mr. Daniel, you must be a devoted son. If you can't bear to see your father in prison, why not take his place? You seem young and strong enough to endure a few extra days."

"What?" Daniel exclaimed, shocked at Gina's words about staying longer.

The prison was an inhospitable place, not only was the air fouled, but also the place was filled with pests like c ocroaches and rats.

Even one day there was unbearable, let alone several days, which would likely lead to physical decay.

Ander's face turned cold and he had no choice but to swallow his pride at this point.

"I'm not reneging on my word. I'll spend the night in the prison," Ander reluctantly conceded.

Gina smirked triumphantly and said, "That's good. Also, release the MIC design team you forcibly brought from Mosnioca and let them return to Shyran to complete my order first."

"Fine," Ander replied, seething with anger.

After that, Gina prepared to leave.

Before departing, Lisa instructed, "Mr. Ander, it's not that I distrust you, but as a witness to the agreement, I must ensure the agreement's fairness. I'll leave an attendant behind to witness your night in the prison. After that, the attendant will report back to me."

Andi's face turned pale with frustration, but he knew he couldn't evade this situation. He could only grit his teeth and agree, "No problem."

"That's settled."

Lisa smiled, then linked arms with Gina and said, "Let's go, Gina"

"Miss Miller, please wait for me, the appraiser hurriedly said as he followed Gina and Lisa.

He was anxious, afraid of falling behind and facing punishment by Ander.

After a while, Lisa's bodyguard entered the scene.

The sturdy bodyguard said to Ander, "Mr. Ander, it supervise your entry into the prison after you finish your dinner."

Ander's face darkened when he said, "Understood."

Daniel was also a little confused and at a loss for words. After hesitating for a long time, he finally managed to say, "Dad, I'm sorry I didn't insist on taking your place in the prison."

Ander remained silent upon hearing his words.

Daniel looked at the painting work left by Gina on the table and asked softly,

"Dad, what should we do with this? Should we keep it?"

After all, it was a genuine work by Gena.

At that moment, Ander completely exploded.

He slapped Daniel and angrily scolded, "is that bauble on your neck just for show? How could you ask such a stpid question?"

"Throw it away, throw it away for me!" Ander was exasperated, too furious to care about preserving Gena's artwork as he almost hated Gena to death.

Daniel covered his face in pain and lowered his head.

"Alright, I understand, Dad. I'll throw it away now."

Ander clutched his chest after feeling like he was suffocating from anger, then he took a deep breath and planned to return to his roam to rest and calm down. "Daniel, since the MIC design team is being taken back by Gina, you'll have to find someone else and handle your wedding gown matter yoursel i won't intervene."

There was resentment in Ander's tone, vaguely blaming his son for causing such a mess

"Alright," Daniel replied.

Gina and Lisa spent the afternoon having coffee together, and Gina was also replying to the messages from Gabriel Gabriel sent a message, which read, [Gina, are you in Mosnioca? Why didn't you tell me? Are you on vacation?]

He also sent an aggrieved emoji, expressing a feeling of being abandoned.

Knowing that Gina had bought a flight ticket and flown overseas without saying a word, Gabriel wondered, 'Is she worried that I'm too busy with work to accompany her? But I can make time for her!

Gina told Gabriel that she was dealing with t the matter of the designer team being taken away in Mosnioca.

Gabriel asked, [Shouldn't David have informed me directly about this? Why would he let you go?

Gabriel was a bit unhappy as he didn't want Gina to be too tired; he didn't mind being a bit more exhausted himself.

He wondered why David by passed him and told Gina instead of informing him.

Gina responded, [You're not angry with David, are you? I was the one who told him not to tell you. I didn't want you to overwork yourself when I saw how busy you were with work.]

Gabriel sent a reply. [I'm not angry. Alright, I understand. Thank you for your hard work, my dear.]

Gina then responded, (It's nothing hard. It's going well.] ᴄomᴇɴovᴇʟ.ᴄom

While Gina was chatting with Gabriel, Lisa coughed twice, which finally pulled back Gina's attention.

Gina apologized, "Sorry, I was replying to my fiancé's message."

Lisa, who was sitting opposite her, smiled. "I'm the one who's disturbing you. You two seem very close. Are you still in the honeymoon stage?"

"Yes," Gina answered while the corners of her lips subconsciously curled up.

Then, she checked the time and stood up, saying, “Lisa, I've invited Anthony for dinner. I think it's getting late and I need to pick him up. Sorry that I won't be able to keep you company."

Lisa put down her coffee cup and shrugged regretfully, "Alright, go ahead."

After leaving the castle, Gina picked up Anthony, and they went to a five-star restaurant for dinner.

The two of them chatted as they walked side by side along the corridor to the private room.

Suddenly, a private room door in the corridor opened, followed by a commotion, making Gina and Anthony stop in their tracks.

A wet man ran out of the private room with his soaked hair almost covering his eyes.novelbin

He seemed to be in a panic, stumbling as he ran, and headed straight toward Gina and Anthony Gina frowned, worried that the man might accidentally bump into Anthony. She immediately pulled Anthony's arm, asking him to move aside. However, before the man could reach them, he was caught by

22:47 Tue 11 Jun Chapter 417

two burly men who had chased him from the private room, Then, the man was immediately pinned to the ground.

One of the burly mon raised his fist as if to hit the man but when his fist was still a distance away from the man's head, the burly man seemed to have thought of something and of stopped. Instead, he grabbed the man's hair, causing him to cry out in pain. The burly man then forced the man to stand and began to drag him back toward the private room by his hair

The man struggled desperately while shouting, "Help, Help!

Suddenly, he managed to open his he eyes and saw a woman in the corridor ahead, and to his surprise, recognized her. Desperation overcame him, and despite their lack of a close relationship, he called out for help. "Miss Miller, I beg you, save me! For the sake that we're both from Shyran, save me, please!"

Gina was puzzled, carefully examining the man pleading for her help, and finally recognized him. It was Cathy's boyfriend, Andy.

The burly men did not understand what Andy was saying, but they recognized the Estain words "help" and "save." Realizing Andy was calling for help, one of the burly men clamped a large hand over his mouth to silence him.

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